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Comments on news posted 2011-12-06 10:25:10: MVNOs have been a dime a dozen over the years, most of them blending into an ocean of bland sameness, with few if any seriously challenging major carriers. ..

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Toledo, OH
reply to pabster

Re: A plan only a carrier in Sprints position would allow....

not really true. PagePlus is one of the most active and valuable MNVOs on the VZW network. They have a HUGE amount of customers and go through a TON of minutes. There is NO other MVNO that is offering 45.95 per month unlimited text and talk on the VZW Network; NOT even VZW is offering that.


Jacksonville, FL
reply to JazzJRabbit

Re: Screw American wireless

Do you have a link?

Edit: Is this what you're talking about? »prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/monthly-4g-plans


Waterloo, IA
reply to 25139889

Re: A plan only a carrier in Sprints position would allow....

Hence why I said data, not voice minutes. And Verizon does offer a $50 unlimited everything (including web-for dumbphones) package.


San Francisco, CA
reply to Angrychair

Re: Screw American wireless

The sprint HTC EVO can work on Boost, minus the 4G part. But if you get a Clearwire 4G account (let's say for your home internet service) the EVO can be made to work on Clearwire thus giving you 4G.
Google it, but this solution takes a lot of work to hack the phone, and with questionable reliability for minimal dollar saved. And not to mention some gray area regarding phone hacking....


reply to elray

Re: Did Pigs Just Fly?

You do realize it involves much more than just upfront costs. People see, oooo $199 device subsidized price instead of $600 full price. But they end up paying much more over the 24 months.

Let me give you an example, say you talk 650 minutes a month (450 regular, 200 n/w mins), send 1000 texts, and use 1GB of data.

On AT&T, you will be paying $40 for voice, $20 for texts, and $25 for data, a total of $85/mo, not including taxes/fees and a $36 activation fee. Lets say your employer gives you a 15-20% discount on AT&T, that basically covers taxes/fees and activation over the 24 months.
You paid $199 + tax for an smartphone, lets say $250 for the device with taxes.
So $85*24+$250 = $2290 for 24 months of service

On T-Mobile Prepaid, you pay $60/mo for Unlimited Talk, Text, and 1GB of high speed then slowed unlimited data. You buy an smartphone on eBay for $600 (brand new). This is a high estimate, you can definitely get Androids and iPhones for less, brand new too.
So $600+$60*24 = $2040 for 24 months of service

On H20 Wireless, an AT&T MVNO, you can get Unlimited Talk, Text, and 2GB for $60/mo. Same pricing as T-Mobile Prepaid.

Lets say you need 300 minutes or less a month but use 3GB of data a month, theres T-Mobile's $30 100 mins ($0.10/min after), Unlimited Text, and 5GB high speed data (then throttled unlimited). If you use 300 minutes, the plan rises to $50.
So $600+$50*24 = $1800 for 25 months of service.

Clearly, you can pay more upfront and less overall.


reply to Angrychair

Re: Screw American wireless

Yes thats it. There was a news article on DSLR about it as well.
$30 100 minutes, Unlimited Text, and 5GB high speed data.
$0.10/min after 100 mins

PX Eliezer7
Hutt River
reply to pabster

Re: A plan only a carrier in Sprints position would allow....

said by pabster:

But both Ma Bell and Big Red keep their MVNOs locked down to sub-par offerings, especially on the data side...getting them lots of customers who would never pay for their expensive [contract] services otherwise.

PagePlus (which uses the Verizon network) now offers this:


Talk n Text 1200---Monthly Plan

1,200 Voice Minutes
3,000 Text/MMS Messages
100 MB Data

for $29.95/mo.


I wouldn't go directly through the company though---use a good dealer like Kitty Wireless.


Page Plus also offers a $ 55 plan with Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text/Picture Messages, 500 MB of Data.


Waterloo, IA

I'm aware of PagePlus' product offerings, including their latest price drops. Still, they are a sub-par offering compared to the contract deals - as intended. Unlimited talk and text (or essentially unlimited) is a standard plan for any carrier now. It's DATA where they stick it to you. PagePlus' overage rates beyond the package data provided are insane...

Not saying PagePlus is bad - I have a line with them in fact. My response was to the point that Verizon and the others are keeping their MVNO offerings sub-par to avoid cannibalizing their cash cow, which always has been - and remains - the postpaid customer locked in to a contract.


Waterloo, IA
reply to talz13

Re: Not enough details

Would be nice, but compared to what others offer in the prepaid space I'm not complaining about $5 to keep the data bucket rolled over each month.


San Jose, CA
reply to pegasusx

Re: Did Pigs Just Fly?

good eye, but these two networks are still different and at&t has definitely a lot more coverage, at least native. With T-Mobile if you move anywhere, you may need to terminate service because you are no longer under t-mobiles native coverage. personally I do not see $250 a year too much of difference. Unless you get a cheaper phone (used, new 1 year old or junk cheapo) or sign 2 year contract that saves you more, a mere $20 a month savings doesn't justify cheaper quality service t-mobile has to deal with (such as no LTE, delayed 3g, no 850Mhz coverage, etc).

united state
·Vitelity VOIP
reply to JasonOD

Re: A plan only a carrier in Sprints position would allow....

said by JasonOD :

This is less innovative and more a desperate act by sprint to stay in business. Cutting revenue on high expense wireless is like drinking saltwater to stay hydrated.

Something more financially sound carriers like ATT and Verizon would have no interest in.


Let's see this same model on a Verizon MVNO, then we'll talk....




The ting service is pretty good and covers all areas that Sprint has agreements with (no roaming fees). The phone choices are not great yet but they are working on it. I have had no issues at all with the service and the staff are great when you call. They work very hard to make sure you are happy. I had issues porting my number from the website (since been fixed) and they work to resolve the issue and called me back. I also had a question that was totally unrelated to their service and the agent took the time to Google the answer and email me the info. As part of the limited beta I don't think I can give out any real details at this point.




Nice breakdown of equipment subsidies above. If you want an idea of ting pricing look here.


It doesn't give pricing but you can put the above scenarios in there to see where it falls. Not included in the calculator is the cost of the device which you must but up-front. Prices are better than the retail price from company stores but higher than the subsidized price from stores. I am trying to give as much info as I can without giving info that I am not supposed to.

Search youtube for ting mobile pricing.