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Please refrain from offensive language, or your post may be moderated. Before posting your question, you should search to see if your issue has been handled before. You should check the topics covered in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). And you might also check this FAQ Q&A: What other places exist where help may be obtained? . Then, come back and visit the DLink Forum and click the button near the top that says "Post a New Topic." In the Subject of your message, post something specific that will make it likely that someone knowledgeable about your issue will read it. Avoid generic subjects as they make it unlikely your problem will be read.
    •Poor Subject: Router issue •Better Subject: DI-699 Router WAN Port connection dead
In the body of your message
    •Be specific about the pertinent item -- which device, which hardware version, which firmware/driver version, and etc.. •Don't just say that you have a problem ... but what is the problem? Be specific about what happens, the exact text of the command you are trying or the error message you are receiving, and etc.. •What are you trying to accomplish? You might be approaching a problem from a difficult angle -- if readers understand your goal, they might be able to offer a better solution. •Please use correct English and Netiquette. This forum has an international audience and the issues and solutions offered here can be searched for many years to come. Capital letters, punctuation marks, and paragraphs are not only appreciated, they are necessary. Please treat everyone with dignity and respect.