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1. Forum Posting Information

    On Topic - Keep all related questions/problems in one thread. Do not post your questions regarding your problems in another person's thread unless the problem is the same. Start a new topic instead.

    Need Help? - If you are having a problem with your WildBlue connection please provide as much detail as you can when posting so that forum members can make useful suggestions. Rants serving no purpose (other than to ventilate) will probably be moved to Rant and Raves

    Need to post an Image? - If you directly link an image, limit the width to 450 pixels and in JPEG or GIF format to avoid "page stretch".

    Trolling and Flaming - When you post something calculated to insult or annoy - when it's personal - when it pertains to the user and not the topic - it won't be here for long. It's always easier to ignore those who try to lure you into a flame-fest, and it makes them look like the troll they are. Bring it to the attention of a moderator, but DO NOT respond in kind, and then seek moderator action against the poster.

    Can't Understand a Post? - Move on to another topic. Do not comment on or correct the spelling, grammar, punctuation or use of the English language in other members' posts.

    Spam/Advertisement - This forum may not be used for free advertising or spam of any kind. If you are in the business of selling WildBlue service your comments and help are welcome, your self-promotion is not.

    Moderator Decisions - Moderator decisions are final. If you have a question about an action of a Moderator, you may contact that mod by IM. Rude or otherwise abusive IM messages will not make your case. Posts related to moderator actions will be deleted without discussion. See the following for more information: Posting Rules.

    Site Rules and Guidelines - Please review DSLR rules explained in several locations such as Terms of Use, & Privacy Policy.

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Press the "New Topic" button in the upper right hand side of the forum. Please do not press the "Got News" button. Questions posted in the news section are promptly deleted.

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last modified: 2006-04-08 11:36:00

If you spot an news article related to WildBlue Satellite Broadband, please submit it for inclusion in our news section by pressing the "got news" button. If your submission is accepted, you will get credit for it much like you get credit for helpful postings. Please keep these rules in mind to make sure your news article is accepted:

1. It must be news. PR pieces will not be accepted. If the article says "press release" on it it is probably just company PR that will be rejected.

2. It must be specifically related to WildBlue. Articles about satellite communications, or satellite launches not related to WildBlue will be rejected.

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last modified: 2006-04-08 11:36:39