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This forum is restricted ..
Message from the forum hostsThis forum is for discussing Canadian politics. Please apply for entry after you have spent a reasonable amount of time reading and posting elsewhere on the site! Be sure to include why you would like to participate in this forum. Submitting this application means that you agree to follow the rules of the forum.

The rules are fairly straight forward here.

Discussion is of Canadian topics of a political nature, as well as hot topic current events. Religion, abortion, gay rights etc are examples of topics that may fall under the umbrella of either political or hot topic current events.

This forum is private, you had to apply to get in here and the permission to be here can be just as easily revoked as it was given. The same system will be applied to all users in this forum when it comes to discipline and if you find yourself removed from the forum, you've essentially forfeited your right to discuss politics in the Canadian forums period.

Obviously the normal rules apply about flaming and trolling, as does the TOS for the site.

To join:
Step 1. Choose a username name and login to dslreports.com
Step 2. Return to, or reload, this page.