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Cable One-Boise

We have had Cable One for a little over a month. I must say it seems much better than the local Qwest DSL service I had last year and a heck of a lot better than the dialup in these areas.

I have the 400/640 plan for $34.95 a month, which from all the MP3's I've downloaded already pays for its self, not to mention the faster download times and surfing speeds.

I do wish it was a little lower though, but other than the price I can't really complain.

Setup was a breeze, just plug it in and add the software. We were up and running in a few moments at really fast speeds.

Dj Paul On The 1's And 2's, Haha
Globe, AZ

Come on all you CableOne junkies!

I know there are a lot of CableOne fans out there, and we should really try to use this forum to help us persuade the people that don't understand the value of broadband in rural areas ... well ... understand it more.

Come on out of the woodwork guys.

Saint Louis, MO

Re: Come on all you CableOne junkies!

Hey, I have cableone as my isp and they are great. the day i walked into the office to turn on my service, i had it turned on that afternoon. Might not happen to those in bigger cities, but here in the little towns they respect you as a person. Service is great and is reliable compared to dsl. I have to say that dsl is the worst when it comes to isp service. with cable i had no software to load and to hook up the modem it took about 15 secs and then bam, blazing. with dsl it can take weeks to get the service on and then if it requires you might have softwareto load and that crap never sounds like it works. look at the other forums in this web site, and that is never a good thing. look at aol. all that crap and all you really need is a service piped to your house and that is it. cable is great.

Boise, ID

WoW, Cableone forum is all but dead....

WoW, Cableone forum is all but dead....

Dj Paul On The 1's And 2's, Haha
Globe, AZ

Re: WoW, Cableone forum is all but dead....

haha, youre tellin me ...

Boise, ID

Re: WoW, Cableone forum is all but dead....

Well, in the meantime, I'll fill it with my posts while i await my July 1st install date... Ya know, I know its not only me, but whats with the crappy upload of 200k? Thats one thing I've hated about them since I started their service a year or so ago..

But I cant complain too much.. I moved, and Ive been stuck on dialup since, so compared to that, 200k is heaven..

Dj Paul On The 1's And 2's, Haha
Globe, AZ

Re: WoW, Cableone forum is all but dead....

400K upload here, but I am on a commercial account to run servers.

Boise, ID

Re: WoW, Cableone forum is all but dead....

But even 400k upload to run a server isnt that hot.. Its great for a personal site or a business site thats not going to get a lot of traffic, but if you start getting some serious hits, its gonna slow way down...

Ah well... 1 more day... already got my router plugged back in and its still configured from when i lost my cable 3 months ago, so Im ready to roll.....

Phoenix, AZ
the service must work for everyone that has cable one and no one needs to complain?



Re: WoW, Cableone forum is all but dead....

No complaints here. Speeds are usually what's advertised and with all of the cogs in the network it's understandable that any ISP will be occasionally higher or lower than advertised. Maybe I'm just being strange but if a speed is advertised and it's slower people come out of the woodwork. However, if it's faster nobody complains. I'd think that our society would be a little less selfish and more understanding. If you went to the store and the clerk shorts you then you complain. If he gives you a little discount... or gives you too much back, then you are happy and most people don't say anything. I don't know... just after following these posts for a couple of hours figured I'd throw in my two cents.... But then nobody would complain.... I guess I'll take two cents ....
By the way.... in the time it takes most complainers to read all of these posts... the guy with dial up down the street just downloaded that file that took SO long. For all of the shiny happy people.....you have a wonderful night and blessed tomorrow day... I believe I will be retiring for the night...Remember.. We all live in glass houses....It isn't healthy to throw stones at those who try to help you... Whether you know it all, or they know it all, somebody gets hurt. Sound like a cliche? Here's another one that I like... "Treat everyone like they were your Grandmother..." Well, this all isn't so much directed at the forum as it is to the complaints section... Everyone can complain about anything... If anything is such a problem... why aren't the complainers fixing it and being a little more productive with their time....I'm all for discussions, but let's offer solutions rather than complaints... Buenos Noches Mateo...
The Blood Is The Life


sick of cable one's pricing!!!

