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1 General

What are the Windstream DNS servers

The ad-free servers are

taken from this post which includes Windows how to use instructions.

The redirecting servers are


Thank you, Windstream See Profile, for the updated redirecting servers.

Also look at the FAQ here for other options:

»Windstream DSL FAQ »Windstream DNS redirection to Search Page w/ Yahoo! Ads. How do I bypass it?

What is Walled Garden in the Siemens 4200 or the 2Wire 2701HG? How does it work?

[Posted by shadowfax See Profile]

The new activation software is called the "walled garden", and is very similar to the old setup disk. The biggest difference is now the customers username/password is no longer held by the modem, but is held by the DSL Aggregator [sp], located at the Redback Router in any main exchange. This is supposed to allow the helpdesk to log into your modem to see actual trouble issues. In the future, after the username is created, hit cancel, and the software will skip all software downloads. Right now only IE, on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Vista will operate with the walled garden 4200.

Additional Info

[Posted by WSEngineer]

The 2Wire 2701HG is our home networking product. It was selected quite simply because other ISP's have used it with great success and it works well with our internal walled garden app. and it has alot of TR-069 functionality built in. Its just a simple wireless router with an integrated ADSL2+ modem.

You ask what does it really mean?

You will notice Walled Garden is actually TR-069 - CPE WAN Management Protocol from the Broadband Forum


TR-069 (short for Technical Report 069) is a DSL Forum (which was later renamed as Broadband Forum) technical specification entitled CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP). It defines an application layer protocol for remote management of end-user devices.

As a bidirectional SOAP/HTTP based protocol it provides the communication between CPE and Auto Configuration Servers (ACS). It includes both a safe auto configuration and the control of other CPE management functions within an integrated framework. In the course of the boom of the broadband market, the number of different Internet access possibilities grew as well (e.g. modems, routers, gateways, Set-top box, VoIP-phones). At the same time the configuration of this equipment became more complicated -- too complicated for the end-users. For this reason the TR-069 standard was developed.

More Reading if you are interested

»www.broadband-forum.org/technica ··· ent2.pdf


It's nothing to be worried about or have security concerns about and it is even being adopted to Mobile Devices including Cell Phones.

Mobile Tech News -- Femto Forum adopts Broadband Forum's TR-069 protocol

»www.mobiletechnews.com/info/2008 ··· 848.html

[The Femto Forum adopts the TR-069 standard for real-time management of customer premise equipment (CPE) enhancing carrier management and provisioning of high volumes of femtocells.]

ClearAccess Launches Compatibility Program for TR-069 Devices

»www.reuters.com/article/pressRel ··· 20081112

ClearAccess, a leading provider of managed broadband gateway solutions for telecommunications operators, announces the highly anticipated ClearAccess Compatibility Program. The goal of the Compatibility Program is to validate interoperability of third-party vendor CPE (customer premise equipment) with the TR-069 standard and to provide seamless interoperability with ClearAccess' ClearVision Management System, which can be easily deployed as a hosted web-based management application or as a standalone appliance.

Windstream Terms of Service



1. Definitions
You means the person or entity that subscribes to Services or purchases or leases Equipment and anyone who accesses the Services and Equipment provided to you.
We, us, our, and Windstream refer to the Windstream legal entities providing Services to you and as identified on your bill.
Service(s) refer to any services you have agreed to obtain from us.
Equipment means any equipment or accessories you purchase or lease from us or those provided by us for use in any manner in connection with your Services. Once Equipment is delivered to you, you bear the risk of loss. For ease of reference Services and Equipment provided by Windstream shall be referred to in this document collectively as Services.
Service Order means the form (whether paper or electronic, including on-line order forms), if any, in which you apply for or make changes to Services and may include the length of time you will subscribe to a Service, rate plans, access charges, fees, taxes and surcharges, choice of long distance carrier, and the Equipment you have selected.

2. Agreement and Acceptance. This Agreement incorporates by reference and you agree to be bound by the following, in this order of priority AND INCLUDING ANY CHANGES (SEE SECTION 20 BELOW): 1) any applicable tariffs filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) or the relevant state public service commission; 2) The FCC or state web-posted price lists or terms and conditions (either, price lists) posted at »www.windstream.com/documents/det ··· ces.pdf; 3) the product (bundle)-specific Terms and Conditions (see Section 24 herein and Your Bill Messages) and any additional agreements associated with such Products; 4) the Service Order, if any; 5) any relevant click-through agreement for the Services you received; 6) these Terms and Conditions (Terms); 7) the Acceptable Use Policy posted at »www2.windstream.net/customersupp ··· pt.html; and 8) the Privacy Policy posted at »www.windstream.com/privacy.aspx.

You accept this Agreement when you do any of the following: (a) give us your written or electronic signature, (b) tell us orally or electronically that you accept (i.e., by clicking the I Accept button for on-line purchases or account changes), or (c) use any Services. If you have never used the Services before and do not wish to be bound by this Agreement, do not begin using them and notify us immediately. By accepting this Agreement, you acknowledge that you are 18 years of age or older, are competent to enter into a contract with us, and are authorized to obtain Services or make changes to an existing account. You may obtain a copy of these Terms and any product-specific Terms and Conditions by visiting www.windstream.com or by calling a service representative at 877-807-9463. This Agreement supersedes any and all statements or promises made to you by any of our employees or agents. If you are a business customer with an existing contract, those contract terms will control.

3. Charges for Services and Taxes, Fees and Surcharges. You are responsible for paying all charges applicable to Services provided to you including, but not limited to, monthly recurring charges (MRCs), access charges, features, changes and moves to Services, installation charges, IP address charges, billing charges, toll, long distance, and directory assistance, and any other usage-based charges. In addition to the monthly recurring and usage-based charges, taxes, fees, surcharges, assessments and other charges apply to all Services and Equipment, including how those may change in the future. In certain service areas paper bills are available for a monthly charge.

To determine whether certain taxes, fees and surcharges are applicable to Services provided to you, we are required by federal law to obtain your street address, which must be within our service area. You represent and warrant that the address you provide us to obtain Service is correct, and you acknowledge that we are relying on this information to determine which taxes, fees or surcharges are applicable to your Service. You agree to notify us if your address changes. In the event you do not provide us with a valid address or address change, you may be responsible for additional taxes, fees or surcharges and penalties associated with failure to pay taxes based on the proper address, and we may terminate your Services.

4. Billing and Payment; Rate Increases. We will bill you the recurring and installation rates you were quoted for Services or those associated with the Services you use or ordered, with increases on notice. All recurring charges are billed one month in advance. Billing at a location will begin upon the earlier of (i) the Installation Date (which may be the date administrative access to certain software-based Services is granted to Customer); or (ii) 30 days after delivery of the applicable facility and/or equipment to the Customer premises (if the delay in connection of the facility and/or equipment is due to Customer or its agent); however, Company may choose to bill in full monthly increments with no proration for partial service periods when service either starts or ends in the middle of a billing cycle.

We reserve the right to back-bill you for Services actually used but not previously billed.

Payment in full is due no later than the due date indicated on your bill and we may apply a late fee and interest and other charges (including, but not limited to, collection fees) up to the maximum amount permitted by law. Returned checks, payment by phone, paper bills and other fees due to your choice of payment method or billing receipt may also be subject to fees. You agree to pay costs and fees, including but not limited to attorney fees, we incur to collect an unpaid balance from you.

If you have authorized payment for Services by credit card or by debiting a bank account, no additional notice or consent is required before we invoice the credit card or debit the bank a count for all amounts due to us for any reason.

5.Credits and Deposits. Our agreement to provide you Services is subject to credit approval and, as such, you authorize us to ask credit-reporting agencies for credit information about you. We may, in our discretion, require you to submit a deposit as security for payment of charges. In the future, an additional deposit may be required if either the amount or number of Services is increased or your credit rating changes. Simple interest will be paid on the cash deposit for the period it is held by us and will be refunded if satisfactory credit has been established or upon termination of service (if no balance is due). We reserve the right to apply the deposit to any amount due and unpaid but the payment of a deposit in no way relieves you of paying your bills in a timely manner.

6.Termination by You
Pre-Installation. If you are a business customer and you terminate your order prior to the installation of Services, you may be required to pay a pre-installation cancellation charge equal to three (3) months of MRCs (or greater if our costs to other providers are greater than this amount). You agree that this charge is a reasonable measure of the administrative costs and other fees incurred by us to prepare for installation.
After Installation. If you cancel your Services or a portion thereof after installation, you remain liable for payment of all outstanding charges for all Services you used and Equipment you purchased from us prior to termination and you will be charged for the full last month of Service with no proration or credit if you terminate Services prior to the last day of your billing cycle.


