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Comments on news posted 2011-01-26 14:31:05: During last night's State Of The Union address, President Obama touched briefly on the nation's broadband goals -- specifically our high speed wireless ambitions. ..

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Highland, IN

blah blah blah

Meh. I can't see wireless ever being used for anything more serious than checking facebook. Its just too unreliable.
see my SBC Review @ »Review of AT&T Midwest by chris123



tin foil hats on parade

Wow, I never realized the "sparky" and radio shack crowd were really all tin foil hatters. This is way more whacky than any ham board I ever read. Many of you guys have some real points when it comes to the brass tacks of real tech and paying for it but most of you guys seem to miss the point the State of the Union has always been a "wishlist" and "the best we can do" chorus. Whether you disagree with the guy or think he is not a citizen or whatever, you do realize he is not the King of the World. He has been trying to dig us out of two unfunded wars (which those of us who have done the real fighting in realize are the most expensive and longest in our history), a depression-like recession, etc left to us by King George. Then he faced 6 months of feet dragging when it came to any vote and a bunch of Republicans (which I am sad to say I am a third generation of, I wish I never signed up again after my second or third tour) who refused to vote any funds to anything until the 2% richest got their tax cut too. Even when he "had" the senate and house, the R's did the 60 vote fillibuster (look it up) thing for the last year and a half.
Wake up, he is not the chairman of ATT or Verizon and he cannot order the FCC around (even Bush couldn't). I hope whoever gets voted in next time gets the whole house and senate and pounds whatever tech they want down the pipe, then we will see how happy we will all be paying for it.
And whoever made the post about the Fed Reserve, go pick up a history book or newspaper, you have no clue about it or how it works. They saved our bacon about 15 times since they were created. It is ironic that JP Morgan (the guy not the company) built it and saved us the first time.
I like this board but I don't have that much time usually to read it in the Big Sandbox.