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Comments on news posted 2010-10-27 14:01:49: As we noted this morning, Comcast lost 275,000 video subscribers during the third quarter. ..

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Ridgefield, CT

The game is changing

Cut the Cord is fitting. The future of connectivity will be Wireless Broadband technology. As more options for connectivity become available it will create pressure on fixed line providers to rethink their pricing schemes.

Content providers don't care how the shows get out to viewers, only that they are and they can count the viewers. Hulu, Google, Apple TV etal show that consumers are willing to move to ala carte pricing models and move away from bundles. There are too many alternatives out there. If the only way a cable/broadcast network can sustain itself is being in a bundle then it probably just isn't viable.

Google will understand it, Amazon will understand it... consumers are moving to an on-demand, pay as you go model. It is happening in IT Services, it will happen with consumer services like these. Don't be surprised that if in the future the biggest content provider isn't Comcast but Walmart.com.