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DSLReports has posting rules enforced site-wide.

Forum specific rules:
A few "guidelines" are in order:
  • 01 Include a description with each link that you post...We want to know what we are getting ourselves into!
  • 02 Let's keep the utterly graphic to a minimum...(hint) Road kill is not acceptable...
  • 03 Porn links are not allowed (really... we mean it!)
  • 04 Be kind to your fellow users -- not everyone is as wise as you are!
  • 05 Politics -- leave them at the door ... unless of course you have a sense of humor...that clip of senator slipping on a banana peel is hysterical
  • 06 Reposting -- hey ...sometimes it happens... not the end of the world ... take a deep breath ... move along..
  • 07 ANONYMOUS POSTING - really not necessary in here ... unless you are a Secret Agent and you are changing the world with the news you have been keeping to your self - all Anon Posts are subject to instant removal no questions asked - so if you feel you must post anonymously please make sure it is something you would post even if you were wearing your nametag!