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DSLReports has posting rules enforced site-wide.

Forum specific rules:

Please keep this in mind when posting...

1 . Good manners are very important. "Please" and "thank you" may be old fashioned concepts, but we like them.

2. The artists, much like the moderators on this site, are unpaid.

3. Be specific.

4. Please be patient.

5. Make up your mind.

6. The artists do not perform miracles.

7. Don't ask for a specific artist or the "best" artist.

8. If in doubt, ask a moderator.

9. Politeness rules. That's worth repeating.

10. Do not bump threads or whine.

11. Do not vote your threads up, except for tutorials.

12. This is about having fun. Now that all of the do's and don'ts are out of the way, don't forget that this is all about having fun. The artists here don't want to ignore anyone, nor do the moderators want to lock threads. They would rather be creating avatars or graphics for other users.

Thank you for reading this. Now go have some fun!

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