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What Is The Purpose of this FAQ?

This FAQ should perform a number of functions. The first and most important is to provide a place where members can go to locate the answers to commonly asked questions regarding Windows 7. The second is to provide a knowledgebase of hints and tips that members submit. These can be submitted under the tweaks and features sections or in any section which covers the topic you are submitting. Third, we want to gather a list of sites that members recommend for good information regarding the operating systems covered by this FAQ.

Please do not ask questions here. The forums are where you ask questions and the FAQs are where you get answers by reading what is already there. If you can't find an answer to your question, please ask in the appropriate forum.

Anyone can contribute here, but it is important to understand that there is an approval process that occurs before a FAQ goes "live." Moderators are human and don't know everything, so it is every member's responsibility to let us know when something inaccurate is stated in a public FAQ. Hopefully this FAQ will grow from its current skeleton to a wealth of knowledge that will be helpful to readers around the world.

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last modified: 2009-11-09 08:22:16

It's easy!!
    1. Click on this link which will take you to an Enter/Edit FAQ form.
    2. Select the appropriate area for your entry from the pull-down menu labeled FAQ Section (see image below)
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    3. Enter a suitable topic in the "Question" section of the form.
    4. Type your FAQ entry into the Answer section.
    5. After completing your entry, use the Preview / Spell Check feature to review your work. When you are satisfied all is in order, press the Submit button.

Some hints:
If you want to add images to your entry upload them first, then make note of the attachment ID associated with your upload by selecting the "show available attachments" link.

Formatting tools are available...for an in-depth description of their usage please review the FAQ Owners FAQ -- »FAQ Owners' FAQ »NEW! Formatting Tools Added

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