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Comments on news posted 2009-12-17 18:22:11: Sure, Verizon's been testing 100 Mbps FiOS connections in a handful of employee homes for several years now (see video). But Verizon executives have also admitted that for the moment -- the 100 Mbps mark is little more than marketing fluff. ..

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Router to support 200+Mbps...

Good luck Verizon trying to sell a router to a consumer that supports these type of speeds.

This is not a Linksys/D-Link/Netgear/Asus/Buffalo/Tendnet or consumer grade equipment that can push 200+Mbps of packets through it without choking.

Just curious as to what people are using right now on the Cable providers 100+Mbps links to drink this amount of bandwidth...?

Agent Smith

New York

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Re: Router to support 200+Mbps...

A gigabyte router. Cable internet sucks look at the problems they have during peak unlike FiOS.


Re: Router to support 200+Mbps...

I would say my Cable internet is excellent for speed / throughput / reliability (I have never seen a dip below my purchased speed).

The problem I have is the throttling... this is because some XBOX / PS3 / PC Games use P2P network-like traffic when you are chosen as the host for the game sessions (due to not having a centralize server architecture... like MW2).

This traffic going to TCP XBL Port 3074 is then throttled (random TCP Acks are dropped in the cloud), everyone else in the game gets "Connection Interrupted", or laggs horribly and disconnected from the game.

No idea how they are going to fix this, but it seems like they need a filter in their DPI Engine that can verify that this is XBL / Gaming P2P traffic and not Torrents / Filesharing.

I could see them losing a large portion of their "Premium Tier" users due to this because quite a few of them play games on either their PC, PS3, or XBOX 360.


Newtown, PA


Roll that sucker out!

- A


No, you can't have the Mango!

The way Verizon treats FiOS reminds me of Mango, the character from SNL.

Mango: Garth BrooksSaturday Night Live | MySpace Video