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Comments on news posted 2010-07-07 13:01:14: Sanford Bernstein analyst Craig Moffett has never been particularly fond of FiOS, given that as an investment analyst he likes his telcos (like Qwest) to shun network upgrades at the cost of the company's future so investors can get more immediate re.. ..

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Carteret, NJ


Is it me or would everyone else here would like to punch that smile off his face.

Glen Burnie, MD

Hmmmm...I wonder if Craig Moffett is related to this guy.

MNSi Internet

Windsor, ON

Re: Hmmmm...I wonder if Craig Moffett is related to this guy.

This guy is "Moffat" not "Moffett", so not likely.

West Orange, NJ

No, I don't think so.

Anyone who believes that Verizon sold properties providing over half its wireline operating income is a fool. I bet it took some pretty fancy accounting to come up with that number.

Of course, when Frontier's broke, Qwest and AT&T are (still) struggling, and Verizon is sitting alongside Comcast raking in cash at embarrassing rates, Moffett will be there, claiming he told us that all along.
New York, NY

Moffet is a joke

LOL Moffet, thank god Verizon didn't listen to you. They would of committed suicide if they had. AT&T did, and they have a shitty wireless business. That they under invested in, and the only reason its competitive, is because of the Iphone. There tv solution to the home is a joke, the technology is so bad, that they will never keep up cable.

Moffet is one of those wall street guys who cuts a company to the bare bones and leaches of it till it dies. Rather then fight he just want to collect a quick buck. I wouldn't be surprised that in the next couple years Verizon leap frogs the competition.
Hell look at AT&T the last couple years they cut back network upgrades to maintain a consistent rising dividend. Wait until verizon gets the iphone, it'll take AT&T's advantage away. And a year after that most wireless phones will use the same technology world wide.



Trouble on the Verizon Horizon?

Now that VZ has slowed down the build-out, they are starting to get a bead on where terminal penetration is likely to be for them and it's not where their business model had it in order to justify the investment. The building out was giving them a constant stream of low hanging fruit. Watch the next several quarters as their subscriber net gain numbers slow. And their stock will probably get pounded for it. (Full disclosure - I hold VZ stock and am not short on it in any way nor do I plan to sell any of it any time soon).

Mahwah, NJ

Verizon has ideas

A friend had them out to her home three days in a row for an old copper problem a week ago. (The home is 20 years old and 7600 sq feet of house not counting a walk out finished bsement, wired for up to 6 lines when it was built.) They don't have FiOS but want it. The 5 to 7 acre lots in their neighbood in another state than I'm in seems to be the issue. VZ doesn't seem as willing to run it that far, YET. I'm on an acre, it wasn't a problem but 5 to 7 is a lot.

The boss said they will get it, when it's running wireless and it's not that far off (1 to 2 years he claimed.)

A tech wasn't available so they were lucky they got their boss working on her copper for 3 full days (a lot of underground work.) He told her all about how Verizon is working on going completely wireless fiber optic for the installation costs to come down and have been planning it for quite some time. He got into heavy explanation but she doesn't recall/understand all of it, she does know if it happens, she will get FiOS which is what she wants instead of her slow Comcast cable TV and actually, her DSL connection which is faster than she got on Comcast speed tests.

I agree, if Verizon had listened to that crappy advice, they would be sitting on old landline copper replacing it all over the country anyway (my landline is crystal clear since FiOS, it used to be noisey and crackled all the time on copper) DSL for internet access when available and recommendations to Direct TV.

I love my FiOS, I have referred many neighborhood and other town and state customers which is now paying off for me. I have an HP netbook from the last referral. It cost me the tax and a small shipping charge and it works great. The family member I referred got the $89.99 plan and a faster connection than I do! I have 20/5, I tested theirs a few times and it's 25/15 if I recall correctly for no extra fee. They dropped Optonline for FiOS and love the internet, TV and their phone is also crystal clear now minus copper. That's in large, elevator building, a multi family dwelling. They all hopped on the clue true after she gave a thumbs up. So 3/4 of the users are on FiOS, off Optonline and OOL lost the majority of their customers in that large building. Oh well... Their OOL node was bogged down, speed tests now are fast and within a few digits each time I've done it for them on the Speakeasy test.

The benefit for us, FiOS AND we now have choices! My Mom can have DSL, OOL or FiOS where she lives. Im too far from the CO for DSL but I switched years ago from OOL to FiOS in the earlier days of it and except for their billing dept that I keep my eye on, it rocks! Gotta love having choices and price wars. Rare I have a problem and it's been fixed fast each rare time.

Keep it up Verizon and the heck with Moffat/Moffet whatever the spelling is. He was VERY wrong!