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This is a public forum where people come both to help with and for help with Charter's services. Please post in a friendly and responsible manner.

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DSLReports has posting rules enforced site-wide.

Forum specific rules:
Please read What info to post for help before you post.
The site rules and terms of use are pretty clear, to those we've added the following.
  • This forum is not an official support outlet for Charter. We're here to discuss Charter's service and solve Charter-related problems, not here to enforce any ISP's policies. While our intention is to provide a place to discuss and solve problems, we can't guarantee that all information here is correct. However, many of our forum members are pretty good at separating good advice from bad, so be an intelligent consumer and educate yourself as you read and post. Do not post information that is intentionally misleading or outright wrong, harmful or illegal.

    Do not think that having any Charter employee presence here gives any sway on how this forum or site is run: all we promise the Charter Techs is a "level playing field". BBR is customer oriented and membership driven - we won't edit or remove factual and responsibly stated negative comments regarding Charter service (however, we will take a dim view here, as we do in other forums, of provider bashing or praise just for the sake of bashing or praising them).

    From time to time these reps may need to get more "personal" information such as IP or MAC addresses from you to assist with your specific problem. Do not post such information openly in the forum - provide it directly to the Tech via Instant Message (or email if address if available) and understand that you provide this information at your own risk.

  • Do not post phone numbers or names of individuals that can't be found on Google.

  • Post an answer, not a link to another site. Unless an unusually difficult or long explanation is entailed which is readily available elsewhere, please just post an answer instead of a link to any other site. And in those few cases of unusually difficult or long explanations, a direct link to the explanation on another site as opposed to a general link to the other site itself is encouraged.