Month-to-Month Agreements. If no length of time is identified on the Service Order or you were not otherwise required to commit to a term, then the term is month-to-month and you or we may terminate at any time by providing notice at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of termination. You remain liable for payment of all outstanding charges for all Services you used and Equipment you purchased from us prior to termination and you will be charged for the full last month of Service with no proration or credit if you terminate Service prior to the last day of your billing cycle.
Bundled Services. If you receive bundled Services and you subsequently unbundle, terminate, or disconnect any of these Services, or we disconnect any of the Services, we may adjust the rates for the remaining Service(s) to the current price.
Change in Location. A change in your service address or the location to which any Service is provided to you may constitute, at our sole discretion, termination of the Services or result in an increase in the prices you must pay for the Services.
Change to Another Carrier. We may deem a request by you to port your numbers as a request by you to terminate your Agreement. If you choose to port less than all of your numbers, or you leave any Services connected, we will continue to bill you for the numbers and/or Services still connected.
7.Termination by Us. We may limit, interrupt, terminate or refuse to provide a Service if you: (a) do not honor any provision of this Agreement; (b) use a Service in a manner that adversely affects other customers or harasses them, our employees, or others; (c) use Service to engage in fraud or unlawful conduct or are suspected of doing so; (d) modify your phone or any software residing thereon from the original manufacturer specifications, including for the purpose of accessing non-Windstream services; (e) use Service in a manner that is excessive or unreasonable when compared to the predominant usage patterns of other customers on a similar service plan in your geographic area (and we may also implement charges or change you to the appropriate rate plan consistent with such use); (f) resell any Service; (g) for any other reason set forth in the relevant tariffs and price lists or terms and conditions; or (h) nonpayment of any amount owed by you to us or billed by us on behalf of others, at your request, including disputed amounts that Windstream determines are valid charges on your bills. We may restore such interrupted or terminated Service, in our sole discretion, following your correction of the violation and payment of any amounts due, including any restoration charge we assess for restoring your Service.

8. Personal Identifiers. We assign telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, IP addresses, and other personal identifiers in connection with the Services. You have no proprietary right to any such identifiers, and we reserve the right to change them upon notice to you. In the event that we allow you to transfer a personal identifier to another party to obtain any Services we provide you, we reserve the right, prior to honoring the request for transfer, to charge a fee for the transfer and to collect any money owed for Services.

9.Disputed Bills. You must review bills in a timely manner. To dispute a bill, you must comply with the dispute resolution provisions in Section 10 and submit your dispute, in writing, within 60 days after the date on the bill. You must pay any undisputed portion while your dispute is investigated. You accept all charges on your bill not disputed within 60 days and must pay those charges.

10. Dispute Resolution. By utilizing Windstreams Services and agreeing to these Terms, you agree to the
following dispute resolution procedures. You and Windstream agree to waive any right to a trial by jury in a court of general jurisdiction and any right to participate in a class action or consolidated action regarding a dispute as defined below. Specifically, you and Windstream agree to waive any right to pursue a dispute by joining a disputed claim with the disputed claim of any other person or entity or to assert a disputed claim in a representative capacity on behalf of anyone else in any lawsuit, arbitration or other proceeding.

If you have a dispute with Windstream, you should notify Windstreams Customer Care department at the number listed on your invoice. If the Customer Care department is unable to resolve your dispute, you must submit your dispute to us in writing at the following address: Windstream Communications, Inc., 1720 Galleria Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28270, Attn: Executive Customer Relations. You must describe your dispute and provide enough detail to allow us to understand it. You must provide any supporting documentation with your written dispute. Click here »www.windstream.com/legal.aspx for a form that you may, but are not required, to use to submit your written dispute to us. If we have a dispute with you, we will send you a written notice to your billing address to attempt to resolve the dispute. You and Windstream agree that a dispute is any claim or controversy related in any way to Windstreams Services, including charges for Services, Equipment, Service Order(s) or our agreements pursuant to these Terms or any other agreements, whether the dispute arises in tort, contract, by statute or any other legal theory and whether the dispute arises under this or any prior agreement with us or arises after your Services with Windstream are terminated.

If you and Windstream are unable to resolve the dispute after 60 days from the date of receipt of the written dispute, you agree that either you or Windstream shall resolve the dispute in only one of two possible ways: (1) by seeking relief in small claims court, if appropriate under the applicable courts rules, in the city or county of the billing address reflected on your bill; or (2) by arbitration. This Section does not prohibit you from submitting any issue you have with Windstream to any federal, state or local governmental agency or public service commission which may be able to seek relief from Windstream on your behalf. If the dispute is regarding the charges for Services, you agree that if you do not seek relief in small claims court or by arbitration following the 60 day dispute period, then you will immediately begin paying the disputed amount that Windstream determines is valid, plus any charges that were not paid during the 60 day dispute period, or Windstream may terminate the Services.

Regarding arbitration, you and Windstream specifically agree to finally resolve all disputes not filed in small claims court by arbitration that will be final and binding on both you and Windstream, subject to any exceptions required by applicable law. The following provisions shall apply to arbitration:

a. Notice: If you want to arbitrate a dispute with Windstream after expiration of the 60 day dispute period noted above, you must file a claim with the American Arbitration Association (AAA). Click here »www.windstream.com/legal.aspx for a form that you may, but are not required, to use. The claim must include a description of the dispute, a brief outline of previous efforts to resolve the dispute, all supporting documentation and a proposed resolution. A copy of the claim and proof of payment of the filing fee, such as a copy of the check or money order, should be sent to Windstream at: 4001 Rodney Parham, Little Rock, Arkansas 72212, Mailstop B1F03-71A, Attn: Legal Department (Arbitration Notice Address). Windstream will reimburse you for the filing fee if your claim does not exceed $75,000. If Windstream wants to arbitrate a dispute with you after expiration of the 60 day dispute period noted above, Windstream will send a copy of its claim to your billing address.
b. Applicable Law: The interpretation and enforceability of the arbitration provisions, and whether a dispute is subject to arbitration, is subject to the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) only and not state law.
c. Applicable Rules: Windstream and you agree that the arbitration will be conducted by the AAA. The rules governing the arbitration proceeding will be the current Commercial Arbitration Rules and the Supplementary Procedures for Consumer Related Disputes (AAA Rules) from the American Arbitration Association. The AAA rules are at www.adr.org or can be obtained by calling 1.800.778.7879.
d. Method of Arbitration: If your claim is for $10,000 or less, Windstream agrees that you may choose whether the arbitration will be conducted solely on the written documents submitted, by telephone or in person in the city or county of the billing address reflected on your bill. If your claim exceeds $10,000, the right to a hearing will be determined by the AAA rules. The written documents can be the notice to arbitrate that either of us send to the other regarding arbitration and referenced above.
e. Arbitration Costs and Attorney Fees: If you properly file a claim with AAA pursuant to these arbitration provisions, and the amount of your dispute does not exceed $10,000, Windstream agrees to pay for all AAA filing, administrative and arbitrator fees (Arbitration Costs) and your reasonable attorneys fees (with reasonable hourly rates and expenses to be determined by the location of the arbitration) (Attorney Fees) incurred by you regardless of the decision of the arbitrator, unless your claim is found to be frivolous or improper (as set forth in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 11) by the arbitrator. A portion of the payment of Arbitration Costs may be in the form of reimbursement, as you may be required to place a deposit when your notice of arbitration is filed. If the claim is found to be frivolous or improper, the AAA Rules will apply regarding payment of Arbitration Costs. If your dispute exceeds $10,000 but not $75,000, Windstream agrees to pay all the Arbitration Costs and 50% of your Attorney Fees. For disputes of $75,000 or more, the AAA rules regarding Arbitration Costs will apply. However, Windstream agrees to pay 50% of the Arbitration Costs, and each party will pay its own Attorney Fees incurred for disputes of $75,000 or more. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if your claim is found to be frivolous or improper (as set forth in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 11) by the arbitrator, Windstream will have no obligation to pay any of your Attorney Fees. If Windstream disputes the reasonableness of any Attorney Fees, you agree that the presiding arbitrator shall determine what is a reasonable fee and his/her decision regarding Attorney Fees will be binding on both you and Windstream. In no event shall Windstream be entitled to an award of its Attorney Fees.
f. Awards: If the arbitrators award is in your favor and is greater than the value of Windstreams last settlement offer made to you prior to selection of the arbitrator, Windstream will pay you the amount of the arbitrators award or $3,000, whichever amount is greater. Windstream also will pay your attorneys reasonable fees, including expenses, or $2,500, whichever amount is greater.
g. Injunctive relief: If you seek declaratory or injunctive relief in the arbitration, the arbitrator may award such relief only to the extent necessary to provide relief warranted by your individual claim.
h. Consolidation: The arbitrator may not consolidate more than one persons claims, and may not otherwise preside over any form of a representative or class proceeding.
i. Confidentiality: Any arbitration shall remain confidential. During the arbitration, the amount of any settlement offer made by Windstream or you shall not be disclosed to the arbitrator until after the arbitrator determines the amount, if any, to which you or Windstream is entitled. Neither you nor Windstream may disclose the existence, content or result of any arbitration or award, except as may be required by law, or to confirm and enforce an award.
j. Exceptions: Nothing in this Section shall prevent Windstream from issuing notices, including take-down notices for alleged trademark or copyright infringement pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or termination of service pursuant to Windstreams Acceptable Use Policy for your abuse of your internet access services. Nothing in this Section shall prohibit Windstream from filing a lawsuit in a court of general jurisdiction to collect outstanding balances for unpaid Services or Equipment, or any other type of charge owed on your account, or for the theft of any Services or Equipment by you. This Section is intended to resolve outstanding disputes between us and not to collect a debt owed by you to Windstream.
k. Limitation of Liability: This Section is subject to the Limitation of Liability Section in these Terms and Conditions.
l. Limitations Period: Any dispute must be brought by you or Windstream within two years after the date the basis for the claim or dispute first arises.

