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We're Folding@Home! Searching for cures, one protein at a time!
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We are Team 4 and we are Folding@Home! Our BOINC Rosetta@Home is Team 21!
PLEASE DON'T FEED THE CLOWN OR THE TROLL CAT! there are no such things as troll cats! ~chaos <-- Is too and there are his paw prints!

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· Scientists tease out genes that signal risk of heart failure [16th Jan 03:00PM]
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topic TH F@H Milestones: 25 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats4/18rfhar : 25th Jan 09:37PM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 24 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats4/29jopfef : 25th Jan 06:20AM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 23 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats3/28jopfef : 23rd Jan 07:49PM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 22 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats4/42jopfef : 23rd Jan 02:20AM
topic TH R@H Milestones: 21 January 2015attachments by ScilicetCongrats5/34suprleg : 22nd Jan 09:57AM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 21 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats4/36jopfef : 22nd Jan 09:21AM
topic TH R@H Milestones: 20 January 2015attachments by ScilicetCongrats5/30onDvine : 21st Jan 12:50PM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 20 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats4/39rfhar : 20th Jan 09:00PM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 19 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats4/36jopfef : 20th Jan 04:55AM
topic TH R@H Milestones: 19 January 2015attachments by ScilicetCongrats5/35jopfef : 20th Jan 04:53AM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 18 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats4/39jopfef : 19th Jan 01:34AM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 17 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats4/38jopfef : 18th Jan 08:00AM
topic TH R@H Milestones: 17 January 2015attachments by ScilicetCongrats5/42jopfef : 18th Jan 07:55AM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 16 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats4/45rfhar : 17th Jan 05:25AM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 15 Jan 2015 [Early Edition]attachments by suprlegCongrats4/46jopfef : 16th Jan 01:35AM
topic TH R@H Milestones: 15 January 2015attachments by ScilicetCongrats5/51jopfef : 16th Jan 01:33AM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 14 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats4/41jopfef : 15th Jan 07:43AM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 13 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats4/40jopfef : 13th Jan 11:19PM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 12 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats4/43jopfef : 12th Jan 10:11PM
topic TH R@H Milestones: 11 January 2015attachments by ScilicetCongrats4/43jopfef : 12th Jan 10:09PM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 11 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats6/53onDvine : 12th Jan 10:07PM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 10 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats4/37jopfef : 10th Jan 09:03PM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 09 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats4/38jopfef : 10th Jan 01:18AM
topic TH R@H Milestones: 08 January 2015attachments by ScilicetCongrats5/47onDvine : 9th Jan 02:15PM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 08 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats3/41jopfef : 9th Jan 03:31AM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 07 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats3/43jopfef : 8th Jan 03:43AM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 06 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats4/48jopfef : 8th Jan 03:39AM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 05 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats4/45rfhar : 6th Jan 05:37AM
topic TH F@H Milestones: 04 Jan 2015attachments by suprlegCongrats4/58rfhar : 5th Jan 05:34AM
topic TH R@H Milestones: 04 January 2015attachments by ScilicetCongrats5/44jopfef : 5th Jan 03:20AM
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