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Comments on news posted 2011-04-12 10:12:23: One of the most effective ways the phone companies have gotten what they want politically over the years is to fake the fact that they have consumer support for often anti-consumer policies. ..

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Mississauga, ON

good summary pic.

when will you start supporting the merger, and how much did you cost?

I would have a high sell out price myself, but i don't run a website or anything, so i won't get any offers.

how does one get hired as a corporate shill, i wonder?


Chantilly, VA

have they ever

approached this website with an offer? i'd be curious how much they have hinted at before being told to pack sand.



Even someone in kindergarten could figure out that taking away competition brings nobody closer to so-called universal or near universal broadband. Verizon will get there all by itself whether the merger occurs or not. Besides what difference does it make if T-Mobile plus AT&T equals 100 percent coverage or AT&T (after gobbling up T-Mobile) on its own equals 100 percent. 100 is 100 no matter how many companies are involved. There is absolutely no logic to AT&T's position and it gives me a headache thinking about the shills who support it.

Mr Matt

Eustis, FL
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What AT&T means is universal higher prices!

Once the merger takes place what an excellent opportunity for AT&T to conspire with Verizon to raise prices. By the way why hasn't any government regulator asked why the contractual prices both carriers charge are basically the same.



payoffs take away our rights to at&t

So att can payoff everyone in usa. Well bottom line is they sold off their rights to company that bite you later. HOPE ALL THE SELL OUT GROUPS ENJOY THE PRICE THEY HAVE TO PAY FOR SERVICE LATER. THANKS for how you treat your follow poor and middle class to not being able to pay att service later. Hope you calls drops like the do now forever guys.


Jonesboro, AR
reply to biochemistry

Re: Dumb

But we are dealing with pre-K minds in CONgress.


Marietta, GA

I really have been shocked at the dishonestly

that AT&T has used . The Latino support media blitz was a real eye opener . The headlines that went to multiple sources never really said anything about supporting the merger . It had catch phrases like it " recognizes " the positive this or that . This merger would hurt Latinos maybe more than any other group . A GSM standard seems like it would benefit them more than any other group . I wonder what the fringe latino groups got just for letting their name be used ? The other blitz I noticed was how it is able to roll out the " most advanced mobile broadband experience" to this city or that city due to this merger . Thus the merger is good for you . I never really noticed the lengths a company would go though to deceive from the CEO down. Just really evil stuff . Everyone will pay more if this merger goes through indeed . Just really shocked at how this merger has grabbed my attention . It almost has a good vs evil feel.

Seattle, WA

Don't you people get it??

AT&T is right! If they control all the pipes they can spoon feed us via walled gardens/portals.

It will be a more open internet, because it'll be their version of it

Welcome to the future!


Binghamton, NY
reply to Mr Matt

Re: What AT&T means is universal higher prices!

said by Mr Matt:

contractual prices both carriers charge are basically the same.

Because it's not.

The base plans might appear to be the same but when you factor in the differences between them (rollover for AT&T, friends and family for Verizon, mobile to mobile for each carrier) the actual per-minute cost you wind up paying will vary depending on your needs and usage.

Nor do they charge the same for data since the last time I checked Verizon still has unlimited plans for smartphones and AT&T doesn't.

Reptiles Are Cuddly And Pretty
Mount Airy, MD

You Know

Why do members of minority groups allow for other groups, which may or may not hold their individual interests at heart, to speak for them? Why do these organizations get to be allowed to "state" with what "everyone" in that particular minority group is "supposed" to be thinking?
"Net Neutrality" zealots - the people you can thank for your capped Internet service.

·Comcast Digital ..

At the end of the day, GREEN is the only color that counts

AT&T has the cash to buy comments from consumer groups, bloggers and so-called minority groups. When you think it is a black and white issue, simply follow the money trail and you will see it is really a GREEN issue. The question that AT&T asks is how much green can we get?
A citizen of The United States of Amnesia. How quickly we forget.


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Wow, SOMEONE doesn't like AT&T

As a T-Mobile customer I'm not thrilled about the takeover, but could this writing be any more biased and inciting?

Alfred, ME
·Time Warner Cable
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said by ctggzg:

As a T-Mobile customer I'm not thrilled about the takeover, but could this writing be any more biased and inciting?

Oh hey you must be new here.
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Mobile, AL

makes me sick

It makes me sick to send AT&T my hard earned money every month. Their dishonesty is enough for me to switch carriers. When VZW deploys LTE in my market I'm gone.


reply to mtech

Re: Dumb

pro is the opposite of con, thus congress is the opposite of progress.

said by mtech:

But we are dealing with pre-K minds in CONgress.

as Mr. Pink as they come
Phoenix, AZ

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reply to ctggzg

Re: Wow, SOMEONE doesn't like AT&T

i HATE T not because its "cool to hate at&t" but because of years of crap service.
The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese

Torrance, CA
reply to biochemistry

Re: Dumb

you greatly over estimate the intelligence out there


Apache Junction, AZ
reply to ctggzg

Re: Wow, SOMEONE doesn't like AT&T

I hope they don't take over because T-Mobile is the only phone service I can get here. On the other hand T-Mobile's data plans are insanely expensive costing $50 for just 1Gb a month so something needs to be done about that but AT&T is even worse.

