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Comments on news posted 2010-06-01 12:08:30: As we recently noted, a new company by the name of the U.S. Copyright group is promising movie studios a new revenue stream. ..

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How awful...

...I'm referring to the writer, not what US Copyright Group is doing. Jesus, could you be more biased? How about this? Don't steal intellectual property and you won't be bothered by US Copyright Group? How is that "a classic protection racket"? That's like saying that murder laws are "classic protection rackets". "If you don't murder anybody, we won't send you to jail". F'ing grow up, douche, and pay for your entertainment and stop whining everytime somebody decides to stick up for their livelihood.



hurt locker

nobody forces you to watch a movie. you can rent it on itunes, netflix, even on redbox for $1. if you steal it, it's thousands of people who will lose their jobs eventually because of piracy, blue collar people who make a living and try to feed their family, not just rich movie stars. and besides without these rich movie stars, financiers wouldn't hire hundreds of people to make a film. downloading is stealing.