Notwithstanding any provision in these Terms and Conditions to the contrary, you and Windstream agree that if Windstream makes any future change to this arbitration provision (other than a change to the notice addresses), you may reject any such change by sending Windstream written notice within 30 days of the change to the Arbitration Notice Address provided above. By rejecting any such change, you are agreeing that you will arbitrate any dispute between us in accordance with the language of this provision.

If the provisions concerning the waiver of the class or consolidated actions, or the provisions regarding mandatory arbitration, are deemed unenforceable or void as a matter of law, you and Windstream agree that all claims will be brought in a court of general jurisdiction and not resolved through arbitration. YOU AND WINDSTREAM WAIVE, THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, ANY RIGHT TO A TRIAL BY JURY WITH RESPECT TO ANY LITIGATION DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY ARISING OUT OF, UNDER OR IN CONNECTION WITH THIS AGREEMENT FOR THE SERVICES PROVIDED BY US.

11. Services Provided by Third Parties. The Services will be provided either by us or by our third party vendors or contractors. We reserve the right to change or modify the source of any Services provided to you without notice.

12. Company Provided and Owned Equipment. Any Equipment installed by us on your premises that is not the subject of a sale or lease to Customer (such as the CSU/DSU interface cards, Channel Bank and router, if applicable) shall remain at all times our property. It shall remain in good condition, less normal wear and tear. If we do not have access to your premises within 30 days after Services are terminated, you shall reimburse us for the full purchase price of the equipment as well as any attorneys fees and costs.

13. Disconnection of Current Provider; Special Construction; Third Party Charges. You are solely responsible for disconnecting Services with your current service provider and we are not responsible for any charges assessed against you by such provider. You shall pay all charges if we or a third party provider is required to extend the demarcation point or undertake special construction for you. Unless we specifically agree in writing to undertake equipment installation and maintenance work, you are responsible for all charges assessed by your phone system vendor and other third parties in connection with the Services and we shall have no responsibility for maintenance or repair of same.

14. Access to Third Party Services. You agree that the telephone line on which your Services are activated may not be used to access any third-party services equivalent to Services we provide or can make available, even if you declined to purchase such Services from us. Your telephone line contains programming designed to enable access to our Services only. You may not use any manual or electronic means to circumvent any restrictions placed on your telephone line to modify without authorization any programming supplied by us.

15. Privacy and Customer Proprietary Network Information. You authorize us to monitor and record communications to us regarding your account or the Services for purposes of quality assurance. For on-line orders, we may implement reasonable procedures including, but not limited to, validating information provided by you or restricting the amount of Services purchases online. We reserve the right to cancel or reject on-line orders at any time for security or privacy reasons.

To provide Services to you, we maintain certain customer proprietary network information (CPNI). CPNI includes information that relates to the quantity, technical configuration, type destination, location and amount of use of any telecommunications service we provide to you, and which we obtain because of the carrier-customer relationship between us. CPNI also includes information contained in your bill. We may use and share your CPNI without your permission for the following purposes:

To initiate, render, bill and collect for your Services
To protect the rights or property of us or other customers or carriers from fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful use of or subscription to the Services you get from us;
To provide information telemarketing, referral, or administrative services to you when you call us if you give us permission to do so;
To provide call location information regarding the user of a wireless mobile service to certain other parties in an emergency situation.
To provide information requested by law enforcement or a third party pursuant to a subpoena or other method of requesting information. We will not give you notice of any subpoena or court or administrative orders related to your account, IP address, contact information or use of Services unless required to do so by law.
If you do not want us to provide your information to other Windstream entities, please notify us by calling Residential
Support at 866-347-1991 or Business Support at 800-843-9214.

When you view your account information or shop for Services on-line, you agree that we may display your CPNI on-line
after proper verification by you to fill orders or allow you to make account changes.

16. Theft and Fraud. If your Services are lost or stolen or fraudulently used, then you are responsible for all usage incurred before we receive notice from you of such loss or theft. If we choose to pursue investigation or prosecution of the loss or theft, you agree to cooperate in the investigation of fraud or theft and to provide us with such information and documentation as we may request (including affidavits and police reports).




19. Emergency/Critical Lines. CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT CERTAIN SERVICES MAY NOT PROVIDE ACCESS TO 911 OR TRANSMIT THE LOCATION OR EXTENSION IF CUSTOMER ATTEMPTS TO ACCESS 911 IN AN EMERGENCY. Examples include voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), Centrex, and private branch exchange. Additionally, because T1s and VoIP can cease operating during a power outage, you should have a basic business or copper line for elevator, alarm, E911 and other critical functions. By proceeding with use of Services, you assume all responsibility and risk of harm, loss, or damage in the event that 911 access fails, is not possible, or does not provide the address, correct address, extension or other information to emergency authorities.

20. Changes to these Terms and Conditions. We may change these Terms, including any change in any charge or fee, or the imposition of a new charge or fee, at any time if we give you notice of the change. If we make a change to these Terms and Conditions that is material and you do not wish to accept such material change, you may terminate the affected Service by giving us 30 days notice, in which case you will not be subject to an early cancellation fee. You will, however, still be responsible for all charges for Services provided before you terminated your Agreement. A material change is ONLY a change that (a) terminates or substantially reduces the availability of a Service for you or (b) results in the increase of any charge by more than 10% of the monthly access charge for that Service. Material changes in your Service DO NOT include the increase in, or imposition of: (1) any charge required to be collected by any governmental authority, such as taxes or surcharges, or (2) any charge not prohibited by any governmental authority to recoup our expense incurred to comply with a governmental requirement.

As noted in Section 10, if Windstream makes future changes to the arbitration provision in that Section (other than a change to the notice addresses), you may reject this change by sending Windstream written notice within 30 days of the change to the Arbitration Notice Address. By rejecting the change, you agree that you will arbitrate any dispute between us in accordance with the language in Section 10 existing prior to the change.

21. Applicable Law. Your Agreement and our provision of Services to you are subject to (a) the laws of the state identified in the billing address that you have provided us and (b) any applicable federal laws including, but not limited to, the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C. 1 et seq. In the event of an inconsistency between any governmental requirement and these Terms regarding the provision of a Service that is subject to the governmental requirement, the provisions of the governmental requirement will apply to the extent necessary to avoid the inconsistency.

22. Assignment. We may assign this Agreement to another entity without any advance consent from or notice to you. You may not assign this Agreement without our consent.

23. No Waiver, Severability. If we do not enforce any right or remedy available under this Agreement, that failure is not a waiver. If any part of this Agreement is held invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this Agreement will remain in force.