ive friggin had it,, i dont know about else where in the usa but here in iowa they charge 65$ with modem for 1meg down 200 up now im moving 5 hours away and the cable company there offers digital cable tv,, 1 premium package and 1500down 128up cable for friggin 49.99

cableone here wants 80 bucks/mth for a similar package and only 1meg cable.

i think its about time cable one start using industry standard pricing,, this is such fvcking bullshit,, not to mention my lines here are always fvcking up

a petition is needed,, mass emailing to all cable one customers showing national price comparisons to force them to lower their prices or raise their speed.

Boise, ID

Re: sick of cable one's pricing!!!

i agree, now i pay 10 bucks less than you here in Idaho, but I also have the basic cable through them. Which is probably the same there. I am moving next month and hope my line problems (off and on every few hours) will be solved. For some reason Cableone does not like to update the lines in this area. I live in a very very old house and they have told me all three times they have been out to my house that the lines needed to be updated to my house. Not my house lines, but the ones on the pole coming to my house. They have not updated them nor have they scheduled to do so. I believe they are lazy and know that if you want cable they are the only choice. I don't want DSL and am thinking about saving my 55 bucks a month and buying smack instead. The high I would get would be more enjoyable then the service has been.



Re: sick of cable one's pricing!!!

It is called monopoly. Some think it is a game, I think it is bullshit. Don't get me wrong. I love getting fast d/l speeds. I ordered the 1meg line for $60/mo (w/o cable TV)... and they are delivering what they say they will. BUT here is my question -- what would i be paying if there were even ONE other cable internet provider? In the part of town I live, cableOne is the ONLY provider... which made my decision to use cableOne rather easy... however, the point still remains, I'd love to not be spending as much on something that would be comparatively cheaper in a different area/provider. One congressman said he views a high-speed internet connection like a condiment at a restraunt -- free... even if you don't buy anything else. We'll see where that one goes.

I guess I don't really have a point. I'm thankful for what I have... but as only a true american would confess, I just want more product for less money so i can be more lazy and not work as hard for my news, music, and eCrack.

Nowata, OK

Re: sick of cable one's pricing!!!

I just called to cancel my cableone for 39.95 because I just signed up for sbcyahoo dsl for $27. She asked me why and I told her I would save $13/month, she agreed. But my dsl is not up to par yet, about half what I was getting on cableone, their service was good for me in OK but expensive.

Still need a good alternative for cableone tv-they are expensive too ($45 for basic), dish is too expensive when you add locals & extra rooms.

Le Roy
Ocean Springs, MS
·Time Warner Cable

CableOne VS BellSouth?

Which would you choose?

My friend has CableOne, only becuase it is offered as a package deal from his roommate.

We did speed tests to see who was faster, and I am all around faster then his, but something about getting cable just, I don't know. Is it worth it? BellSouth is even cheaper..
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Cableone is one of the worst

choppy on time, slow speeds, high prices. How can you be satisified unless you are ignorant to what you could have.

AT&T used to be here in idaho and I used to get on average anywhere from 300-400 KILBYTES a second for 20 dollars cheaper. For 60 a month I get 70 so lame.


Surprise, AZ

Re: Cableone is one of the worst

You are getting 70kbps down??? Have you called tech support?



From an insider

Heya everyone here on DSL reports! It’s good to finally be talking to everyone here on a more casual basis then what I’m used to. I have actually worked for CableOne – I’ve seen their service plans, their pricing and their problems.

I agree with a lot of people who say the pricing is a bit steep but keep in mind the areas CableOne services. Most of these areas are in the middle of nowhere, hours away from anything resembling a city. Most ISP’s don’t bother to lay lines or provide service for these types of locations; they all deal with the 1 million + populated cities. Cable One has actually found their niche in providing service to these rural areas though.

