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Comments on news posted 2010-08-03 13:54:54: We've noted that AT&T has been crippling many Android devices in their lineup, not only layering them with annoying, unremovable bloatware, but making Yahoo the default search engine while making it impossible to install any applications not found i.. ..

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Corporations = scumbags that bend us ALL over

Shame on Verizon for doing this. I also agree that our country is going to the shitter. It's alredy there in my opinion.

What can we do when ALL of our politicians who WE pay refuse to work for us? They are whores for the allmighty dollar and special interests....not the interests of the people. Democrat and Republican = divide and conquer. NOTHING good ever gets done for the people since they just sit there and point fingers. Meanwhile they probably all gather after "work", laugh at us all & can't believe we are so stupid that we have not figured out their little scheme yet! Then they will miraculously agree on one issue that is good for people while at the same time putting extra things in the bill to take our freedoms away, etc, etc, etc but the media only "covers" the part where the bill is good for us all. If you don't believe me, read some of the bills that have been passed. It is all right there for you to se if you chose to look.

Verizon can do whatever they want to do since I am sure they can pay to have any legislation passed and will not be held accountable for screwing over the consumer. Politicians are in a brotherhood and IF one of them happens to want to do the right thing, all of a sudden they are racist, are having an affair, or whatever other dirt that can be exposed to make them look bad. All of a sudden they are all over the news in an effort to focus our attention on anything but real issues and realize the ways we are all getting screwed. Those of us who make less than $1,000,000 anyway.....

I wonder how they are going to screw us EVEN MORE on healthcare now that they run the show, and I also wonder how much the BP bullshit will cost US ALL? Don't forget that there is a fucking CAP on what BP is responsible for paying back what they took of ours. They will not have to pay the obvious costs associated with those who have lost their livelyhoods, and they certainly will not have to pay for the prices of my food going up either. It is a trickle effect and there are things that we have not even thought about yet that will continue to screw us all for a long time. I have a feeling that the whole supply and demand theory will be mentioned a whole lot more in the next decade. Maybe American people should do a class action suit in order to recover what is being TAKEN from them by a company that makes BILLIONS of dollars a year! Oh yeah, it will not ever even get past the origial filing since I am sure the courts are whores for the mighty dollar also.

Outlook = grim at best