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Comments on news posted 2010-02-10 11:01:09: The network neutrality debate really started up in the States in 2005, with then AT&T CEO Ed Whitacre, envious of Google ad revenue, oddly declaring that Google should pay a surcharge to AT&T, well, just because. ..

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topicGoogle's Fears by ricep5-/11813th Feb 2010
topicAh, a free ISP by Z80A23/3005cameronsfx : 12th Feb 2010
topicGoogle Should Block by Gbcue6/731Diddy11 : 12th Feb 2010
topicLow-bandwidth content undervalued! by lowbandwidth-/14711th Feb 2010
topicEd's pipes now at Government Motors (GM) by raye-/11911th Feb 2010
topic... by cpsycho1/289dforan : 11th Feb 2010
topicDo they even listen to what they are saying? by k1ll3rdr4g0n-/10911th Feb 2010
topicstart by monk1/130Transmaster : 11th Feb 2010
topicGoogle Uses 21 Times More Bandwidth than it Pays For by FFH12/1533Kearnstd : 10th Feb 2010
topicHey, great! by elgooG-/11910th Feb 2010
topicAs Rahm Emanuel Says... by DrModem2/427ReformCRTC : 10th Feb 2010
topicNo Problem Big Telco, but here's what you need to do. by Noah Vail1/179Transmaster : 10th Feb 2010
topicUmmm by HotRodFoto-/11310th Feb 2010
topicTime for the ISP to become a dumb pipe by halfband1/220Skippy25 : 10th Feb 2010
topicHow these ISP's see Googleattachments by Transmaster-/12010th Feb 2010
topicA Solution! by n2jtx-/14310th Feb 2010
topicThey're bluffing, and Google knows it by ISurfTooMuch1/287Steve B : 10th Feb 2010
topicSo, where does it end? by o2cool83/485Kearnstd : 10th Feb 2010
topicUhm... who's using who's bandwidth again? by SunnyD-/18810th Feb 2010
topicbest comment by amungus-/13910th Feb 2010
topicWhat logic? by gatorkram1/228ISurfTooMuch : 10th Feb 2010
topicDumb Pipes Please! by deadzoned-/18010th Feb 2010
topicill make a song it goes like this by 33358088-/15610th Feb 2010
topicGoogle should reverse this by sapo-/17510th Feb 2010
topicGoogle doesn't use consumer ISP pipes! by maartena-/18010th Feb 2010
topicThere is no free ride.... by Mole_Y-/20610th Feb 2010
topicNice article photo! by djrobx-/15210th Feb 2010
topicWell, by mod_wastrel-/17810th Feb 2010
topicMove over Scotty boy by spewak-/14510th Feb 2010
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