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Comments on news posted 2009-10-21 18:29:34: Sure, heavy wireless broadband users might call it pure madness, but there are some smartphone users out there who like to ditch the 3G data plan and simply use free Wi-Fi when it's available. To stop this utter insanity (well ok, to further bloat.. ..

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Aptos, CA

What do people want?

So, people buy 3g smart phones.
They don't get data plans
They scream when they get $200+ "casual data" bills
Phone Companies get bad press.

Fix: Flat rate data plans required for smart phones
No surprise $200 casual use bills.
Phone Companies get bad press.

Here's a crazy ass thought. Buy an iPod Touch if you don't want 3G data.

Seriously what do you want them to do? None of these converged devices make any sense at all as a dumb phone glued to a PDA with WIFI. If you want that, get a dumb phone and a PDA. It's a lot cheaper.
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