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Ameritech (AT&T Midwest) DSL Users Group Forum

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Welcome to the AT&T Midwest Forum! We serve IL, WI, OH, MI, and IN.

This forum is for discussions related to AT&T-SBC-Ameritech region DSL. It operates like a user's group. Issues which do not involve AT&T-SBC-Midwest Yahoo!DSL (Ameritech.net, sbcglobal.net) services would be better discussed in another forum. Issues or questions related to AT&T U-verse services should be posted in the U-verse Forum.We have a huge FAQ with a wealth of information in it! Before posting a problem issue please look through it - AT&T Midwest FAQ - and see if one of the answers resolves your issue.

You are invited to look around, but please abide the forum rules and then join in: • Before posting, please check a few previous pages of posts and the FAQ's to make sure the question or the subject has not been covered recently. • Start a new thread for topics unrelated to the original post. • No flaming or trolling allowed. Do not respond to flames or trolls, that's tantamount to engaging in the same behavior. Civility is expected of everyone at all times. • Threads may get moved or deleted without notice. • All Host decisions in this forum are final. Hosts are not required to explain publicly why something was done. Please refer to site Posting Rules

NOTE: Official AT&T DSL Tech Support Help is available here, but this forum and site are NOT controlled by AT&T! Just ask for help in your post, clearly describe the problem you are having, and provide any of the following information, if applicable:

• Is this a new DSL installation, or has it been up and running for a long time? If new, what was your official "due" date given to you by SBC. • What down/up speed package did you sign up for? (e.g. Express(384-1.5), Pro(1.5-3.0), etc.)
• What exact make and model of modem do you have? If it's a SpeedStream 5100, it's important to state whether it's a 5100A or 5100B. They both just say 5100, but the 5100A has 4 LEDs that are round, and the 5100b has 5 LEDs that are rectangular.
• What type of computer and OS do you use?
• Do you use connection manager software, enternet 300, raspppoe or XP PPPoE, or is your modem doing the PPPoE?
• Are you using a router/firewall? If so, what make, model, and firmware version?
• If you had service prior to April 2001 and have wires ONLY for DSL (an unbundled loop, or UL)
• If you don't have a UL, then do you have filters or a single NID splitter installed on your line?

Please do not include any personal info such as full name or telephone number in any public post.
Save that for posting in the private AT&T Direct forum if instructed to do so by our forum regulars.