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General Posting Etiquette

Are there any other rules I should follow when posting to this forum?

    • Start a new thread for unrelated topics to the original post.

    • Before posting, please consider reviewing the Microsoft Application Tips and Tweaks and XP Installation FAQs for solutions, hints and tips.

    • Consider trying a forum search (hint - use as short a search string as possible to get more hits). The solution you are looking for may already exist on this board.

    • Asking for a program to be posted here is discouraged because of file sizes. Please post a link to the download page, not a direct link to the executable, nor any attachment containing an executable. This will give users the opportunity to read any information available before they download the component.

    • All posts are subject to the Terms of use and Site Faq.

    Copyrighted applications protected against redistribution by the owner (manufacturer) will not be allowed to be posted or offered on this board.

    • Posts containing spam, cracks, links to warez sites or similar will be deleted. The poster runs the risk of further action by the Forum Host(s) and\or any Site Moderator.

Forum posting Guidelines

When posting a request for help what guidelines should I follow?

    •Make the subject title indicative of the problem, including the OS you are using.
    •If it is an MS product other than an Operating System, list the Product Name and Version.
    •Include all error messages that are appearing - verbatim.
    •If a device is causing the problem, be as specific as possible on the Manufacturer and model number. If there is an error under Device Manager, include any messages, error codes, etc., that may be listed.
    •Indicate what, if any, changes were made that may have led up to the problem.
    • Any new software or hardware added?

    • Any mass deleting done?

    • Any modifications to system files, registry, etc?

  • And finally, when your problem is resolved, let everyone know!!! Many people put a lot of time and effort into helping you. Let them know what suggestions worked.