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Bamafan 1965


local hd channels - QAM on ctvea (cable tv of east alabama)

Before December 10, 2007 my HD local channels from ctvea were recordable on my digital tuner equipped HTPC. After December 10, they are no longer picked up by a channel scan. I have been working with Kevin (ctvea engineer) and he has been very helpful. However, I truly wonder if this is an intentional action by Mr. Greene to rent more $10 DVR boxes. It is very much against the law to encyrpt the local channels to prevent recording of channels that are sent in the clear. Right now I am evaluating the options, but I would like to hear if any one else is having a problem. The channels are:

106.1 nbc-wltz
106.2 cbs-wrbl
107.1 abc-wtvm
107.2 fox-wxtx

A note here is you do not have to get a ctvea Motorola box to get the HD channels from the local networks. The 'Must Carry' laws require they be carried in digital format as well. ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, and Discovery HD are premier programming and require a montly fee, but the locals are available to you in high def with the standard cable package. That is 95% of what I watch! I would love to hear from anyone who is also using their computer to record HD in east alabama that may be having the same issue.

Ellerslie, GA

Worst Provider I've Ever Used

I've used many different providers in many different states, and this one is by far the worst. Not only are they the only provider in the area, but their owner has ties to the local government making it near impossible for competition to move in. Every time there has been a request for a another provider to move into the area the local gov denied it. Their plant is really old, with really old equipment running on it.

The hardline in the majority of the area is 500 mc squared, which was great 30 years ago. I had over 5 techs out to troubleshoot my digital tiling and crap internet speeds with no improvement. HD tiled pretty often, especially during football games. My internet was great when I woke up, but I work for a living so I never was able to use it when it was working. 5pm til I woke up the speeds sucked, as did the ping times. Oh, and they never could get VOD to work.

I pay less for 5 times the channels with satellite, and a few premiums, than I did with the basic HD channels with a dvr with CTVEA. Same with the internet. I went with Bellsouth's DSL 6.0 Extreme for over $10 cheaper than I was paying for 3meg down with CTVEA.

I guess you can't expect much from a city formerly known as Sin City, but it's sad to see such a crooked deal like CTVEA and the local gov have. CTVEA screws their customers over knowing that their customers can't do anything about it other than satellite and telco services. I would much rather have Charter, Knology, or Mediacom if any of them were to move across the river and put this crooked company out of business. They should change their name to Crooked TV of East Alabama.

If anyone is debating on which service to use in Phenix City, I would definitely go with satellite and AT&T.

Salem, AL

CTVEA - Internet Bandwidth Limits

I have never in my life heard of a cable or DSL company limiting customers bandwidth usage. Leave it to Crooked TV of East Alabama. We now have a monthly bandwidth usage limit. You got to love this bunch. They will screw anybody to make a buck.

Crooked TV of East Alabama has now imposed a 100mb excessive bandwidth policy so they can screw customers out of even more money. If customers go over this amount they can force you to upgrade or terminate you account. Nice.

Read about it here. »www.ctvea.net/news.htm Let me post the text just in case they have back lash and decide to take the post down.

and here it is... amazing what no competition will get ya.

Customer Service Update
Excessive bandwidth is usage beyond a reasonable level of subscribed service. Residential service usage will not exceed 100GB of bandwidth per month for Customers subscribing to Services of 6 Mbps or less per month.

CTVEA reserves the right to revise usage limits or implement additional usage limits.

In the event residential usage exceeds the above-described limits Customer will be notified and required to either limit Customer's bandwidth consumption to permitted levels/limits or subscribe to a Service with a higher monthly bandwidth limit if a higher limit subscription is available.

In the event Customer does not limit bandwidth consumption to permitted levels/limits after notice of the same, CTVEA may determine through the network infrastructure for internet access or other functions using public network resources, during any period of time,

CTVEA may thereafter:

1.adjust, suspend or terminate Customer's account or Service at time and without notice; or

2.require Customer to upgrade Customer's service level and pay additional fees in accordance with CTVEA's current applicable rates for such Service;

3.cap Customer's usage or limit aggregate bandwidth available to Customer;

4.implement prioritization of traffic;

5.implement protocol filtering; or

6.use any technology to be chosen by CTVEA at its sole discretion including, but not limited to, packet-reset and/or other packet management technology to slow Service to Customer for purposes of conserving bandwidth.

Salem, AL

Crooked TV of East Alabama

Well, Mr. Greene is at it again. In case you didn't know why your bill went up a few months ago with no explination. (It was a few dollars and some may not have even noticed) If you subscribe to Cable TV of East Alabama you are now also a subsciber to the Phenix Citizen like it or not. CTVEA and the Phenix Citizen are owned by the same people and if you misteriously started receiving newspapers in the mail form the Phenix Citizen now you know why.

The newpaper was apparently doing poorly so they decided, without notification, to subscribe all their cable customers to their newspaper. This is a whole new level of crooked.

Don't you love how the lack of competition allows people like this to stay in business?



Tempe, AZ

All I hear is the wind blowing!?!?

No one here!

Stanhope, NJ

So terrible I say we protest

I'm kind of scared.

I haven't ordered yet but I have done extensive research and this is it for broadband at my house. I'm out of range of Opelika's DSL-enabled CO.

I called today and they said that not only do I need to subscribe to their 72-channel television service in order to get internet service, but I also have to own a television.

I haven't owned a television in 8 years.

$69.99 for 6 mbps service. Terrible.

It seems I am plagued by craptastic internet service providers everywhere I go.

I've already filed a complaint through the FCC. Perhaps the FCC is over the heads of the government officials that Mr. Greene has ties with. I urge others to do this as well. What they are doing is extortion and downright illegal. The power of peaceful protest aimed in the right direction can work wonders. This worked for me when I lived in NJ with a similar situation.

Phenix City, AL

Anybody here?

Just moved too phenix city a month or so ago. And I figures since we're 2014 that there would not be a problem at all with getting getting high speed internet but now that I'm here as see this whole corruption fiasco going on with CTVEA I can't help but to wish I'd have moved to columbus instead.
So I was just wondering if there was any one out there that had any info on the situation as of late.