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To provide a vehicle for sharing Cisco related information, questions, and suggestions in a positive atmosphere.

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DSLReports has posting rules enforced site-wide.

Forum specific rules:
As stated in this FAQ, the purpose of this Forum is "To provide a vehicle for sharing Cisco related information, questions, and suggestions in a positive atmosphere." Below are guidelines and rules to help us accomplish that objective.

Feel free to posts new threads with suggestions for additions to the Forum Guidelines and Rules or IM the current forum moderator, if you prefer.

    •When requesting assistance with your configuration please post your config file or the portion of it that is in question. Please change all IP addresses in your config before posting so that they are not identifiable, yet still can be identified as being part of a specific subnet or segment for troubleshooting assistance.

    •When requesting assistance with a specific piece of equipment, please include the name of the equipment in the post Catchy title: i.e. [H/W] Cisco uBR924 modem/router cable signal level.

    •Please do not offer, request, solicit or in any shape or form try to obtain a IOS image as to transfer, assign or sub license Cisco license rights to any other person, or use the Software on unauthorized or secondhand Cisco equipment, and any such attempted transfer, assignment or sub license shall be void and be an infringement of any agreement with Cisco.

    The Cisco customer who consents to the terms and conditions as covered by the (1) written agreement, (2) the click-on agreement, and (3) the Software License and downloads a IOS image for a purpose outside that agreement will void that aforementioned agreement.

    Requesting or offering IOS or any Cisco licensed software via posts is contrary to this websites and Cisco's terms & conditions, hence any will be deleted and further action is at the discretion of the moderators. If you see evidence of this activity taking place, please use the "hey mods" feature described here to let us know.

    •Post an answer, not a link to another site. Unless an unusually difficult or long explanation is entailed which is readily available elsewhere, please just post an answer instead of a link to any other site. And in those few cases of unusually difficult or long explanations, a direct link to the explanation on another site as opposed to a general link to the other site itself is encouraged.

    •When quoting, please edit quote to the pertinent parts.