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Comments on news posted 2010-03-09 08:55:39: AT&T's first foray into the business of offering Android-based phones isn't going particularly well, and it's pretty clear the company's general dislike of Google for their positions on competition, network neutrality and open access is spilling over.. ..

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Lu.. Lu.. Lulululu

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I own it

I bought it. I like it. Its limited yes, but I mean theres always 'ways' around these things, I dont mind any extra steps I may have to take.

It was visually appealing to me and I have att and wanted 'something' android. Tired of hearing iphone all the time.

Overall I like the phone and what it offers, can only get better in the future, regardless of what ATT decides to do.
Do you douche with coconut juice?
Pointe-Claire, QC

If (subsidized) then { expect closed handset; }

If AT&T sells its android based phone with a subsidy, then you can expect it to be locked to AT&T sims and have features "customized" to fit AT&T's business practices.

(for instance, if they have a deal$ with Yahoo, then you can expect AT&T to configure its locked phones to have yahoo search on by default).

Google said it would be selling "open" and unlocked phones. Then Google goes out and strikes deals with individual networks. The two are incompatible. Google should have just sold its phones eiother directly, or through neutral electronics stores. Unlocked, and no carrier specific features or disabled features.

bruce l

att has been raping employees why not customers

so google uploads all your searches to the DOD ATT has listening rooms in their Central Offices for them to track everything...its all the same