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One of the first, and busiest VoIP forums. The place to discuss and learn about this technology.

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DSLReports has posting rules enforced site-wide.

Forum specific rules:
Welcome to the VoIP Tech forum! If you haven't already done so, please be sure to check the Forum Rules
Your posts here are subject to the Site Rules and Terms of Use, just as they are anywhere else. Please review them.
    Referrals Are Not Allowed
    Do not ask for, offer to provide or post referrals for VoIP service in the forum. This includes doing so in your Posting "sigs" and includes but is not limited to Links to a site that displays a referral whether in text form, through the use of a banner which includes a referral or any type of link which redirects by use of an embedded referral string. This policy is sitewide. For further clarification please see the FAQ.
    Any discussion on these topics or the posting of links containing a referral is not allowed in the forum and will disappear without notice or discussion.

    SPAM is Not Welcome Here!
    Spam (Commercial advertising of a product or service) will be deleted and if persistent, further action will be taken. VoIP Providers with registered accounts may post announcements, but 'hawking' a product or service repeatedly is not permitted.

    Direct Links to Firmware or Uploads of Firmware to the site are Not Allowed, please post only links to the site hosting the firmware.ญญญญญญญญ This protects the copyright interests of the authors and also helps safeguard against firmware modified without your knowledge that might contain a back door or other component that could compromise your data or connection.ญญญญญญญ

Thank you.