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Comments on news posted 2012-01-06 10:38:02: Some companies (like Time Warner Cable) don't see significant competitive pressure from FiOS or U-Verse -- and with slow DSL as their only competitive threat, have been somewhat glacial in getting faster DOCSIS 3.0 speeds deployed. ..

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Des Plaines, IL

Doesen't comcast still have some analog only areas?

Doesen't Comcast still have some analog only areas? or other ares that are digital with NO HD at all?


Newman, IL
·Frontier Communi..
Yes, I am actually in one of those areas with very limited cable options. They just added digital capability recently, but I still can't get cable internet services at all.

I guess I am stuck with Frontier's second connect 3Mb service for some time.

2600 ways to live
Sterling Heights, MI
reply to Joe12345678
Yes, up in the tumb on Michigan, its an analog only system. Family has a cabin there...no digital cable, but we do have internet. Its not DOCSIS3 though like my house in the metro-Detroit area.


Waterford, MI

Got Upgraded

When I signed up for Business HSI two years ago, they said D3 would be rolled-out sometime later that year, and I'd get an automatic bump from 6/1 to 12/2. Didn't happen... until sometime early-to-mid last year, but I did get the bump--without having to change modems. (Tho I had to call and ask "Hey, what's up?")

12/2 is good enough for our uses.

Holy Cable Modem Batman

Washington, DC

Proud of that 250GB cap?

Hey Comcast!

You haven't forgotten that 250GB usage cap (upload/download) that you've been sitting on since October 1, 2008 have you?

Just don't want it to go unnoticed with all of these supposed upgrades and corresponding rate hikes....

Like I've said before, you are paying more for less and less of the internet.
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2600 ways to live
Sterling Heights, MI

I wonder

I was in on the D3 upgrades, but I only have 4 bonded channels downstream. I am hoping that areas that were converted will be upgraded even more, so we can get that upstream as well (still only at one stream)

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Mount Airy, MD

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Oh Good!

Now they can raise the cap so that people can make use of all that higher speed.

Oh wait.
"Net Neutrality" zealots - the people you can thank for your capped Internet service.

Tavistock NJ
reply to baineschile

Re: I wonder

said by baineschile:

I was in on the D3 upgrades, but I only have 4 bonded channels downstream. I am hoping that areas that were converted will be upgraded even more, so we can get that upstream as well (still only at one stream)

Same here.And I can't get any info from Comcast on when bonded upstreams will hit my area.



No upgade

No upgrade here in Mississippi(Tupelo and West Point market). I would bet that there statement is only were they have competition.

AT&T is not competition with there slow internet and boxes being full. I just don't understand AT&T turning down customers and not upgrading to handle more customers.


Washington, IL
reply to Joe12345678

Re: Doesn't comcast still have some analog only areas?

DuQuoin, Illinois is the place that you're thinking about. It's deep in Southern Illinois.

It's been mentioned on this website before.


Dallas, GA

Comcast DOCSIS 3.0 Complete?

Complete. Really? I guess it depends on what you call "complete". The "complete" DOCSIS 3.0 spec. as I understand it bonds channels on UPSTREAM as well as DOWNSTREAM. If you your modem isn't boding channels on both then it's not truly "complete". While I have 4 bonded channels on DOWNSTREAM on my Blast tier, The modem only reports 1 channel on the upstream. Therefore in my area DOCSIS 3.0 is NOT "complete". Apparently, they really mean that they have only completed half of the DOCSIS 3.0 upgrade.


Los Alamos, NM
I'm not sure what happened in southern NM. I had downstream channel bonding for a while but then it disappeared -- the upstream channel bonding never appeared. Maximum download speed package still seems to be Performance at 15Mbs. Price was $84.46/mo for basic TV + HSI. I just cancelled for CenturyLink DSL which provides me 40/5 speeds at a cheaper price. Pretty sure Comcast considers Las Cruces one of those area they don't care about if ABQ is.

netbus developer
Brighton, MA
reply to ronus
I have the same problems.

Cat god

Riverside, NJ

No upstream bonding though

I've had the DOCSIS 3.0 upgrade for a year or two now. There's still no upstream bonding though.


Chesterfield, MO
reply to jseymour

Re: Got Upgraded

12/2 doesn't require D3. I have a D2 modem and I have Charter's 15/3 package with SpeedBoost/PowerBoost/[whatever]Boost. It peaks at just over 30Mbps for the first few seconds and then slowly crawls back to the high teens.

Under optimal conditions, D2 modems can do 38/27. However, depending on plant design/capacity/management, they might require D3 modems even though your package's speeds don't reach the D2 limits.


reply to ronus

Re: Comcast DOCSIS 3.0 Complete?

How about a really? to your really? Who ever said that Comcast's DOCSIS 3.0 deployment was of full DOCSIS 3.0 specification? Or that they would ever be required to live up to that specification? Comcast is a business which exists to make a profit, not satisfy each and every customer to the same degree. You live in Dallas, GA, you should be grateful you have any service at all, let alone downstream bonding. Your $50.00 a month does not pay for them to deploy upgrades to every household in the US. Do you want faster internet and upstream bonding? Move to a densely populated area where it is economically feasible to have previous deployments of FiOS(or another ftth provider) or a deployment of DOCSIS 3.0 which includes upstream bonding. Have a good day


Allen Park, MI

Most have only downstream bonding...

