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DSLReports has posting rules enforced site-wide.

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    •As with every aspect of this site the Rules on Posting and Terms of Use both apply here and will be enforced as necessary. •Please follow the above guidelines not only for your first post, but for all subsequent posts as well. More guidelines/rules will be added as necessary and as time permits. Member suggestions are welcome. •When requesting assistance with a specific piece of equipment, please include the name of the equipment in the post whenever possible. •In case the problem is protocol compatibility or bug related, include the version of device firmware. •Include any troubleshooting steps that you've already initiated and the results. •No posting requests to purchase or items for sale. This site has a For Sale/Wanted forum for that purpose. •Requesting or offering any licensed software via threads, posts and private messages is contrary to this websites terms & conditions, hence any will be deleted and further action is at the discretion of the moderators. If you see evidence of this activity taking place, please use the "hey mods" feature described here to let us know. •If one of the answers provided resolves your issue, as a courtesy to others, please post and let us know.