24. Product Bundle - Specific Terms and Conditions (alphabetically)
Product Descriptions generally can be found at www.windstream.com. Some services have certain system requirements (i.e., Online Backup, Security Suite and TechHelp). Please see the relevant product description for details.

Broadband Protection Plus includes the wiring coverage of Protection Plus (see below) and professional installation of Broadband, NIC (network interface card) if needed and Broadband-specific software provided by us for one computer at initial installation and only includes specific types of equipment. For installation and NIC replacement, the system must be Windows 2000 SP-4 or higher. With other operating systems, such as Mac and Linux, we will only cover replacement Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and wiring/cabling but will not cover installation or software or NIC. The Broadband modem (if provided by us) will be replaced if damages by an electrical surge or natural act (i.e., lightning, floods, etc). This Product does NOT include: a) home networks (even if Equipment is purchased from us); b) LAN software; c) bandwidth/throughput guarantees; d) damage to PCs from viruses; e) non-standard wiring; f) PC Hardware (other than NIC); g) Cisco 827H and 827HI modems; h)operating systems and software maintenance; or i) integrated NIC cards and internal NIC laptop cards.

Centrex. Within 30 days of subscribing, you and Windstream will agree on the specific feature, functions and minimum lines and groups to be provisioned. We will base charges on the agreed minimum lines. We will have the right to bill you at hourly rates for all programming, installation or other labor associated with any adjustments to features and functions at initial installation and when changes are made later.

Conference Calling. All per minute conferencing has a minimum per call. Flat Rate Audio and Web Conferencing is limited to 5,000 minutes per month, is only available to you if you have 10 lines or less, is limited to 5 participants on a call simultaneously and you must use Reservationless-Plus. Flat Rate Web Conferencing requires user licensing at varying rates.

Credit Card Acceptance. Credit card processing services are NOT provided by us and are instead provided by a third party vendor, with which you may be required to enter an agreement. We do not in any way provide credit card processing services, and we are not liable for, nor do we make any representation or warranty regarding the vendors services. You are solely responsible for any applicable Payment Card Industry security and other standards applicable to accepting credit cards.

DISH Network Services. All prices, packages and programming are subject to change without notice including, without limitation, any term commitment to which you have agreed. All DISH Network programming and any other services that are provided by DISH Network are subject to the terms and conditions of the Promotional Agreement and Residential Customer Agreement, which are available online at www.dishnetwork.com or upon request. Some promotions may require minimum programming. Certain promotions have an optional or mandatory term commitment period, and if you cancel your services prior to the optional or mandatory term commitment period, certain termination or cancellation fees may apply. Hardware and programming are sold separately.

Fax to Email. You must have an email address to Send/Receive faxes via this Service but email is not included with the Service. If you exceed your page limit per month, a minimum per page charge will apply.

Google. IF YOU SUBSCRIBE TO GOOGLE THROUGH US YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE A CLICK-THROUGH AGREEMENT FOR THE GOOGLE LICENSE. We may cancel Google Services at any time on 30 days notice and, at our option, may either terminate such Google Services altogether or move you to a similar platform. In the event that we or you terminate the Google Services or downgrade or cancel Google Services, you are solely responsible for downloading all your information to your computer within 30 days.

Installation. Provided for only one computer per business or home and you must sign a waiver/disclaimer prior to our technicians working at your premises. This service includes: a) setting up the initial DSL connection; b) installing the NIC, if necessary; c) installing the necessary filter on the telephone line; d) DNS entries, configuring DHCP/Static IP address, gateway, etc.; and e) performing various network connectivity tests to ensure each network element has proper connectivity; It does NOT include: t) software installation other than what is included with the router; u) PC Installation (the computer must be installed before we can do a DSL installation); v) station cabling or CAT 5 patch cables; w) new or additional jacks for the DSL service; x) removing any applications unless the application must be removed to make the TCP/IP connection to the Internet work; y) CPE charges; or z) resolving LAN issues including, but not limited to, shared network drives, driver issues or other hardware issues.

We reserve the right to not provide this service if the requirements are beyond the standard scope of work. Wireless networking connections are available for additional charge (Equipment must be purchased from us).

Identity Protection. This Service is NOT provided by us and is instead provided by a third party vendor with which you may be required to enter an agreement. We reserve the right to alter or discontinue this plan at any time.

Internet/Broadband. Speeds are distance-sensitive and availability by address varies. We strive to provision the line up to the maximum speed required to support the qualified and subscribed Service but actual speed will vary based on factors such as the condition of wiring inside a specific location; computer configuration; network or Internet congestion; and the server speed of the websites accessed. We cannot guarantee speeds or uninterrupted, error-free service.

Lifetime Price Guarantee. Certain Services are subject to a Lifetime Price Guarantee (Guarantee), as advertised by us; however, in addition to the Agreement set forth herein, the following conditions apply to this Guarantee:

Only available to customers who subscribed to services subject to Lifetime Price Guarantee prior to January 1, 2012.
The Guarantee only applies to Services that are part of a bundle, and not a stand-alone service. You must subscribe to at least one new bundle service that includes select High Speed Internet, select Phone services select Cable TV programming OR select DISH programming.
Any package that includes DISH is subject to our continuing relationship with DISH. If such relationship ends for any reason, Guarantee bundles that include DISH may be terminated at our discretion. Additionally, channels available to you as part of DISH programming are subject to change without notice. You are not guaranteed any particular channel or number of channels.
A DISH activation fee may apply.
If DISH service is terminated by you before the end of any commitment, a cancellation fee based on the number of months remaining in the commitment will apply.
Channels available to customer as part of any select packages of programming through Windstream Cable TV are subject to change without notice and customer is not guaranteed any particular channel or number of channels. A Cable TV service activation fee may apply.
The Guarantee is void if you move, make any changes to your Services, disconnect, if you are disconnected by us, or if any portion of your account balance becomes past due.
If you order additional services and equipment including, but not limited to HD or DVR receivers, additional charges apply.
The Guarantee covers only the advertised price and does not include current or future taxes, fees or other charges.
Long Distance. Domestic calls are billed in six-second increments with a eighteen-second minimum. A sixty-second minute is broken down into ten six-second blocks and any calls with talk-times of eighteen seconds or less will be billed for eighteen seconds. Usage may be monitored for compliance/abnormal usage and you may be required to demonstrate compliance with these restrictions. If usage is inconsistent with these restrictions, Windstream may: (1) charge an additional amount per minute for each call that violates this policy; (2) restrict use or convert you to another plan; and/or (3) void any applicable price guarantee.

Unlimited Long Distance cannot be used for auto-dialing (including automatic outbound dialing systems or call distribution systems), broadcast fax, long distance internet or intranet access, fax machines, softphones or data devices, transcript services, telemarketing, multi-party conferencing calling (excluding 3-way calls), party lines, chat lines, adult entertainment lines, calls to 900 and 976 numbers, or call center and certain switching applications. In addition, for residential users, unlimited long distance may not be used for business use.

Managed Network Security. (Connectstream). Requires a minimum commitment and subscription to our High-Speed Internet Service. Security gateway equipment must be returned upon service termination.

Online Backup. This Service is provided by a third party vendor, but requires you to subscribe to our High-Speed Internet Service. To access this Service, you must agree to our Online Backup Service Agreement, which will be presented to you when you attempt to activate the Service. We do not support operations with stand-alone or network servers. The Service works with both Windows and MAC systems. Minimum system requirements include Windows XP SP2 or higher, Windows Vista SP1 or higher and Internet Explorer 6 or 7.

Personal Computer Offers. Personal Computers are not manufactured by us and are therefore also subject to all manufacturers warranties in lieu of our terms and conditions.

Phones at Home Protection Plan. This plan provides for repair or replacement of residential phones. You must sign up and agree to additional terms applicable specifically to this Plan via the Windstream Phones at Home Protection Plan Registration Form in order to obtain Phones at Home Protection from us.

Price Lock. This plan is in addition to the monthly recurring rate for your bundled service, any services and equipment you may purchase, and current and future taxes, fees and other charges. The Price Lock is void and current monthly rates will apply if any portion of the bundled service or feature is disconnected or changed or if any portion of your account balance becomes past due. Price Lock may be void if you move, even if the move is within Windstream service locations. If your unlimited long distance usage that is part of the bundle is inconsistent with residential voice calling, Windstream may void Price Lock and convert the bundled rate to then current monthly rates or void the bundle entirely and convert your rates to stand-alone High Speed Internet rates and unlimited long distance rates.

