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DSLReports has posting rules enforced site-wide.

Forum specific rules:

Welcome to the Automotive forum, a tech chat forum for automobiles, motorcycles, and related technology.

Your post must follow these forum rules in addition to the site rules.

    Act like you are old enough to own a car.

    Do not post advice that is dangerous, unsafe, or illegal. You should be 100% sure of any advice you give here. If your advice looks questionable, expect others to question it.

    Do not post inline images. Instead, please upload any photos to this site so that they may be automatically thumbnailed and made into a slide show. Uploading your images also provides much faster page load times. If you must keep your image off site, then just post a link to the image.

    Do not post any sort of advertising or referral links. No cars/motorcycles/parts for sale. No "WTB" threads.

    No import vs. domestic flaming. No flaming someone's choice of manufacturer or marque.

    Purely social, political, or non-technical threads like "Who is the hottest chick in racing?" or "Anyone see that race at Talladega?" do not belong in this "Tech Chat" forum.

    Due to an official request we can no longer allow Carfax reports to be exchanged. Please do not ask for, or offer any reports from now on.

    As a courtesy to others, please include the make, model, and year of your vehicle when asking a question. In fact the more information you can provide, the better.

Posts that violate the forum rules may be edited by the moderators or deleted.

Please read the legal disclaimers and terms of use before following any advice given here. Modifications within the warranty period of your vehicle may invalidate the warranty.