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This forum is for technical discussions about Insight Broadband Internet, Cable TV and Digital Phone Services.

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Forum specific rules:
Welcome! The purpose of this forum is:

"To provide an open arena for Insight BB users to ask questions, troubleshoot technical problems, get assistance and discuss InsightBB related technical topics."

Below are additional guidelines help us accomplish that objective. Feel free to IM the forum host with suggestions for additions to the Forum Guidelines and Rules. Please utilize the "Hey Mods" link on the bottom of any post for anything requiring Mod attention.

    •As with every aspect of this site the Rules on Posting and Terms of Use both apply here. You can also gain some additional insight by looking at the Site FAQ

    •Please follow the above guidelines not only for your first post, but for all subsequent posts as well.

    •This is a technical support forum first & foremost. There are experts & members here ready and willing to troubleshoot your service problems and provide helpful advice. Let's keep it on-topic {related to Insight Broadband} and friendly.

    This is not the appropriate forum to discuss service from other providers

    •Include any troubleshooting steps that you've already initiated and the results.

    •No posting requests to purchase or items for sale. This site has a For Sale/Wanted Forum for that purpose.

    •If one of the answers provided resolves your issue, as a courtesy to others, please post and let us know. You might be helping someone else with a similar problem.

    •Continual rants are non productive, and are subject to removal from the forum. Non-technical posts..even praise, are also subject to relocation

    •Insight BB News submissions are appreciated and should be submitted via the:
    [Got News?] link at the top of the forum. Please refrain from posting news articles as new topics or posts within the forum.

    •Questions designed to get around your ToS/AUP will be locked, moved or summarily deleted.