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Comments on news posted 2009-07-23 18:30:25: It's not clear yet whether AT&T's recent missteps have Apple reconsidering their iPhone exclusivity arrangement, but judging from AT&T's earnings, there's no doubt AT&T would like to extend the deal, which expires next year. ..

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West Bloomfield, MI

I think iPhone has problems

Honestly now that I am reading all these comments about the network sucking and 95% of them say they have the iPhone, I don't know what to say... I have a Blackberry Bold and NEVER EVER have ISSUES with 3G, my whole family doesn't my cousins around here don't. I have people in California that have att, but not a iPhone and never complain. One of my cousins here in Detroit has a iPhone and he will drop calls once in a while and he complains about it, but I will be right next to him on a call, and nothing happens?

This is weird.
Roswell, GA

yep, reliability and that great "customer-centric" approach.

What is he smoking. The only thing worse than the reliability is their abominable attitude towards customers and potential customers. The day Verizon or T-Mobile has iPhone support is the day I cancel with AT&T, early termination fees and lost rollover minutes be d*mned.

Their "door to door" marketing of scr"U-Verse" in my neighborhood was so intrusive, obnoxious, and unending, I ended up having to get the police involved to stop their repeated "visits" in spite of my warnings not to come on my property. (I was nice, even mildly interested the first time, firm the second time, and from the third through the eighth times, I felt like was one step away from going postal). Good way to court the early adopter on the block who all the neighbors ask about tech stuff, AT&T !

As I type this I am taking a break from building out a PBX in a Flash machine, which will shortly eliminate my AT&T land line (also waiting for my home number to get ported). I have already replaced my backup dsl Internet connection with a wireless service, and have a cable modem for my primary.

So yes, AT&T, I live for the day when you are just a bad memory, and reliability, even if you had it, would not trump the abysmal way you treat your customers.

Kansas City, MO


I've never used AT&T or the GSM network so my experience is lack on it.. However I've always suspected given its lower range (20 miles to 30 miles CDMA I believe) and 3G complaints by Iphone users that it sucks pretty badly..(in fact wasn’t there a thread recently about Iphone users use public wifi 40% of the time) was there even 3G at all when it was launched 4 years ago.. I'm guessing not much at all..

I've always known the two powerful 3g networks were sprint and verizon.. cause that's all I remember reading about in 2003 etc.

Having used verizon I can say there mostly everywhere and there speed may be up.. but haven't been on there 3g in a few years.. having used sprint I can say there mostly everywhere.. though I do recall having trouble in Savannah, GA for example.. there 1xx with verizon is always good for some non-3g



ATT 3G Is a joke

ATT 3G coverage unless your in a major city, so in MO thats about 4 cities, is a joke, step a mile out of those cities and you are screwed, same way with Verizon, only worse. Here in MO, Sprint Rocks, good 3G coverage all over the state as long as you are a few miles from a major road.

Oh, ATT ping times are 400-500ms on 3G where Sprint is 130-150...

Now ATT does have pretty good edge coverage which is faster than dial up as long as you are along a major road.



We All Agree to Disagree Yet......

Our comments are futile. The US is a huge place. Everyone has an opinion on how they rate AT&T service in their area or past experience. We will never always agree on this.

What we can agree on is that it would be nice (for iPhone lovers out there) to be able to choose what provider works for them and use their coveted handset accordingly.

Let me buy my iPhone from the Apple store and sign up with the wireless service provider I choose. Apple doesn't force me to use Verizon FiOS or ATT DSL when I buy my Macbook Pro yet I'm forced to use a carrier that may or may not work well in my area just for the privilege of using iPhone.

Apple could, if they want to, create devices that use multiple radios. It's not hard to do. A lot of moronic analysts out there believe Apple would only sell out to Verizon because they have a big network yet every other manufacturer can create devices that work across multiple technology platforms. Yes there are areas where Sprint works well. Yes there are areas where T-Mobile works great. Let us decide.

The AT&T's and Verizon's of the world want us to believe that without exclusivity agreements we'll all be forced to paying hundreds more for handsets. That isn't necessarily the case. If Samsung, Motorola, LG, RIM or Apple want people to buy their products to the masses on the level they do today, they'll be forced to make them affordable to all in time.