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Attention new topic maker

Please read the forum posting guidelines before posting.

This forum is for kicking off discussions of a scam, phishing email, credit card fraud scheme, a suspected scamming website, or other kind of widespread attempt to commit a crime using email or the web.

Please do not post your phishing email to the forum (phishing = fake emails from places that look like Paypal, Ebay or a bank etc.); instead use the PhishTracker. Look for the instructions at the top of the page; for more instructions, see this thread.

We are NOT so interested in just your average run-of-the-mill spam, unless it is clear that there is a scam or some type of fraud involved. We are also not able to investigate every web site or advertisement to determine if something is a scam or not. Unless it is clearly a scam or at least highly suspicious, your post might be removed. If you need help stopping spam or want to know how to report spam, please read the BBR Spam FAQ.