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4.0 Setup

These are examples of setting up WPA Security in a LinkSys Wireless Router.
In the first image, the WPA Pre-Shared Key opton is selected. The other common option (Sometimes referred to as a 'home user' option), is WEP, generally considered less secure than WPA.

In the second graphic, the type of WPA security is selected. In this example, TKIP is the choice.

The administrator then enters his passphrase in the Shared Key window.

The third graphic is the setup window for a NetGear wireless card, showing the SSID of the network and in this case, WPA plus AES rather than TKIP. Both of these should be the same selection, obviously.

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How to build a FreeRADIUS server for TLS and PEAP authentication, and how to configure the Windows XP clients.

See this post:

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Many Wireless Access Point vendors include a configuration option which allows you to disable broadcasting of the SSID. Doing so does very little for your security because it only prevents the SSID from being broadcast with Probe Request and Beacon frames.

The SSID must be broadcast with Probe Response frames. In addition, the wireless access cards will broadcast the SSID in their Association and Reassociation frames. Because of this, the disabling the SSID broadcast cannot be considered a valid security tool.

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For help with WZC, see this Microsoft article:

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