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Comments on news posted 2009-09-04 17:56:11: AT&T's new self-proclaimed "blogger guy" Seth Bloom has been tasked with damage control in the face of AT&T's recent wireless network congestion PR problems. ..

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Class Action...

So when will a hungry attorney get involved in a class action lawsuit. All they need to do is contact anyone who has ever purchased an iPhone OR is currently an iPhone IMEI customer on the AT&T network. i'm sure they can get millions of dollars into the attorney's pockets and all the iPhone users can get like 2 free iTunes songs :P hehehe.

But seriously... Hit AT&T in the pocket book and they will straighten up.

Everyone should unlock+jailbreak their phones. (If you ever need to go back to the locked/unbroken state... just use itunes to restore your iphone and you are done! No one would ever know.

As for me... i just got the iPhone at the subsidy price, but never used it. I am planning on selling it unlocked and jailbroken on eBay. I've already blocked texting, MMS, Data, and international dialing on my phone (all it is now... is a basic voice phone). But guess what.... I can still drop my sim in an iphone if i like and use it without any worries or fees.

Now if only we can get a grass roots group to form their own dumb pipe ISP or a mobile data ISP and the big carrier's would have a problem (better then a lobbiest would be independant competition backed by the people here at DSLR)

Zion, IL

Please change rates!

I haven't had problems with AT&T. My wife is finishing her first year with the iPhone and I just got mine a month ago. I also have 2 razr phones on for my father and daughter.

I just wish they had better plans. All of my friends (I mean ALL) are on TMobile just chugging away. They don't want to pay the rates of AT&T.

I would love to see a family data plan that includes unlimited texting. I pay $30 for each iPhone on top of the $30 fee for unlimited texting. That's $90 for data alone. Also forgot to mention that I have AT&T Uverse at home which should bring in another discount. (I have no complaints whatsoever with this part of AT&T, however)