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Owosso, MI

VelocityTel has it gone bankrupt? Or hacked to death?

I received this message a week ago and have had no service or can not contact the company in over a week!

Anyone else having any problems?
email I received:

Attention Valued Customer,

Outage Update:
As you may already know, we are experiencing technical difficulties. We apologize for
any inconvenience this may be causing you. Currently, we have our entire team working
around the clock to correct this problem. We are taking all appropriate actions to ensure
this never happens again. Although we do not currently have an ETA for the resolution to
this issue, we hope to have everything back up and running this week.

If you have experienced large down times, please contact our Support Team once
everything is back in working order and compensation will be made accordingly.

We greatly appreciate your patience in this matter.

Thank you,

Support Team

I tried replying to both emails addresses and am getting them returned undeliverable.



Re: VelocityTel has it gone bankrupt? Or hacked to death?

The last I can identify that our phone service with VelocityTel worked was 9/21. I haven't been able to launch any of their URLs (VelocityTel, Telemedium and/or Velocity West) or reach anyone by telephone. We used their service for our business and have confirmation of lost new business due to no phone access. I am in the process of porting our phone number to a new carrier in as expedited a manner a possible.


we are in the same boat, were told by new provider 4-6 weeks to port number


We have been going thru the same issue. A week ago, signed up with PhonePower via their website. Today the number porting is complete.....back in business. It was a very smooth transition. So far so good. Good bye VelocityTel

Owosso, MI
What gets me is I just paid my bill a few days before the outage. I even tried to contact a partnering company from 2005 if they knew anything and never got a response. Seems very odd they claim to be hacked and yet being a tel-co there is no news story or any information on this whatsoever. Where does one set a complaint too. Texas Atty General or the one in my state (Michigan)?

Owosso, MI
I have absolutely zero communication with them now via phone or email. Not even any news about it on the Net either... If anyone knows how to contact them please let me know!

Anyone have a better Telco solution?


We used to be a Telemedium/Velocitytel customer and have sinced moved over to Cytracom. They were able to port all of our numbers over quickly.


Owosso, MI

Re: VelocityTel has it gone bankrupt? Or hacked to death?

I'm looking for home service www.cytracom.com looks to be for Business.