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Comments on news posted 2011-02-17 13:51:55: The United States' first ever national broadband map went live today at this website address, after the American Recover and Reinvestment Act set aside $293 million to engage in a national broadband mapping project. ..

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Shingle Springs, CA

Does Phoenix really have virtually no broadband?

For Arizona, the service for Tucson, AZ is widespread and dense. For Phoenix, there is almost no coverage indicated. Could this be true?

Shingle Springs, CA

buquerque[sic], NM has great coverage for non-existent city

buquerque[sic], NM has great coverage for non-existent city

It Is Almost Fast
Sacramento, CA

..doesn't load

Count me among those who this map won't load for.. in fact I tried all the browsers here and all i hot was a blank page with a
on it..

kind of useless if no one can see it.

Golden, MS

Useless, useless, useless and even more useless.

Ok, AT&t dsl service is available in my "area" but not to me and the others within mile distance. I know I can't get it because I have called at&t about a thousand times and each time they tell me I can't get it. All this does is tell me I will never get DSL, because bullshit maps like this says I can already get it.

Grass Lake, MI

Maxed Out

I wasn't sure if it was my (lack of ) download speed or the site is flooded. Probably the latter. And given the fed's idea of cutting-edge technology, they're probably running their servers with Windows 98.

Richmond, VA

Actual cost

The map's actual cost is $200 million over five years, including development, grants doled out to compile broadband data, and maintenance.

Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK

It's actually accurate here....

It shows AT&T and Cox, and that's our choices. Oh it shows various Wireless 3G operators but we all know that's not acceptable or affordable for your home "broadband" connection.

So, yes, it's accurate for my zip. Robust competition.... NOT.
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Lost today


I clicked on the state bar on the map layout and something took over my sons computer and it is now in the blue screen of death completely f**king useless thank you f**king Obama.

Grass Lake, MI
·Frontier Communi..


The map is loading this evening and I'm getting more than the "grey screen of death."

Strange question...but is anyone else experiencing geographical errors...as in missing lakes??? I see them in nearby cities and townships, especially in the Ann Arbor area, but the two lakes within walking distance from my house aren't there. Poof! Gone. They're not puddles either, and share shoreline with a state park and more than one campground.

My map is a blank unless wireless coverage is on...but entire lakes missing??

Ogden, UT

I want my money back

I want my money back, this map is worthless in my area. A section of the Great Salt Lake is covered with Fiber to the end user.. yea right! We have fiber in the area around Salt Lake City, but its very sparse.. the map makes it seem like most of the residents 30 miles north and south of SLC should be getting 100 Mbps fiber connections, when in reality perhaps 2% of the population has access.

Middletown, NY

Wow... what a waste.. this is total horse puckey.

Wow. I concur. The map does not reflect reality. What are they smoking?

Springfield, MO

Accurate Map!!

If you live in BizzaroWorld!

It says I get AT&T for wired service. And nothing else. Which is funny, because I'm on Mediacom. As for wireless broadband, I can get Verizon if I want 3Mbps+ or Sprint if I want 768-1.5Mbps. What about AT&T and T-Mobile? Of which I could get either.

Yay for wasted money!

Chesterton, IN


is not availible in my area though this map says it is... thats for the fcc stealing our money... heck if they wanted a false map I coulda made one... give me the 300 million... but if they woulda paid that to me I acually would have taken the time to get the real maps... :/

Tulsa, OK

Commenters full of fail..

It seems that there's a lot of reading comprehension issues among the commenters. At least for my area, the site specifically states "speed information provided at the county level".

Yep, that sucks, but it explains perfectly well why it says at&t has > 10Mbps service at a location I know for a fact to not be served by U-Verse. (they do have DSL at that particular location, which is why they're listed at all)
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