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Comments on news posted 2011-09-19 08:55:54: Last week Netflix acknowledged that the company's decision to split apart their DVD rental and streaming tiers -- and impose a massive rate hike in the process -- resulted in them losing a million more subscribers than previously predicted. ..

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R.I.P Dadkins
Elk Grove, CA
·SureWest Internet
reply to Jason Levine

Re: Call it what ever you want I'll still be a customer

said by Jason Levine:

The foulmothed pothead who owns the Twitter handle might care: »gizmodo.com/5841636

I am a pothead, but I take exception at being called "foulmouthed"!
The weekend is here, grab a can of beer!


reply to Subaru

Re: Im actually ok with it

said by Subaru:

never got an email from Netflix..

Speaking of this so what happens if someone stills has streaming AND DVD?

You pay a alot more.

I Am Legend
South Elgin, IL


So in the end people got upset because their price went from $9.99 to $15.99. (I know there are even higher packages). Then the CEO says's I hear your complaints. I am sorry about the increase. Here is what we are going to do.

Streaming is now Netflix $7.99
And DVD is now Qwikster $ 7.99
Total $15.98 a month and now you have to have 2 separate accounts.

So now even more people are upset and the CEO will see yet another 1 million subscribers leave Netflix?

I understand the price increase. But if your sorry then lower the price. He said I am sorry and left the price increase. LOL
"The American Indians found out what happens when you don't control immigration."

I Am Legend
South Elgin, IL
reply to Skippy25

Re: What about others

said by Skippy25:

Redbox is already experimenting with raising their prices in some markets.

I guess to please the studios they may charge X for one movie and Y for another as Apple started doing at one point.

Or they may just raise the price for all movies all the time.

I am sure we will soon see the end of the $1 DVD rental.
"The American Indians found out what happens when you don't control immigration."

Madera, CA
reply to 88615298

Re: Blame the correct people

I agree Starz is the blame not Netflix. Too bad the mis-informed doesn't come here to DSLR.

I'M Here Till Thursday

Sudbury, MA
reply to steven s

Re: Groan......gotta keep track of two accounts, now?

said by steven s:

Streaming went from free to $8.

That's the problem! If they added streaming, and said "one free stream per month, additional are 50 cents per" that would have been a welcome add-on, use it, don't use it. Then as people used it more and more, offer to add unlimited streaming for $8. For people streaming every day, twice a day (i'm thinking families with multiple tvs) that would be a deal. They set it up as free, and then tried to price it at $8.
Me, I might have streamed 4 in the last year, so I just saved $2/mo going back to DVD only. I'm not upset at all. But, they missed the chance to make a few dollars by not offering me a pay per stream, for the kid, not me, I can wait for next DVD.

I'M Here Till Thursday

Sudbury, MA
reply to 88615298

Re: now they should pick up

said by 88615298:

who cares. Netflix doesn't care about DVDs. Only 9% of their customers are on DVD only plans. Let them go to Redbox. Saves Netflix money they can use for streaming.

9%? That few? I subscribe because I like the new releases, even at 30 days, I get them pretty quick. The streaming selection seems inferior if you are comparing to the DVD. Is that 9% a published number?




At least with the DVDs you've received/requested, you won't have to wait for the site to become available [for streaming] again when it's down... which it is right now... for me, anyway (for about 15 minutes now... and counting).
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Orland Park, IL
reply to fifty nine

Re: You can take physical media out of my cold dead hands

said by fifty nine:

Physical media, unlike streaming can be watched as many times as you wish and can't be pulled at a moment's notice.

The other advantage of physical media is picture quality and multichannel audio. I never liked the overall quality of any streamed content and the lack of multichannel audio are deal breakers for me. Given I don't watch too many movies a month I will stick with Blu-Ray discs.


San Jose, CA
reply to 88615298

Re: Acceess to rights is the key

said by 88615298:

Hollywood tried to kill off the VCR. Which is why I find this all ironic. Hollywood thinks Netflix is killing off their home video business, but if Hollywood had won and killed off the VCR their home video business wouldn't have ever existed anyways.

Hollywood always thinks some new technology is going to kill their business. First TV then cable TV, then the VCR and EVERYTIME it has done the exact opposite. You'd think after 65 years they would have learned by now.

Unlike back then however if Hollywood think holding onto their content will make people buy DVD they are mistaken. Give people less options and they'll just use torrents and such. Apparently Hollywood wants to turn a whole generation in pirates instead of paying customers. Something the music industry learned far too late and still hasn't recovered from. Hey Hollywood SOMETHING > NOTHING. Simple math.

Yeah, archaic institutions are fucking annoying. They need to get with the times and put movies on the interbutts rather than movie theaters. I dunno about you, but I hate fucking going to theaters. Messiest fucking shitholes to watch a movie. I am sure people would gladly pay the normal ticket price to watch movies from the comfort of their homes.

The music industry is a terrible joke, the artists make more by being their own label. I think I may have more respect for the movie/tv industry.






reply to N10Cities

Re: Groan......gotta keep track of two accounts, now?

said by N10Cities:

I can see why they did this....long ago they said that streaming was their future, hence 'Net'flix name.......

Now, I got to keep track of two accounts instead of one...oh well....still pretty good bang for the buck.....

calling it Quits-ter


Concord, MA

Netflix streaming doesn't work

I tried the streaming for a month. Netflix streaming is not ready for prime time. I just got errors on the three movies I wanted to watch. The site is up. I can add movies to my queue. I just can't watch anything. I cancelled.