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Comments on news posted 2011-12-01 16:05:56: Earlier this week the FCC issued an order that clearly laid out the reasons for the FCC's opposition to the AT&T T-Mobile deal. The full report (pdf) mirrors what we've been noting for months: AT&T's merger benefit claims are false. ..

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AT&T does not do local. It never has. What it does is sweet talk legislators into believing Ma Bell has changes since the Sherman Act breakup when nothing is farther from the truth. It is not in unincorporated areas nor cities that are say smaller than 12,000 unless it is very near a much larger urban area that AT&T dominates. It hates competition. It does not allow it and does everything possible to prevent it.

On the other hand we keep acting like FCC has clout. FCC is like the toothless retired circus lion that growls from time to time to amuse the onlookers. Factually FCC has no authority; it reports to Congress.

Sprint and Verizon roam on the same towers nationwide. How good the phone works depends upon how good the signal is and where the tower is located. I took a 600 mile trip from IL to OK with my cousin who has AT&T. I have Verizon & Sprint phones. Most of the time her phone did not work and she used mine. There was only one area where VZN failed but Sprint did not. It was at McDonald's at Rolla, MO., a college town and a local WiFi hotspot.

Sprint 4G is great according to my friends who travel nationwide. VZN Wireless is awesome and both of their 3G networks are pretty much fail-proof. The diff between the two is the CS. In my opinion VZN fails all tests of civility. I've had much better service and much better deals with Sprint.

I might add that while all three play the poverty game none pay US Income Taxes. Neither do nearly half of the Fortune 500 companies that are posting billion dollar quarters. The caps, blah, blah, blah are just one more way to squeeze the last drop of blood out of the American public.

As much as I like my VZN phone I think my next one will be on the Walmart network. It is a champ in rural America where the nearest Walmart is approximately 40 miles WNW or my town. It works every bit as good as VZN and with a Bluetooth headset too. And it is a lot cheaper. No nag screens, no threats, no expensive phony buy-outs, no caps and no contracts. .
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The world is flat. Remember that.

I disagree with the article on the first premise that most are missing. T-Mobile USA is gone whether AT&T inks the deal or not. This is where I loose all faith in our government entities. It has to be some type of money thing. Deutsche Telekom has stated in different ways that it plans to leave the US carrier business. It further cemented this by saying it will not be going to LTE which in affect says no more investment. Furthermore there are reports of DT looking at splitting up T-Mobile USA's assets if the at&t deal goes south.

Hmm... I wonder if China is looking to get into the US market and leverage their nearly 600 million users they have. They could ink the deal outside the US. No you say... They own a lot of US paper and they could say this would go a long way in trading with them. What would the DOJ and FCC do then? If Sprint was looking at T-Mobile USA then why not the Chinese.

The world is flat. Remember that!

Either way it goes it's a 3 headed horse. There is a reason for DT wanting to sell the company outright. This is not a stock swap, a merger whereby DT continues to receive residual income. This is a whole sell buy for $39 Billion of the US business which is only an 11% increase of what they bought company for (DT purchased VoiceStream Wireless Corporation for US$35 billion.)

In short the DOJ and FCC lawsuit has nothing to do with protecting the consumer. I don’t know what they are trying to do but it’s not for the consumer.