Iowa native
Springfield, MA
·Verizon Broadban..

I dumped AT&T two weeks ago today

Today is the 2 week anniversary of the delivery of my iPhone from Verizon. AT&Ts network has declined in quality and I have been noticing more and more failed call attempts on my 3GS. My mother was not too happy (she likes AT&T better than Verizon) about my decision to switch to Verizon and has agreed to have the remaining three lines of our AT&T switched into her name and I have my own Verizon account that I am going to pay for which has the home phone connect service, my 3GB/$35 MiFi and my iPhone with the 900 minute/250 text/unlimited data plan. AT&T has deferred a lot of maintenance on their network and the declining call quality is showing more and more. Verizon on the other hand has improved their network. I cancelled Verizon back in 2004 because of poor reception in our area and then Cingular had much better reception. Now Verizon is on a par with AT&Ts signal strength (and Verizon has reception in the few areas that AT&T lacks) but Verizon is superior in call quality and data speeds. I could not be any happier with my Verizon iPhone.

I am just wondering if they are buying T-Mobile as a band-aid solution to their broken network and they will just let it fall into further disrepair once the two networks are merged.


Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS

how abouts that astro turf:

at&t's new salespitch men: Mit Romney and (J.J.) Jimmie Walker...


Madison, AL
reply to t3ln3t

Re: Dumb

said by t3ln3t :

pro is the opposite of con, thus congress is the opposite of progress.

said by mtech:

But we are dealing with pre-K minds in CONgress.

I like that.


Houston, TX
reply to Prissy8

Re: I really have been shocked at the dishonestly

said by Prissy8:

It almost has a good vs evil feel.

Hello! That's why AT&T is a.k.a. "The Death Star". Just look at their logo
Hope this helps...




AT&T... really? Smart people can already figure out this is a good thing, as long as the FCC puts some conditions on it.... why the need for astroturf? It just makes you look bad, AT&T.

It doesn't really affect different groups particularly differently, if anything the affects are different urban vs. suburban/rural, but urban T-Mobile customers have the most to gain, although AT&T customers have a lot to gain too.


Hillsboro, OR

AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

If this merger is approved, I'll will be either dropping service completely or, dare I say it, switch to Sprint or Cricket.


Marietta, GA
reply to BiggA

Re: oooookay

I'm an urban T-Mo customer & the only thing I feel that will be gained is the size of my bill . I have what I want , a GSM phone with stellar rates & great service . A T-Mo customer will not come out ahead . The astroturf & AT&T's refusal to guarantee our rates while continually bring up that rates in theory should be dropping is just validation that in the end we will be getting hamered in this deal .



What ignorance

There's an old name that keeps ringing in my head ..."Ma Bell" seems like we're taking several steps backwards. I'm all for competition. With competition, we the users can benefit from cheaper services. If we only had one company offering telecom do you really think rates would be so affordable? with T-mobile gone, the only other major carriers up for grabs will be Sprint and US cellular. We keep going on this path all we will have is VZ and ATT, their argument, we can't compete because they are bigger...common when does this stop. In the meantime most people forget that the way of the merger means less jobs. When did we start preaching comptetition isn't good?

Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
reply to pnh102

Re: You Know

said by pnh102:

Why do members of minority groups allow for other groups, which may or may not hold their individual interests at heart, to speak for them?

There are many rea$on$ why any group, minority or not, allow corporation$ to $uggest talking point$ to them. Merger or no merger, The Hispanic Institute and The Latino Coalition aren't really directly affected. $o if they pro$titute them$elve$ as corporate mouthpiece$, they really don't hurt their member$hip on way or another.


Hazelwood, MO
reply to pnh102
I guess it is the same reason in that a corporation gets to speak for its stock holders and make it's (current board) political opinions known.

Lets ignore the fact that not every stock owner of the company is even a US citizen having US voting rights (thus should not have any say) and every US owner already has a vote and is able to speak on their own with their own donations.

No Fear

New Jersey

maybe 100 % consoliation ?

Have ATT merge with Verizon and Sprint, and all the others. Of course data access prices would drop ? - sarc !


reply to Prissy8

Re: oooookay

Why do you think you are entitled to cut-rate prices when you will gain the amazing coverage and superior building penetration of AT&T Mobility's nationwide network?

Rates per se won't drop, but rates relative to the speed, coverage, and quality of service have dropped significantly and will continue to drop in the future.

AT&T shouldn't rate guarantee Magenta SIMs just like they didn't for Blue SIMs. If you want a new phone, you should have to get an Orange SIM and an Orange plan. However, I would also say that AT&T should be required to unlock your Magenta devices so that they can work on Orange as a backup phone or whatever. Even 3G devices will work fine on EDGE post-AWS 3G.

Also, Orange plans have Rollover, A-List (which T-Mobile ironically invented and then killed with MyFaves), and AnyMobile, while Magenta plans don't.

I think they should clean out all the legacy as quickly as possible. And if that means losing our 850 minute legacy Orange plan too, that's fine. AnyMobile would probably even it out with the current 700 minute plan anyways.