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9. Recommended XP Info Sites

Microsoft Sites:

Microsoft Windows XP Home Page
XP Expert Zone

Non-Affiliated with Microsoft:

This site includes an excellent section on XP tips, trouble shooting hints and registry tweaks.

Doug Knox Windows Tips and Tricks
Doug is an XP Associate Expert. His site includes helpful hints, tips and fixes, many of which are provided in VB script form for easy entry by novices.

Allows for quick and easy searching of Microsoft Knowledge Base articles.

Kellys XP Korner
She calls this site SP from A-Z. The site covers a wide range of subjects and has a great search engine.
News about upcoming software releases, patches, and some hardware to keep you updated.

Windows XP - The Elder Geek on Windows XP
Tips, Tweaks, Registry Edits for Home or Pro XP Users. This site is up to date and explains things in easily understood terms.

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The most well known site for obtaining Windows XP themes in the past has been The addition of these new servers should help, but if they don't then here is a list of alternative sites where you can find Windows XP themes:

Please note - some sites may contain pop-up advertising.
Forums at

(Partial credit for the above list goes to 2kmaro )

If you have any more links to add, or dead links to report, please send the author of this FAQ item an instant message.

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