Protection Plus. This Service is a wire maintenance plan that includes repair or replacement of existing jacks/outlets (not including the addition or move of existing jacks) that meet our installation standards. This Service provides coverage for one access line. Wiring and jacks damaged as a result of faulty, non-Windstream installation, the negligence or willful acts of you or your agent, vandalism, casualties such as fire or water damages, lightning, floods or earthquakes are excluded. This Service does not cover Key, Centrex and PBX systems.

Secure Broadband requires a minimum term commitment and includes Internet and one static IP address for Managed Network Security. Additional static IP addresses may be available for an additional charge.

Security Suite is a desktop security suite that is NOT provided by us and is instead provided by a third party vendor. Security Suite is subject to the vendors End-User License Agreement prior to Customers use. System requirements include: Microsoft Windows 2000 (32-bit) with Service Pack 4 (SP4) or higher , Windows XP (32-bit) with Service Pack 1 (SP1) or higher, Windows Vista (32- or 64-bit) and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) or higher, 800 X 600 or higher resolution, 256 MB RAM, 75 MB of available free drive space, Internet connection, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, and (optional) Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or later.

Tech Help requires a minimum term commitment and is a PC support service that provides remote assistance to small business customers who meet our Broadband Minimum System requirements including Windows XP or Vista, Intel Pentium Processor or Pentium II with 500 MHz or faster for Windows XP, 256 MB or higher or Windows XP. Macintosh, UNIX, LINUX or older Windows operating systems are not supported. It includes: a) PC Security and Protection (viruses, spyware, etc.); b) PC Optimization; c) setting up new PCs and transferring files and data from the old machines; d) setting up and encrypting wireless networks; e) handling Windows issues; f) connecting and setting up printers and other peripherals such as scanners, printers and PDAs/Smartphones; and g) software installation, tutorials and tips. Does NOT include the following, among other items that cannot be solved remotely: u) site visits, if needed; v) failed/broken hard drives; w) adding more RAM; x) cracked motherboards; y) bad USB ports or connectors; or z) replacing broken hardware.

Travel Safety Plus is provided by a third party vendor contracted to offer emergency roadside assistance to you. We assume no responsibility for loss or damage resulting from services provided by the vendor or its subcontractors. Our residential home phone services, long distance or Internet is required in order to subscribe to Travel Safety Plus.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)-Based Services. In order to access or use any VoIP services, you must sign the 911 Disclosure form, which warns of and has you acknowledge certain 911 limitations for VoIP services.

Wireless Data Backup is for backup purposes only. Maximum bandwidth is 2MG regardless of the amount of bandwidth a customer has; Customer may not remove the wireless card from the service address. Real time quality of service is not available. Availability and speeds are not guaranteed and are affected by wireless strength.

Windstream search overrides my current search client

Why is Windstream's search engine overriding my current search engine?Q: Why am I here?
A: The domain name you entered was not recognized. Windstream utilizes an error redirect service to present site suggestions which you may find useful. Clicking any of these suggestions provides you with web search results, which may include relevant sponsored links.

Q: Why should I use Windstream's error redirect service?
A: Internet users commonly mistype website names or URLs. Windstream's error redirect service makes finding websites easier and more convenient. Often, the search results will provide you with a desired website or page that meets your needs.

Q: How does Windstream's error redirect service work?
A: Windstream's error redirect service monitors for non-existing domain responses and rewrites these responses to redirect network applications to useful landing pages depending on end-user preferences.

Q: What is DNS?
A: DNS is an acronym for the Internet's Domain Name System. The DNS is primarily used to map Internet computer addresses to domain names such as 'www.yahoo.com.' For more information, please visit »en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domain_nam ··· e_system

Q: How do I opt-out of the error redirect service?
A: If this service is not right for you, please visit your Preferences page to opt out. At any point in time, you can opt back in to the service by visiting your Preferences page.

The new Windstream Service Agent

Windstream's Service Agent is a free service we offer our high-speed Internet customers. Once this desktop client is downloaded on your computer, you'll get 24/7 real-time access to manage your account and the ability to purchase Windstream services right from your computer.

Below are some of the services you can purchase:

-- Online Data Backup
-- Tech Help
-- McAfee Security Suite
-- Windstream's Internet Explorer Toolbar
-- Kidzui Browser
-- Credit Guard ID Protection
-- PC Protection Plan

GreenStreak Phone Sevice with DSL

GreenStreak is Local Measured Service

High-Speed Internet with local measured service is designed to resemble a "naked Broadband " offering. This is perfect if you don't want a traditional phone line.

Local measured service includes:

-Unlimited incoming telephone calls

-911 access during power outage with traditional phone

-Outgoing calls for 10 cents per minute

-1411 or 411 Directory Assistance

-Operator services (dial 0)

Reverse DNS Setup for Windstream Static IP Addresses

When you purchase Windstream static IP addresses, we are unsure what you will be using them for -- mail server, web server, internal server, etc.

By default, all Windstream IP addresses have a PTR record setup on them showing




If a correct PTR record is not setup for your Windstream static IP, this could cause you problems with blacklisting or spam filters in the future. To get this type of DNS record updated, it is imperative that you let your Windstream sales person know which static IP will be used and the server name you want it to point to. The Reverse DNS (PTR) record needs to match the name of your server.

Another way for updating your static IP is to e-mail us at staticip@windstream.net with the following information:

First and Last Name
Contact Phone Number
Windstream Static IP Address
Fully Qualified Domain Name (this will usually be something like mail.domain or smtp.domain)

You will be contacted by a Windstream technician for assistance in getting your Reverse DNS (PTR) record setup.

What if my service is down or I need immediate assistance

While we will do our very best to minimize the disruptions of support in this forum, disruptions and longer than normal response times can occur. The senior agents that work this forum are part a small Social Networking Team within a larger call center. The demands of the call center, live customers calling, and supporting agents of lesser seniority will take priority over manning this forum, or any other Social Networking site that we monitor. There will periods of time (hopefully short periods) that due to high call volume, supervising support teams, and inclement weather that we will be unable to monitor the forum.
If your service is down, need immediate assistance, or simply do not want to wait for an agent to respond you have several options at your disposal.

1. Please call the help-desk at your earliest convenience, the number to live telephone support is 800-347-1991. Please follow the prompts for tech support.

2. If your modem is operational (DSL light is green, Internet light is green, and Activity light is blinking) but your PC is not seeing the modem or is unable to connect wireless please contact Tech Help @ 877-353-5678. Tech Help is a group of agents that specialize in troubleshooting computer issues ranging from wireless connectivity to hardware issues that are outside of the boundaries of support for Broadband Support Agents. Fair Warning Tech Help is a subscription based support that will be billed to your monthly bill.

2B. You can always start a thread and ask the members of this forum you question or simply explain your troubles. That after all is why everyone is here, and the members of this forum provide a large wealth of information.

3. You can open a chat with a live agent by going to »www.windstream.com/residential/c ··· -support for all internet connectivity issues. This includes updates on latency or out of service outages, dropping connection, or anything else that can not wait until a Tier II agent on this forum responds to you. If you are asked to disconnect you modem (either reset or power-cycle) do not be concerned, when you modem comes back online you will pick up exactly where you left of with the same agent you were chatting with.

We very much appreciate your patience and patronage of Windstream!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Specialist II Support Team,

XBOX 360 PPPoE Setup

How do I configure my XBOX 360 for PPPoE?

DISCLAIMER: Windstream technical support does not provide troubleshooting support for this topic. This information is provided for your convenience. Please do not contact Windstream technical support in regards to setting up your XBOX 360.

If you are a Windstream customer with a Speedstream 4200 or a 2Wire router, and it is already configured to work with your Broadband connection, these instructions should not be necessary. However, your Speedstream 4200 or 2Wire router may need to have ports forwarded to your XBOX console for its current setup to work properly.

These instructions are assuming that you only have a Speedstream 4200 and that has been fully bridged.

To configure PPPoE settings on your XBOX 360 console, follow these steps:

Move to the System section of the XBOX dashboard.

Select Network Settings.

Select Edit Settings.

On the Additional Settings tab, select PPPoE Settings.

Use the on-screen keyboard to enter the following PPPoE information:

User Name
Select Done. Select Apply and Test when you are prompted to do this.

Your XBOX 360 should be set up for PPPoE.