Ironically, providing service in areas like Fargo, Texarkana, Show Low, etc. isn’t cheap. In more densely populated areas they can lay a few miles of cable and be able to cover about 100 people. In the majority of areas CableOne serves though, if they only lay a few miles of cable they would only be able to cover about 2 people! Imagine how much 2 people would have to pay to cover those costs!!

CableOne also has some of the best support I’ve seen in any ISP. Try calling up COX or AT&T and seeing if you get people in those companies that are willing to sit on the phone with you for hours on end and try to resolve your problems. CableOne also isn’t huge like other ISP’s are, so if there is a problem in your area you can be sure they know about it and will fix it as soon as they can.

One thing I find comforting about CableOne’s service is that the people who fix the local CableOne problems live in the same small communities that the people who call about the problems are from. Unlike large cities where you call about a problem and some random guy you’ve never seen before and will never see again comes by and does a half-assed job fixing the problem, if you get a CableOne service call there’s a god chance Bob from up the street will drive up in a CableOne truck and have a look around at the wiring. Trust me when a person in a customer service position has to come into contact with the customers outside of the job, they try even harder to please them on the job!

Chandler, AZ

Comcast rocks CableOne

I had Comcast cable when I lived in Albuquerque and it was great. Always got 2000k/sec speed and the service was very seldom down. I moved 15 miles to the north west to Rio Rancho and learned the hard way about the agony that is CableOne. Speed is slow for the price and the uptime would make even Microsoft ashamed. The service is down a minimum of one day a week. They offered internet service very late in the market (Q4 2003) and only did so because the city would pull their digital cable contract if they didn't. It is pretty sad when Comcast can make you look so bad. All I got to say is this company exists solely to screw people in the suburbs. No metro area would put up with their shoddy internet service.

Delaware, OH

Re: Comcast rocks CableOne

Location plays a big part in that apparently. In the market I'm in, I've had one outage that lasted over an hour. They have been a very solid ISP for me. In fact they are up more than the business dsl provider we use at work

Oh well. Milage varies, I suppose.

Wesley Chapel, FL

CableOne's Newgroup Servers

For the past month or so I've been having problems connecting to CableOne's newsgroup server. In this case, it appears they outsource it to SuperNews. I get the following connection error using Outlook Express to connect to the news server. It happens during prime time every night. I emailed tech support and received a canned response.

502 too many connections from realm CableOne (

Account: CableOne
Server: news.cableone.net
Protocol: NNTP
Port: 119
Secure(SSL): 0
Error Number: 502
Code: 800ccca0

A trace route to the news server responds back with

tracert news.cableone.net

Tracing route to corp.supernews.net []

Anyone else out there having this problem???

Thanks from
Sioux City, Iowa

Rio Rancho, NM

Re: CableOne's Newgroup Servers

Same problem here in Rio Rancho, NM on CableOne's network. I connected a few weeks ago just fine, I can't remember exactly when though. If it keeps up, I'll give tech support a call and see what they say.

Delaware, OH

Re: CableOne's Newgroup Servers

I don't generally have a problem connecting as long as I keep my total number of simultaneous connections to 2. If you go above that, it starts complaining.

Also be sure you don't have any orphaned processes keeping a connection open (like a crashed program that isn't fully unloaded from memory.)

Phoenix, AZ
As part of our efforts to continue to offer the highest quality Internet services, Cable One is in the process of evaluating a second Usenet provider.

The provider is Giganews.

We'd like to invite you to test this new service and let us know what you think. Please review at your convenience and provide us with feedback. You have been selected to test the solution because of your interest in our current Usenet service.

Giganews would offer unlimited download volumes at 512Kbps per connection. We are simply trying to determine if this service provides what you, the customer require in a news connection.

