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Comments on news posted 2010-06-25 10:35:56: Driven by AT&T's recent decision to impose caps from 200 MB to 2 GB and monthly overages up to $15, CNET's running an article that claims that those upset by this new shift toward high overages shouldn't be. ..

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tolle causam
Arlington, TX

Nothing new under the sun...

... typical socialistic, entitlement oriented mentality.


Michael C

Cedar Park, TX

I do agree with one part of his article...

"Increasingly, job openings are posted only online, and the ability to work productively in offices and factories dense with Internet and information technologies, is virtually a necessity for those intent on improving their economic position.
Beyond that, access to information on educational opportunities, political activities, health care, and even many government services increasingly depends on broadband access."

Hmmm....sounds like a utility necessary for the public good.

Common Carrier anyone?!?

Miami, FL

Re: I do agree with one part of his article...

You have my vote.

bye bye twc. hello Comcast.
Astoria, NY


I'd love to see the back-peddling from this.

Bill Neilson
Arlington, VA

It has been comical to be treated like we are

idiots....how many times have we been lied and told that by doing something we don't want to do (i.e. paying more or giving up something) that it makes our experience better per the company.

Huh? I mean, that doesn't even make sense and they know it....yet they state things of that nature over and over again

It annoys the hell out of me and should anger others

Brooklyn, NY


Online games are not bandwidth hogs!!! We don't even use that much!




Why do these companies spend so much money to build super high speed broadband networks, if all they want people to do on them is check their e-mail and do lite web surfing? No body needs 1.5 mbps or more to check their e-mail. You can do that just fine on edge service. When I had Dial up I don't think I ever wished my e-mail would load faster. I wanted to download movies, and watch youtube. I know business people use the network to send and receive large files, but that's a very small market.
There are no "DATAHOGS" I'm sick of hearing people being called that. What ever you use the service for is fine, but it uses bandwidth just like anything else. If a million people check their e-mail on a network that was only designed to handle 500,000 people, it's going to crash. If your company requires people to buy a unlimited service, most of them didn't even need or want, but they find a use for, whatever that use is, don't make them hogs, when the service you forced them to buy was unlimited. So stop calling your customers names and fix your stinking company.
Next the truly poor, don't have computers, or iphones, or ipads, or smartphones, they're lucky to have a phone. If someone can afford $25 for 2 gbs, they can afford $30 for unlimited service. If they can't they can't afford either. So where is the FREE broadband? I mean if you really care AT$T.



No, they are saying only minorities are poor.

Wow, ATT is actually KKK? I didn't know that!

That is what they said... Now non-whites can afford the internet. Because you know, there are no minorities on the "World Wide Web".

They are doing it so black-hispanics in America, without computers, can now have bills for something they don't need. I am sure the homeless, jobless, hungry guy "Hose" needs the internet. You know, all those Lexus and work at home, 'Under the bridge", ads are just what he needs... While he downloads HD pron, and gets charged because they fail to show how much you consumed or alert you that you just went over your cap.

Reminds me of AOL's "accidental" double-billing, and hidden cancellation number scams.

This guy is getting paid to kill ATT... He must have been recommended by the competitors stock-holders.

Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS


When will making a bad move such as caps lead to losing customers?

When hell freezes over?
People are stupid sheep who pay any price. We might as well have $5 gasoline again. Stupid people pay anyways. The problem is there isn't anything much better.. who are you going to go to? Verizon? Tmobile? They are a competitive joke, regardless of whether you think they are better or worse carriers.

Try taking your iphone to a MVNO or a minority carrier such as MetroPCS... good luck with that! All those piss ant hackers developing hacks and apps for the iphone need to get "CRACKING" on that one.. time to screw over at&t's contract with Apple.


Telling people that telecom ripoffs are a form of "affirmative action" makes about as much sense as a lot of other corporate babble. Same idea as shipping jobs overseas is good because the people in China need jobs and we're obligated to provide them. Let's screw ourselves to benefit the poor everywhere. Of course the ones who benefit are really the top executives of megacorporations, who care about the poor the same way they care about cockroaches.

Miami, FL

what the?

What kind of really bad crack is AT&T management think we are smoking, what a load of bull.

Not only do I not care about everyone one having internet, but when do people get internet before food. The garbage these people push is just amazing. Do they really think anyone believes them.

Orlando, FL

helping every man woman and child huh?

like our fearless leader says...."you gotta spread the wealth around". Bob pays more so that Dan can have some. riiiiiight.



Male Bovine Excrement!

at&t's overcharging aids minorities huh? Bull!!
Show me the number of "minority" neighborhoods getting FTTH compared to the number of "majority" neighborhoods? Ugh huh. Helps minorities my left butt cheek!

at&t isn't spending money to invest on infrastructure right now. Sure ... they're beefing up some 3G cell sites, so iPhone users don't complain so much ... but that won't help minorities who can't afford or won't pay for, an iPhone.

How about improving the service available to users of GoPhone services?
How about working to replace much of the antiquated copper infrastructure, with fibre-optics, including the last mile?
How about making improvements to service, by sacking lame, ass clown middle managers who don't do jack!? (deliberate poke @Lerch & Darth Felo & many others whom I won't bother to name specifically)

Ugh huh ... and ending the subsidized soda, coffee & snacks helped reduce company expenditures on health care related costs ...

aids minorities?! Someone in upper management is ... how do you say? Loco in de cabeza!??



Still raising prices, because we can...

We have the most expensive, slow internet, in the world. Places which are mostly "poor" have faster and cheaper internet.

Not because we pay the bill. It is because the internet is a 1000% mark-up on service here, and only a 500% mark-up over there. (Yet they have 20-30 MBPS, while we have an average of 8-9 MBPS here.)

The issue isn't overcrowding, unless they are making 2000% because they removed half the available hardware, so they can use it twice as long, since we still pay for it. Stop paying. Cancel the account. Go out-side for a year, work, have fun... and then the ADS will stop, the viruses will fade away, the internet will quadruple in speed, and prices will fall in half. Because if they don't, they will loose billions.

This is our world, and they are OUR employees. We pay for them, they don't pay us.