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Forum specific rules:

Welcome to the Cable and Satellite TV Forum

What are the posting Rules of the Cable & Satellite TV Forum?
    •This is a moderated forum.
    •Moderator decisions are final and are NOT open for discussion.
    • Keep all related questions/problems in one thread.
    •Do not post your questions regarding your problems in someone elses thread. Start a new one instead.
    •Provide as much detail as you can when posting.
    •If you directly link an image, limit the width to 450 pixels and in JPEG or GIF format to avoid "page stretch".
    •Do not comment on or correct the spelling, grammar, punctuation or use of the English language in other members' posts.
    •Absolutely no flaming! •Do not respond to flames.
    •Do not respond to Trolls.
    •Report flamers & trolls to the forum host or to a moderator online using the Hey Mods link at the bottom of the post.
    •This forum may not be used for free advertising, sales or spam of any kind. If you are in the Cable TV or Satellite TV business, your comments and help are welcome, your self-promotion is not.
    •Please review DSLR rules explained in several locations such as Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Posting Rules.
    •If you are posting a complaint about your provider's service, explain the details of the problem(s). However, if your post is perceived to be nothing more than a rant, it will most likly be moved to a more appropriate forum.
    •Requests for, information about, offering of hacked decoder boxes or any other forms of stealing cable or satellite service will not be tolerated. Violators may be banned from further posting.
    •Post an answer, not a link to another site. Unless an unusually difficult or long explanation is entailed which is readily available elsewhere, please just post an answer instead of a link to any other site. And in those few cases of unusually difficult or long explanations, a direct link to the explanation on another site as opposed to a general link to the other site itself is encouraged.

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