To access the new service please use the following address:


Please note that this service will not work unless you are connected to the Internet through your Cable One cable modem.

Once you have reviewed the service please respond with your thoughts to news@cableone.net. This test site will be operational from now until December 31, 2003

Thank you for your help in evaluating this new Usenet solution.

CableONE.Net Internet Engineering


Grenada, MS

Ping spikes

God this is pissing me off. Cableone has been pretty good up untill a few days ago when the server crashed. Now I get bad lag spikes in my online games and the download speeds have been really crappy. I called tech support and they know about the problem and are working on it but god how long does it take to figure out what some one did wrong.

Payette, ID

Re: Ping spikes

its happening here in idaho too, ever since that happend my download speeds have lowered to around 80kbyte average they used to be a constant 125kbyte on every test. i called and they told me unless the speed drops way down they arent doing jack im pretty pissed


Ponca City, OK

Anyone else gettin jacked around lately?

Sittin here, I've been having major problems with speed.

I'm paying for the 1.5 download, i believe its 128 up.

Speedtests show I'm hittin the download fine, but by gawd...my upload is blowin big time! I'm lucky to get 25-30..

Wondered if anyone else is having the problem.

I'm running WinXP, 2.6 Dell Dimension 2400 Series PC. 256MB Ram.

Also, I've tried for several days running the tweak test on DSLR, but keep getting errors, so I'm not sure if there is anything I can tweak to get that upload speed higher. As a webmaster, updating my website daily is getting to be an hour long process with these crappy-like speeds.


Albuquerque, NM

Bad service, slow speed, below industry standards

I have had CableOne service for about a year now, and I have been very dissatisfied with the service. I had CNSP DSL service when living in Albuquerque, and I must say -- There is no comparison.

My CNSP DSL service went down one time in two years. This was due to a hardware failure on Qwest's part. Cableone has gotten better, as they were going down a minimum of one day per week, and now it's about one day per month. Upon contacting customer support, I find there is no 24 hour support. If and when you do contact a customer representative, you are informed that there is a problem on the provider's side.

When ordering CableOne service, I was assured I would be permitted to run servers on my current plan (Residential 1500/200 plan). I have discovered this is not true, and the SMTP port has been completely blocked from sending data.

Shoddy service, shoddy provider. This company is by far the worst broadband provider I have ever seen, or dealt with. I am now looking into SDSL service to replace the horrible cable service CableOne has overcharged me for.



Re: Bad service, slow speed, below industry standards

I'll "stick up" somewhat for CableOne here. Have had them since last summer and so far they've offered good service for the money. I'm getting a fairly consistent 1100/200. Service was down a few hours now and then last summer, but during the fall and winter I haven't noticed any downtime. For $40 a month thanks to their digital cable bundle discount and no contract required... I'm pretty satisfied.



I'm pretty happy too

I'll stick up for them as well - I've just had CableOne for about 4 months, but I get a reliable 1100/200 service too.

True, the price probably could be a little better, but much of the reason I went to cable in the first place was so I could finally 'cut the cord' with one of the most pitiful American institutions still standing (though just barely)

AT&T and any of it's subsidiaries (Bell Soth in my (former) case) could care less what any of it's customers need or want - They just have their heads stuck in the sand, while technology passes them by - $ 7.50 per month for Caller ID . . . . Yeah, right.

So, now that the phone is gone, we have an extra $40 per month to split between cable service and extra cel phone minutes, and CableOne made it all possible so I say my thanks to them every day!!

Pardon my celebration, but I'm VERY happy


i have a screen shot of Leopard

Fargo, ND

Re: I'm pretty happy too

this guy is a lair!!!! lol he dumb i like cableone:p



CableOne any good?

I live in Rio Rancho NM , they have CableOne Internet service here. The next town over , in Albuquerque, they have Comcast Cable and Internet. Having lived in Albuquerque , and being familiar with Comcast , I wanted to keep that service , but its not available here. What I wanted to know is how good or bad is CableOne , is the service ok , etc?

thanks for any info


Ben Jammin


Did CableOne upgrade their service?

