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Comments on news posted 2011-09-19 08:55:54: Last week Netflix acknowledged that the company's decision to split apart their DVD rental and streaming tiers -- and impose a massive rate hike in the process -- resulted in them losing a million more subscribers than previously predicted. ..

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topicNetflix streaming doesn't work by puchrik-/6510th Dec 2011
topicGroan......gotta keep track of two accounts, now? by N10Cities12/979anon : 23rd Sep 2011
topic.. by maxman1180-/5823rd Sep 2011
topicAcceess to rights is the key by jfmezei3/326ohh : 22nd Sep 2011
topicYou can take physical media out of my cold dead hands by fifty nine1/240ahhnold : 22nd Sep 2011
topicAvailability by mod_wastrel-/5821st Sep 2011
topicnow they should pick up by David2/107joetaxpayer : 21st Sep 2011
topicBlame the correct people by 886152984/127Madtown : 20th Sep 2011
topicWhat about others by wings106/546wings10 : 20th Sep 2011
topic???? by wings10-/5320th Sep 2011
topicIm actually ok with it by ksharp254/414SixSpeed : 20th Sep 2011
topicCall it what ever you want I'll still be a customer by SysOp5/467spewak : 20th Sep 2011
topicA lot of people don't seem to get it.... by DeathK-/7120th Sep 2011
topicNetflix not so smart? by jims232117/1496SixSpeed : 20th Sep 2011
topicNew Logoattachments by pnh1022/337spewak : 20th Sep 2011
topic??? by wings101/71aaronwt : 20th Sep 2011
topicNetflix streaming will become like Amazon On Demand by TheFuture-/13820th Sep 2011
topicCancelled DVD/Blu-Ray by EnasYorl-/7920th Sep 2011
topicAwesome by Metatron20081/248dib22 : 20th Sep 2011
topicNetflix's website has become a joke by albie1/150aaronwt : 19th Sep 2011
topicBrilliant idea for Netflix management! Adopt at once! by KrK-/6519th Sep 2011
topicReally Stupid move, and they are being savaged on the Blog by KrK-/8519th Sep 2011
topicBANG!! by qworster-/6219th Sep 2011
topicNetflix betting on future Hollywood may not let them have by FFH518/989Kearnstd : 19th Sep 2011
topicNetflix has succeeded ... by newview-/8019th Sep 2011
topicAlso adding video game rentals by 886152984/385c0c0c0 : 19th Sep 2011
topicI cancelled my account today by myerskl-/6619th Sep 2011
topicStreaming "future?" by SixSpeed2/118shimonmor : 19th Sep 2011
topicWhatever they candy-coat the name by dvd536-/6419th Sep 2011
topicNetflix Splits Off DVD Rentals, Calls It 'Qwikster' by Streetlight1/7288615298 : 19th Sep 2011
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