Upstream was deployed in a lot of markets but pulled when some CMTS couldn't handle it. Extreme tier and above lost their normal advertised upstream speeds in most cases. Will come back soon, according to ComcastSteve and a few others I talk to. (Don't know how soon that "soon" is....)


Oliver Springs, TN

Not Fully Complete

The upgrade is only fully completed where there is competition. In my area, where only Comcast is allowed to offer wired internet, the speed upgrades have not taken place. A few miles away where another competitor is allowed the upgrades are fully done. My friend has three times the speed that I get for less money.


reply to baineschile

Re: Doesen't comcast still have some analog only areas?

At least HSI is a redeeming factor. If it didn't have that, it would be pointless. It would be better to have DirecTV at that point...




In our area, which is in the last 30% to get upgraded to anything, they killed analog a month or so ago, but our internet is stuck at 8/2 and while the website shows Extreme 105 being available, but it doesn't show the 50mbps tier being available, which is a little strange...



Other areas

We've also got areas near us that only have 20-30 HD's, so they clearly aren't done upgrading the whole system there, even if they did manage to cram D3 on there somehow.

reply to IPPlanMan

Re: Proud of that 250GB cap?

Faster speeds mean transferring data faster or more things in parallel, not necessarily downloading things that you wouldn't have downloaded anyway. I can't speak for you, and there are exceptions, but let's be realistic -- the vast majority of people who are impacted by the cap are downloading things that they shouldn't.



Frostburg, MD/Keyser, WV

Didn't make the list.

A limited digital cable lineup without a ton of the channels Comcast usually carries, no phone service, 15/1 is your fastest internet service, and you don't get any HD channels.

I'd hate to live on the other end of this county. We'll have D3 by the end of the first quarter this year with a max of 40/3, and we're up to 60+ HD channels.


Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS

now what?

deployment of the technology does not make competition

neither of the two companies who have the largest overlapping footprint have ANY interest in a "broadband war" or anything resembling competition. [ AT&T and COMCAST ]

I don't see Verizon lowering prices.. as it is I see bill creep with a "Regulatory Reovery Fee" on my latest bill! PFFT!!!!!


Tomball, TX
reply to ctggzg

Re: Proud of that 250GB cap?

Ummmm no! When you have four people in a house all using some form of streaming media like Zune Marketplace on the XBOX 360 along with Netflix streaming its quite easy to surpass 250GB in one month.

All 100% legal consumer uses my friend. Just because you are a light user doesn't mean you can speak from everyone.

As a side note. Other than my ridiculously high bill Comcast is in fact providing me an excellent service level. But the price is officially ridiculous. My only real complaint is that Comcast idea of 1080p is laughable. Maybe 860p-ish. But it's certainly not comparable at all to OTA quality.

In fact Comcast, that should be your new years resolution. Let try to get closer to 1080p. OK?


Murfreesboro, TN
Nothing is even broadcast in 1080p yet so why would that matter? Maybe for the PPV or on Demand movies?? I don't think I have even seen anything on comcast advertinsing that they had 1080p??


Arlington, TX

I am wondering why you mention TWC as deploying D3.0 slowly.

According to this link TWC has already deployed DOCSIS 3.0 in 60% of their nationwide footprint:

One of the reasons it has taken TWC since 2009 to deploy DOCSIS 3.0 to at least 60% of customers is they have had to add SDV in some markets to free up bandwidth, replace old fiberoptic lasers, replace nodes completely in some cases and other various factors of reading their networks for DOCSIS 3.0 . One of the reasons Dallas the market I am in got DOCSIS 3.0 at the top of the list is we were a recent upgrade to 860MHz and had all of the equipment updated to handle DOCSIS 3.0 some of TWC's areas have old 750MHz line gear that is not capable of handling DOCSIS 3.0 so they have to replace it before they can deploy it in those systsms with some of the first 750MHz line gear products made in the 90s.

reply to pnh102

Re: Oh Good!

You realize it's a soft cap, right?

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Phoenix, AZ
reply to IPPlanMan

Re: Proud of that 250GB cap?

said by IPPlanMan:

Hey Comcast!

You haven't forgotten that 250GB usage cap (upload/download) that you've been sitting on since October 1, 2008 have you?

They haven't forgotten. whatever your speed, legacy video revenues still need protecting.
Oh YES! let me drop everything i'm doing regardless of who it affects to deal with your petty little problem!


Dallas, GA

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reply to youarestupid

Re: Comcast DOCSIS 3.0 Complete?

To everyone reading this: If you click on the "youarestupid" in the post that this is a reply to, you will see that this person is an anonymous poster with no information. This proves that this person is a forum Troll (or they work for Comcast ). You can find the definition for Troll (internet) here:
I have no idea of what the definition of working for Comcast is. Maybe "youarestupid" can enlighten us?