I was downloading at 350 KB/sec yesterday, now I'm back at 130 KB/sec today (April 2nd). My friends are downloading still at 350 KB/sec.

Has anyone else noticed this?




In Idaho Falls? Try microserv instead! 100% better

Hi. We just switched to microserv wireless after being with cable one for only 5 months. The connection was just horrible and our speeds were worse. It was like 1/2 of a 56k connection sometimes. And 2000+ ping times to yahoo!

I highly recommend microserv wireless! T1 speeds for $50/mo and the upstream is just SO awesome!

I HATE cable one!


Branson, MO

Re: In Idaho Falls? Try microserv instead! 100% better

Had Microserv for a bit, the wireless sucked. Every time the wind blows, your out of service. Not once saw the speeds I was supposedly suposed to be getting in the first place. Have NEVER seen a connection of 28k the time I have been connected with Cableone, nor ping times even close to that high. I stick with Cableone now that the speeds have been increased to 3000k down.

I hate Microserv

Joplin, MO

The upgrade has arrived!

I think it's finally arrived in Joplin, MO. It rocks! Was getting 900 down a week ago. Been getting 3000 down all afternoon. Sure hope it's a permanent thing and not some testing that will be gone by tomorrow.


Branson, MO

Re: The upgrade has arrived!

Good, I'm glad to hear it!There have not been hardly any problems at all in any other system so your speeds should be set! Now what are you going to do with 3megs

Crestview, FL

Cableone Mail Server

Has mail been down for anyone else on Cableone today, the 19th April?

poop pee


Re: Cableone Mail Server

yes me too:(

Meridian, ID

Cableone users in Boise Idaho! Quick Question!

There seems to be alot of cableone Boise, ID users in this forum, so that I'd ask this of all of you. I just moved here to Meridian, ID from california. Had cable for years down there and DSL, so I have experience in both areas on the good and the bad from both. The last week or so that I've had cableone cable, for the most part its been outstanding in all areas, speed, reliability, uptime, etc...
The only thing is though, I play multiplayer games online. And ping's to all servers are very high in general. Higher than they should be. I've done tracert's and used Visual Route to find the source of the problem. And it appears to me that it's AT and T. My pings to my first hop are around the 5-15 range. Which is excellent of course. But then once it leaves the cableone network, it immediately goes up from that 5-15 range and hits anywhere between 45-70 or so at the very next hop outside of cableone's network. From then on it stays in that range, increasing ever so slightly till it hits its destination. As a result of this my pings are much higher than they should be, which of course really really sucks. Just wanting to hear anyone else's thought's on all this. Maybe this is a temporary issue. Or has it always been this way...? Many thanks in advance!


Lynnwood, WA

Why does my ping to every server suck?

Hi there. I live in Ontario Oregon and I have the 3000k/300k package. Its great for downloading and general surfing, but whenver I go to any game servers my ping goes to hell. Actually, I ping it from DOS and I average over 90 to most US servers. Anyone help or explanation? Thanks


Moorhead, MN

New Speed Caps on Specific Apps?

Since the recent upgrade, I've noticed p2p programs running at 10kB/s, while ftp and http run at 200kB. Changing the ports used has no effect. Has anyone else noticed this?

Idaho Falls, ID

Re: New Speed Caps on Specific Apps?

While your using a P2P program, your downloading off of your peers, not always will you achieve your full speed. It might just be a setting within your p2p program if ALL of the transfers you have done have not gone over 10 KB/s. With an ftp, your almost ALWAYS guarenteed your full maximum speed, because if your downloading off of a site, they are prepared with fast pipes, such as 10 mbit, 100 mbit, and 1000mbit pipes. My guess is that it might just be the peers your downloading from if you haven't changed any settings.
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