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Comments on news posted 2011-07-07 10:50:30: As leaks had predicted for months, Verizon's new wireless data pricing for both EVDO and LTE smartphones went live today on the Verizon website. ..

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Bedford, MA

I still can't believe..

that Verizon is even capable of billing accurately by usage. They are doing it for smartphones now, but DSL and FIOS will soon follow. Billing is the worst part of having to deal with Verizon.

San Francisco, CA

Verizon ads (fastest network)

I like how verizon (and all other wireless carriers) are touting themselves to have the fastest, biggest, baddest wireless network..... so we can hit their caps in one day of use!!

Why doesn't verizon buyout sprint already, so the battle in this country will be GSM vs CDMA?
Then it will be easier for handset manufacturers to just make all their devices dual GSM/CDMA (on all covered bands).

Bon Aqua, TN


I mentioned this to a cell rep at target and his reply was "You are very likely to not use as much as you think any ways, my usage was 1.3gigs last I checked"..

Here is the thing.. Your unlimited was replaced with a 2 gig cap plan at the same price. Now if they did 2 gigs at say $10 a month and plans increased from there with overages for smart phones. I can stomach that without too much piss and moaning.. But much like the dsl/uverse on att prices staying the exact same while caps are implemented? What the hell. Your getting less, it should cost less. If they use more than their caps, the overages will make the extra money for them. And if you keep it fair, they might actually do good with this.. But gouge, just to turn around to gouge? Hell, i'd be afraid to go over...

If their solution to that is to lower the cap? Guess what, i'll do less, what does that do? It starts a ripple in the soo called global economy.. Netflix takes a hit, online game downloads takes a hit and so forth.. I've said it once, i'll say it again.. Cloud computing was kicked in the nuts before it even had a chance to drop em...
Warner Robins, GA

Re: usage

"...Cloud computing was kicked in the nuts before it even had a chance to drop em..."

Just like other pie in the sky ideas developed in the USA by those working in idea/think tanks. Automated cars driving with buried wires providing guidance, everyone using flying cars, racial harmony, high speed rail, and Mach 3 airliners.

Cloud computing is NOT new. In the old days you had dumb CRT terminals connected to some central computer or computing location. The reason we got PCs? The networks and the central computing locations could not be upgraded fast enough to handle demand. So they offloaded some of the work to your desktop computer.

Today I see the reality of the cloud where I work if everyone is on our network at once. Everything gets slow. The servers cannot keep up. The switches are maxed out. We have no WiFi for security reasons. That means no WiFi connecting from Blackberries, iPhones, iPads. laptops, and other devices. So everything is is running on the 1 Gigabit and 100 Megabit ethernet and fiber connections. So even with fast pipes and no WiFi use, a network can only do so much.

Celllular/Mobile networks are even more constrained than wire only systems. Now if every 1 acre area had a mini cell site connected to an OC-3072/STM-1024 connection, this cloud thing might work with 300 million simultaneous users in the continental USA.

Bon Aqua, TN

Re: usage

One thing is for damn sure.. If within the next few years Microsoft comes out with a cloud version of their os and its the only and mandated version.. Its gonna really suck for them

Albemarle, NC

The "few" messed it up for all others...

Verizon's actions were necessary to maintain system viability because of the idiots who treated their smartphones as TV and HD streaming movie platforms. Dumb. I've always despised those bragging about their 10 GB+ usage per month. So now what have you got!! Huh?


Next up, Verizon caps on their DSL and FIOS plans...

Coming soon!

Orlando, FL

Please don't switch me Verizon.....

I use almost 1GB per day on my Verizon iPhone, 99% of it streaming Slingbox, I will be super pissed if they force this 2GB crap on me.

Mulberry, FL

Re: Please don't switch me Verizon.....

Sorry to say but you are the exact person their wanting to cut. Your slingbox streaming of 1gb/day is what a typical person uses a hard wired internet for. Sorry but a phone wasn't designed for that. So, thanks, you're the reason these caps are in place now.

30gb/month on a mobile phone to me is extreme and our current 3g systems surely weren't designed for that kind of usage. You're actually hurting everyone else on the network who is using their phones for the "typical" usage - which is email, some web surfing and maybe streaming music, but definitely not streaming 1gb/day. You're definitely using more than your fair share.