If you need additional support with your XBOX 360 console, please visit the following web site for information on how to contact XBOX Customer Support:

Webmail - Error 100 - Outside U.S. Restrictions

I'm currently outside the U.S. and I'm getting error 100 when trying to log into webmail. Why is this happening and how can I log into my e-mail account outside the U.S.?

Windstream currently has restrictions in place for webmail (»webmail.windstream.net) use outside the United States. If you receive an error 100 when trying to log into our webmail server, chances are you are using an Internet connection outside the United States.

Our webmail server determines the location of your connection based on your connection IP address using ARIN's database. The American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN) maintains IP address information for all Internet service providers across the world.

Our access restrictions are in place due to excessive activity from spammers compromising e-mail accounts. To minimize this impact and to make our efforts in combatting unauthorized e-mail account use more effective, we have restricted only U.S. based connections to the webmail server.

If you frequently travel outside the U.S. and need access to our webmail server to check your e-mail, you will need to pursue one of two options:

1.) Set up an e-mail client application i.e. Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc.. E-mail clients use our POP3/SMTP servers directly.


2.) Contact our Broadband Help Desk at 1-888-292-3827, and one of our technicians will submit a request to whitelist your e-mail account. This process normally takes between 24-48 hours to be processed and completed. Our technicians may have you go to »www2.windstream.net/myip to make sure your connection IP address isn't on a blacklisted network. After your account has been whitelisted, you should be able to use your e-mail account via webmail on any Internet connection.

Thunderbird Email Client

How do I update my existing installation of Thunderbird for my Windstream e-mail?

These instructions are for users who have an existing installation of Thunderbird. For instructions on setup after a fresh install, click here.

Click on the Tools menu and select Account Settings.
On the lower-left of this window, click on Add Account...
Select Email account and click Next.
On this step, fill in your first and last name and also your e-mail address. This picture shows a Windstream.net e-mail address. If you are a former Valor/CTC customer and have a legacy e-mail address, put it in here. Click Next.
Ensure POP is selected and type in pop.windstream.net for the Incoming mail server. The bottom text (inside RED box on screenshot) may contain something different than smtp.windstream.net. If it does, it will be corrected towards the end of this setup. Click Next.
For the Incoming User Name, type in your full e-mail address (same as step #4). Click Next.
On this step, click Next.
This screen verifies your settings. Click Finish.
Back on this screen, select Outgoing Server (SMTP) and click on the Edit... button.
For the Server Name type in smtp.windstream.net. Place a checkmark on Use name and password and type in your email address for the User Name. Click OK.
Click OK on the Account Settings window. Your setup is finished.
For the first time with this setup, Thunderbird may ask for the password for your e-mail account when you check your e-mail. This should be a one-time step as Thunderbird stores your password into its default profile.

Thunderbird should be set up and ready for use.

How do I set up a new install of Thunderbird for my Windstream e-mail?

These instructions apply after either a fresh new install of Thunderbird, or after clearing the default Thunderbird profile. For instructions on how to clear the default Thunderbird profile, click here.

Open Thunderbird. The new account wizard will start. Select Email account and click Next.
On this step, fill in your first and last name and also your e-mail address. This picture shows a Windstream.net e-mail address. If you are a former Valor/CTC customer and have a legacy e-mail address, put it in here. Click Next.
Ensure POP is selected and type in pop.windstream.net for the Incoming mail server. For the Outgoing mail server type in smtp.windstream.net. Click Next.
For both the Incoming and Outgoing user names, type in your full e-mail address (same as step #2). Click Next.
On this step, click Next.
This screen verifies your settings. Click Finish to complete the setup.
Thunderbird should be set up and ready for use.

Windstream static IP is Blacklisted

Verify what Blacklist you are on by going to the web site of »www.mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.asp ··· sts.aspx and using the "Spam database lookup". Enter your static IP address and look for any RED areas. Once this information is obtained, please e-mail us your name, contact phone number, and Windstream static IP address that is blacklisted to staticip@windstream.net. You will be contacted by a Windstream technician to help in getting your static IP de-listed. DO NOT try to remove the block yourself. Most Blacklisting companies need to be contacted by us at Windstream. Many Blacklists companies will quickly de-list you, but keep in mind that there will be a propagation time after you are de-listed. (Sometimes as long as 7 to 20 days) The reason for this length of time is the Blacklisting companies customers pull updated lists at scheduled times. Windstream has no control over this.

Windows Vista Mail Setup

How do I set up Windows Vista Mail for my Windstream e-mail?

Open Windows Mail and go to the Tools menu. Select Accounts...

On this window, click Add...

Ensure E-mail account is selected. Click Next.

Type in your first and last name. Click Next.

For the E-mail Address put in your e-mail address. This picture shows a Windstream.net e-mail address. If you are a former Valor/CTC customer and have a legacy e-mail address, put it in here. Click Next.

For the mail server names:

Incoming (POP3): pop.windstream.net
Outgoing (SMTP): smtp.windstream.net
Place a checkmark on Outgoing server requires authentication
Click Next.

For the Account name put in your full e-mail address. Be sure to place a check in Remember password. Click Next.

Click Finish.

Windows Vista Mail should be set up and ready for use.

Windows Live Mail - Setup

How do I set up Windows Live Mail for Windstream e-mail?

Setting up Windows Live Mail is very simple. Here is how to do it:

In Windows Live Mail, click on Add e-mail account.

On this screen, put in the following settings:

E-Mail Address: Your full Windstream E-Mail address
Password: Your Windstream E-Mail password
Display Name: Your full name
Place a check on Manually configure server...
When you have finished putting in these settings, click Next.
On this screen, put in these exact settings as shown on this screenshot. For the Login ID, put in your full Windstream E-Mail address.

Click Next once these settings have been put in.
Click Finish. You will need to configure the message download settings next.

On the left-hand side, right-click on the account name and click on Properties.

Click on the Advanced tab at the top of this window. At the bottom, remove the check mark on Leave a copy of messages on server.

Windows Live Mail should be configured for Windstream e-mail.

SPAM not addressed to me

Why do I receive spam that is NOT addressed to me?

Your email address was probably included on a mass mailing list of e-mail addresses. Spammers often utilize the BCC: (Blind Carbon Copy) field on SPAM e-mails so that recipients won't see the list of e-mail accounts that received the SPAM mail.

Rest assured -- your privacy is a concern of ours! We have not sold, traded, or disclosed your private information (including your e-mail address) to individuals or businesses that send SPAM mail. Your information has not been released by us, and it never will!

However, your PC provides your e-mail address to sites that you visit in the form of a cookie. If you use Outlook Express to send and receive e-mail, you are broadcasting your e-mail address every time you visit a web site. Windstream suggests you purchase virus scanning software and perform security scanning maintenance on your computer periodically.

Windstream does offer the Windstream Security Suite, powered by McAfee, to our Internet and Broadband customers. For more information, please visit our website at »www.windstream.net.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 & Pop-up Blocker

I recently downloaded and installed Windows XP Service Pack 2. Now when I log into some Web sites the "Login Pop-up" does not appear. How can I fix this?

Windows XP Service Pack 2 enables an automatic pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer. The instructions below will get you to the screen to adjust the settings, turn it off, or allow pop-ups from certain web sites:

Open up Internet Explorer.
Click Tools at the top and select Internet Options.
Click on the Privacy Tab.
At the bottom of this window are the settings for the Pop-up Blocker.

Windstream Contact Numbers

Internet Technical Support
(866) 445-0978 (24/7)

Online Orders
(800) 481-5441 (9am - 7pm ET)

Phone Service Repairs
(866) 445-3194 (24/7)

Windstream Customer Service
(866) 445-5880

2 Setup

Windstream DNS Redirection. How do I opt out?

Windstream has enabled a search redirect service that redirects you to a Windstream page whenever you perform a search from your browser. If you do not wish to use this service, you can disable it by following these instructions.

Update 4/5/10: If you would prefer to use your previous default search engine, you can choose to opt-out by browsing to the preferences of our search pages »windstream.custhelp.com/app/answ ··· _id/272/

Pictures clickable to full size:

Click for full size
Click for full size
Click for full size

With special thanks to Windstream See Profile for this FAQ.

How to get Open Nat/Nat Level 2 with a PS3 on Windstream

First thing you need to know is what modem do you have, most people now have the Speedstream 4200 but there is also a Speedstream 5200 which is the same device when it comes to setting up the unit, there is also a 2Wire 2701HG which you should visit here(»portforward.com/english/routers/ ··· atar.htm) if you have a Xbox 360 and here (»portforward.com/english/routers/ ··· hway.htm) if you have a PS3.

