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Welcome to the Vonage forum. If you're new here, please read our welcome thread. For topics of a general VoIP nature, please visit VoIP Tech Chat. The VoIP FAQ can also answer some of your basic questions.

Your posts here are subject to the site rules and terms of use, just as they are anywhere else. Please review them before posting.

The remainder of our forum policy is below. None of the following is allowed here:
Spam will be deleted and if persistent, further actions will be taken. We are wise to every spam trick in the book and can smell it a mile away. This includes any post that sounds overly commercial or reads like a sales pitch.
Don't post referral links in your forum post, they will be deleted. Don't post links to sites that contain referrals either, such as banner ads, redirects, and other dubious forms of signup. This includes links/text in your profile, such as your signature. This policy is enforced sitewide.
No firmware for any device may be uploaded on this site, nor any direct download links may be provided. This protects the copyright interests of the authors, and also helps safeguard against firmware modified without your knowledge that might contain a back door or other component that could compromise your data or connection. A link to a site hosting the firmware is fine.
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"Hotlinking" images by posting them inline steals bandwidth. It also slows down page load times and we have no control over when those images may disappear. Use the site's attachment functionality instead. It future-proofs your post, keeps page load times speedy and prevents using up bandwidth from another site.

Anonymous visitors: We encourage you to join our community and enjoy great member benefits.

Lastly, don't forget to review your Vonage service!