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Welcome to the DSLreports Bright House Networks Forum. A place to ask questions, get help, or generally discuss Bright House Networks High Speed Cable Internet, Television and Phone Service - service offerings, outages, customer service related

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Forum specific rules:
Welcome to the Bright House Networks Forum!

In order to give you the best help possible, please include your location in the "Catchy Title", if you are looking for help.

Bright House service varies greatly in different parts of the country, so posting where you're from will help keep the thread "on-topic" with relevant experience from your part of the country.

BHN Forum Guidelines For Getting Assistance:

Note: BHN has an onsite Direct Forum for its members.
*ONLY BHN verified employees will see any information you post there

•You can register for free to have the ability to post in the aforementioned private area

•You may also call your local BHN office. Click Here for a link by your location.


For general discussion please start a thread in our Bright House Networks main forum. All inquiries, issues, member to member support starts here

•Be mindful that this is a public website, and do not post private information.
*IP addresses, phone numbers, or other such info will be obscured by moderators

•Note we have many helpful members here at DSLReports.com.
They are knowledgeable and ready to assist on a subscriber to subscriber level. It's your forum! We want all to feel comfortable posting here.
Threads in the main forum are moderated.

Feel free to choose whichever option you'll be most comfortable with

If you wish to call something to our attention, please utilize the Hey Mods button found under the post in question.
We will review as soon as possible

The member helpers, much like the moderators on this site, are unpaid. Even though they don't make money from it, they do it to be helpful, and for their own enjoyment.
A polite request goes a long, long way.