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What Is The Purpose of this FAQ?

Some regular contributors of the Microsoft Help Forum have come together to provide a basic roadmap for introducing Windows XP onto a PC or laptop.

The information provided below is a compilation of knowledge accumulated since the introduction of Windows XP in 2001. Although individual systems may require slight changes to accommodate different hardware\software combinations, the information provided will (in most instances) assist you in installing, tweaking and maintaining XP with little or no problems.

The Moderators of this forum wish to extend a special thanks to trparky and Slash for their time and efforts in the creation and continued maintenance of this FAQ.

by MSeng See Profile edited by trparky See Profile
last modified: 2006-06-14 14:34:36


This FAQ has been created for anyone to submit their ideas and we encourage you to participate.

Please note - entries will be screened for accuracy and content and may not appear for some time after submission.

by MSeng See Profile