Second thing you need to know is do you have a second router plugged in to the modem or are you using a switch (99% of the time you have a router to share the connection with other computers) if using a switch you can go to the last section (Now using the Speedstream 4200/5200 by itself) and start there .

Now In most cases you have two options a. use your existing router to control the PPPoE session (Have your public IP) or b. Let the Windstream provided modem continue to control the PPPoE session.

Now the Speedstream modems provided by Windstream are pretty good they are full fledge NAT (NAPT) routers and can (in theory) handle 254 clients all you need to add is a switch or switches, and they dont seem to have a problem of a small NAT table. IMHO the only thing they lack that would steer me towards using a different router is QOS but if your router doesnt have QOS consider using the Speedstream, It is confirmed working 100% with the Xbox 360 and should have no problems with any outer that support UPNP .

Nat Level/Type 2 on the PS3 is "Open Nat" not Moderate NAT. Info here. »www.pregamelobby.com/forum/sony- ··· ps3.html

If you have any question you should ask first because at some stages of this you will not have a internet connection.

Now if you are using a router connected to the modem and you chose option A, you need to bridge the modem which may mean plugging you computer directly to the modem for a minute and following the information posted here (»Windstream DSL FAQ »How do I change into Bridged Mode with the 4200 or 5200?) then plug you computer backup to you router and plug your router to the modem. Once thats done you will need to go to your routers web based configuration page (Normally » but check your routers owners manual) and configure the WAN/Internet type as PPPoE/My ISP requires a Username/Password, and enter your information (if you dont know what your login information is Call Windstream Tech support at 866-445-3402) and look for a Keep alive or Timeout setting nearby and check it or set it to 0. Once that is done confirm you can browse the web (you may need to reboot the router) once you can see if you modem supports something called UPNP (Universal Plug and Play, check the manual) if it does enable it (some have different levels, look for something close to Enable full Internet Gateway Device (IGD) support might not read the same its just an example) again you may need to restart the router when change it or it may do it itself, Now run a check on your console If you dont get Open Nat/Nat Level 2 you are going to have to manually port forward, Since every router is different I suggest you go here (»portforward.com) Select you router then select a Xbox 360 game or PS3 game (All Xbox 360 games use the same ports and all PS3 games use the same ports)

If you choose option B. you need to go into your router web based configuration and disable the DHCP server (This varies by model and brand so look at the owners manual), and you should change the routers LAN IP (not the WAN, again look the owners manual) to (this is for SS 4200s/5200s the 2-wire will be different and not known at the time of writing this) so you can access it from the new IP range the Modem will hand out. (This is not so much required if your router does not have wireless capabilities that you will need to access later)

Now using the Speedstream 4200/5200 by itself, with a switch or letting it handle the PPPoE session. All you need to do is disable the firewall (» , Select Firewall Level: Off, and click apply) and enable UPNP (» select Enable full Internet Gateway Device (IGD) support and click apply). It should ask you to reboot and once it dose you should now have open NAT.

WARNING: Important Note Regarding Confusing Terms:

Description of NAT and how it impacts your online experience - XBox 360

Three types of NAT issues that can occur

Open: This means that you router has optimal settings, and you should not run into any of the issues described in this article.

Moderate: This means that you can talk to other players who have open or moderate NAT issues, but you cannot talk or play with users who have strict NAT issues.

Strict: This means that you can talk only to other players, but you cannot talk to players who have moderate or strict NAT issues.

Settings > Network Settings > Internet Connection Test - PS3
»manuals.playstation.net/document ··· est.html

NAT Type* Check how the PS3 system is connected to the Internet. This information can be used to judge the ease or difficulty of connecting to other PS3 systems when using voice / video chat or the communication features of games.

Type 1: Connected directly to the Internet

Type 2: Connected to the Internet via a router

Type 3: Connected to the Internet via a router

With type 3, it may not be possible to communicate with other PS3 systems, and voice / video chat and the communication features of games may be restricted. In this case, see [Connecting to PlayStationNetwork] in this guide.

How do I bridge the Gigaset/Sagem 4300?

Instructions on how to change the 4300 to bridge mode can be found here:

»windstream.custhelp.com/app/answ ··· /kw/4300


On the FAQ section, use the search term '4300' and it should provide a link with screenshots on how to change your 4300 to bridge mode.


Taken from this post:

»Gigaset/Sagem 4300 Bridging Instructions

Updated from Icon See Profile:

The full pdf file for the 4300 which has some additional steps:

»/r0/download/1 ··· Mode.pdf

From this topic:

»[Equipment] Gigaset 4300 Bridge problem

How do I change into Bridged Mode with the 4200 or 5200?

It depends on which 4200 that you have (the 5200 can be setup either way, but the Bridge/Router Mode under Section A is considered the best since it does not require a reset later):

[A] The older/original 4200 and all 5200 versions. Follow the steps in the FAQ link below:

»Efficient Networks Forum FAQ »How do I change into Bridged Mode on the 4100/4200?

[B] The new "Walled Garden" 4200 (Firmware Part #:004-D241-A83) that stores your Username/Password remotely. You have to change it manually into Bridge Mode using the page link below to the 4200 Web GUI as the earlier reset procedure no longer works.


There is no need in either case to have to alter the settings in the 4200/5200 for the WAN Virtual Circuit settings as the Modem is by default a Bridge-Router.

How to secure your 4200 or 5200 from the Risk Of CSRF Attacks

See this topic for background:

»Home DSL Routers At Risk Of CSRF Attack

Log into your 4200 or 5200 at » to get started. Under Setup, click on "Admin User" and change the Password from "admin" to something else between 5 to 8 characters in both fields "New Password:" and "Confirm Password:" and change the access level to "Require admin login to access entire web site" so it matches the image below. Click on "Save Settings" and you are done.

Click for full size

From now on when you login to the 5200 or 4200 you will be prompted for Username and Password as the image below shows, make sure the "Use Password Manager to remember these values." is unchecked for security.

Click for full size

Click on the screen shots to see them full size.

How to setup Dynamic DNS on the Speedstream 4200

Please see this post for a step by step tutorial

»Re: [Siemens] Help Please Setup Dynamic DNS on Speedstream 4200

thanks to Napsterbater See Profile for the tutorial

I have a ADSL/ADSL2+ modem that I obtained elsewhere, how do I set it up?

3rd Party Broadband DSL Modem
»windstream.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/ ··· aqid=158
Windstream offers very limited support for broadband DSL modems not issued by Windstream. We cannot guarantee these modems will be compatible with our Central Office equipment. When encountering technical difficulties with your broadband service in conjunction with a non-Windstream modem, our technicians can make sure to see if the DSL signal exists at the Network Interface Device (NID). Windstream cannot provide technical support or assistance in setting up a non-supported DSL modem and recommends in calling the modem's manufacturer for further assistance. When you call the modem's manufacturer, please provide them with the following information:

Former CTC Customers

Type of Connection: DHCP
VPI/VCI: 0/35

Non-CTC Customers

Type of Connection: PPPoE
VPI/VCI: 0/35
Authentication: PAP

For a PPPoE configuration, your Internet username and password is typically the only required information.

Windstream DNS redirection to Search Page w/ Yahoo! Ads. How do I bypass it?

Note: As of 4/2/10 this no longer works and you have to opt out. See »Windstream DSL FAQ »Windstream DNS Redirection. How do I opt out? for instructions.

If you are aware or not Windstream is using Redirecting DNS to Ad Supported Search Result Pages (a search result page looks like this if you have not seen it yet) that are powered by Yahoo! Search on their Network as announced a while back in the News Link below:

»Windstream DNS redirection

What it does is break some TCP/IP utilities and it serves Search Pages with Ads on them if you mis-type or fat-finger a Domain Name. It also can slowdown how fast DNS resolves so by bypassing the Redirecting DNS you may notice that pages load quicker and new sites are found faster.

The quickest way to bypass this is to setup your Windstream Router (4200 or 5200) to use DNS IPs that you assign on the Router DHCP Server page as that will automatically update all the PCs that you connect to the 4200 or 5200 Router. It is better than having to go into each PC and manually change DNS IPs especially if you are using a Switch with multiple PCs at your home.

