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For discussion of home improvement, either novice or expert, including tools, materials, construction methods, building, repair, and all that. Share experiences, tips, tricks, and lessons learned in the wonderful world of home ownership.

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When posting for advice, please understand that the information provided is not guaranteed in any way, shape or form by or it's members.

Make sure you read the FAQ: »Home Repair Forum FAQ

Please consider all of your options before pulling a Tim Allen and trying to clean out a drain clog with a V8 engine powered drain snake. Making sure you understand everything first is always recommended.

Last but not least...if you are posting anonymously it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you include a picture of the problem you need help with. If you choose not to include a picture your post it will be at the discretion of this sites moderators to lock it. Additionally there is now however an additional requirement for anonymous posts. The pictures are now required to be attached to the topic using the "preview/attach" button below. Please do not use any third party hosting sites like tinyurl, flickr, photobucket, etc.....your post will be automatically locked in that event.