Note: If your Windstream Router is in Bridge Mode then refer to your Aftermarket Router's User Guide for the steps to setup the DHCP Server Page with custom DNS IPs.

I highly suggest as the Primary DNS IP and as the secondary DNS IP. You can also choose whatever you prefer or even use Open DNS which is explained here. »www.opendns.com/

Supposedly Windstream setup two DNS IP that are clean and do not perform the normal DNS Redirections. You can also use those if you wish. They are listed in the News Link below:

»Windstream Offers 'Clean' DNS

This is the page in the 4200 or 5200 that you make the changes. It only takes a minute or two to setup the change and save it.

Windstream Email Server Settings

-E-mail Address Format: USERNAME@windstream.net

-Incoming mail server (POP3): pop.windstream.net

-Outgoing mail server (SMTP): smtp.windstream.net

-Account name: your Windstream.net email address

-Incoming and Outgoing mail server requires authentication

Bridging a Comtrend Modem

Hello community,
Thank you to Xander for writing this up and sharing with the Community.
I am going to show you how to put a Comtrend modem into bridge mode.

1) Enter into the Address Bar.

2)You will now be faced with the modem Login window,Enter
admin for both user name and password.

3)Now that your in the Modem's interface you now want to
select The advanced settings tab on the left pane.

4)In the advanced settings tab you now want to navigate
to the WAN Services tab.

5)Now you will be face with two Wan interfaces.If you look
to the right you will see that there is a option to remove.
Check both boxes and click remove.Now you are ready to
create your Wan service and enter the modem into bridge

6)Now click add under Wan services,you are now faced with a drop down box.Select one it doesn't matter which one you
select because you have to use both.So just select the first one.

7)click next,then you will be face with three options,click the one that says "bridging" then click next,then save and apply.

8)once again click add,and do the same for the second Wan interface.You will only have one option to select because you have already created your first Wan interface.

You must create the second interface or the bridge will not work and your internet will not work.You have to create one interface for ATM and the other for PTM.

9)After you have created your Bridged interfaces,select management and under management click reboot the modem from the interface.

Other Thoughts:

Now that you are in bridge mode,you are ready to hook up your router.Also In your router, do not forget to set up your PPPoE type connection by entering your User name and password that Windstream has giving you upon the installation of the service.
I have disabled the wireless feature in the Comtrend Modem and i recommend that you also do this to keep the interference down between wireless channels.

Thank you to Xander for writing this up and sharing with the Community

3 Hardware

Is there a Quick Start Guide for the 5200 Modem?

Yes. It is available below (Requires the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader):

5100/5200 DSL Modem Quick Start Guide (post-Aug 2002 models)

Alternate link:

5100/5200 DSL Modem Quick Start Guide

It's available below (four links in case some go dead) Note: Requires the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader:

SpeedStream 2.1.pdf
5100, 5200, 5400, 5500 User Guide Revision 2.1 [3.3MB PDF file]

Alternate link:
5100, 5200, 5400, 5500 User Guide Revision 2.1 [3.3MB PDF file]

Newer Name version of the User Guide (still revision 2.1)

5x Router UM 007-0820-003.pdf
SpeedStream 5xxx Router User Guide Revision 2.1 [3.3MB PDF file]

Alternate link:
SpeedStream 5xxx Router User Guide Revision 2.1 [3.3MB PDF file]

Where can I get the User Guide or Quick Start Guide for the 4100/4200 Router?

At the Efficient KB Article links below: [Requires the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader]

SpeedStream 4100 Quick Start Guide [977 KB PDF file]

Siemens 4100 Quick Start Guide [913 KB PDF file]

SpeedStream 4200 Quick Start Guide [1.1 MB PDF file]

Siemens 4200 Quick Start Guide [1.1 MB PDF file]

SpeedStream Router User's Guide Models 4100 and 4200 [2.47 MB PDF file]

Siemens Speedstream 4100/4200 Router User Guide [2.5 MB PDF file]

Siemens Speedstream 4100/4200 Data Sheet [164 KB PDF file]

Where can I find the full manual for the Sagem F@st 1704?

Check this thread out:

»[Equipment] 1704 Manual

FYI: You must be logged into dslreports.com in order to download forum attachments bigger than 2 megabytes in size.

Downloading using parallel requests (download accelerators) are detected and disabled.

How to bridge a 4300 modem

1. Login to the modem. Put in your browsers address bar.

2. Click on Login on the choices on the left

3. Login with admin as the un/pw

4. Click on Setup > WAN Interface

5. Click on the OE BRG text

6. Select RFC-2684 Bridged then select Finish

7. To allow the changes to take effect click on the CPE select the red reboot link

This method should allow for an external device to handle the PPPoE session (PC, 3rd party router, etc.)

Port Forwarding on Linksys Router

-Open your web browser and go to » (You must be connected to the Linksys on one of its LAN ports and have DHCP enabled so your PC gets an IP from the Linksys subnet for this to work).

-When prompted for a User Name and Password, leave the user name blank and type in the password of admin. Click the OK button.

-Click on the Applications & Gaming tab and ensure Port Range Forward is selected. Fill in the information using the following guidelines:

*Application: Type in the name of what program you are using.
*Start/End: Type in the ports you are needing forwarded. The RED example uses one specific port, whereas the GREEN example uses a port range.
*Protocol: Select TCP, UDP, or Both.
*IP address: Type in the IP address of the computer on your network that will be receiving the port traffic.
*Enable: Enables or disables this port forwarding rule.

When you are finished, click Save Settings. Port forwarding should now be enabled and set up on your Linksys router.

DISCLAIMER: Windstream does not provide any over-the-phone support for port fowarding on the Linksys router. If you have any further questions about port forwarding on your Linksys router, please contact Linksys technical support at 1-800-326-7114, or go to their support forum database at http://forums.linksys.com/. »homecommunity.cisco.com/linksys/ ··· =linksys

4 Troubleshooting

Modem DSL Statistics? What do the SNR and ATTN numbers show me about my line?

How do I check modem statistics/event logs? What do the numbers mean?

Although what is monitored and the exact name may be different depending on manufacturer, the overall information is pretty much the same. Below are some of the common terms and measurements used to judge line quality. Remember these are not hard numbers but simply a generalization of line statistics:

SN Margin (AKA Signal to Noise Margin or Signal to Noise Ratio)
Relative strength of the DSL signal to Noise ratio. 6dB is generally the lowest dB manufactures specify in order for the modem to be able to synch. In some instances interleaving can help raise the noise margin to an acceptable level. Generally speaking, as overall bandwidth increases, your signal to noise ratio decreases. So a customer that upgrades from 1.5 to 6.0 service will typically see a corresponding decrease in the signal to noise ratio. The higher the number the better for this measurement.
6dB or below is bad and will experience no synch or intermittent synch problems
7dB-10dB is fair but does not leave much room for variances in conditions
11dB-20dB is good with no synch problems
20dB-28dB is excellent
29dB or above is outstanding

Line Attenuation
Measure of how much the signal has degraded between the DSLAM and the modem. Maximum signal loss recommendation is usually about 60dB. One of the biggest factors affecting line attenuation is distance from the DSLAM. Generally speaking, bigger distances mean higher attenuation. The lower the dB the better for this measurement.
20dB and below is outstanding
20dB-30dB is excellent
30dB-40dB is very good
40dB-50dB is good
50dB-60dB is poor and may experience connectivity issues
60dB or above is bad and will experience connectivity issues

How can I tell what speed my line will support using the Attenuation?

Attenuation should be under 60 for all speed profiles. Attenuation takes into account distance from the Central Office and resistance on the line based on the amount of bandwidth being pushed down the cable pair. There is no specific attenuation for each different speed.

How do I setup Port Forwarding (open up ports) on my SpeedStream 5200/4200?

Port Forwarding on SpeedStream 5200/4200
»windstream.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/ ··· aqid=227

What should I do if I think I have slow speeds?

To start with run a speedtest at »speedtest.windstream.net/

On the site there are two different tests; a Capacity Speed test, and Application Speed test. Generally you would want to run the Capacity Speed test.

Once the test is complete click on the Advanced Tab and select the View Text link. This will show the full results of your speed test. This can be posted to the DSLReports.com »Windstream forum for assistance with troubleshooting slow speed issues.

Windstream will accept speed test results from other websites, but does require one from the Windstream site as well.

What can I do before calling the Windstream Help Desk?

Check this thread for full details:

»BOS Guidelines

5 Misc