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Comments on news posted 2012-01-27 09:25:37: "It’s very hard to retire here," a Cablevision installer complained to the New York Times earlier this month. "You get hurt, you can’t work as hard and you disappear. ..

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Oklahoma City, OK

Good luck with the CWA

I've had experience as a CWA member and I can you tell you first hand its a weak union that only knows how to collect dues from its members. I think in this instance it will help those looking for stability in their job but you will keep making 16.00 and hour for the rest of your career because they fail at bargaining.

Just my personal opinion and I have much respect for the members because union jobs have unions for a reason. Hard jobs and even harder/hostile work environments.



Re: Good luck with the CWA

First your local of the CWA is to blame, people you elected are the people who negotiate contracts, your local president. Your membership as a whole ratifies the new contract.

united state
I agree they should have went with the IWW.




Contractors suck!!!

I have Cablevision, and for almost a year i was having trouble with both my internet and tv. Needless to say, every contractor tech that came to my home tried to fix it "from the office". none of these lazy contractors ever fixed the problem. Until I screamed at Cablevision to send a "House Tech" and have a supervisor come out( there supervisors are also techs) Guess what? They went up on the pole, and found that the connector on the cable drop wire corroded. it was fixed within 20 min. These cable tv contractors get paid by each of the jobs they do, and the type of work that's required to fix it or install it. These contractors will work until very late in the evening rushing through there day's work. bottom line they don't give a fuck and dont take any pride in what they do

Re: Contractors suck!!!

I have worked for a cable company here in Central Florida for six years. Currently I make $18 per hour, top out at $28 in 7 years, have another $12 per hour in benefits (matching 401k, pension, vehicle, schooling, health ins ....) have a great schedule, a total of seven weeks per year paid time off plus countless other benefits. I have never needed the help of a union to advance me up our corporate ladder, never expected my employer to raise my wages to match my lifestyle but adjusted my lifestyle to match what I make, in other words live within my means. So many of us aren't disciplined to do this and complain about wages and hide behind unions. I've never had to worry about layoffs, dues, contracts or the lazy coworker next to me being protected by the union. Unions create lazy workers that never move from a position, stifling the people and positions under them.

Local 3 jm


Surprised they did not join local 3!!!

More workers in these fields need to reasses there current work/pay scenarios!! If everyone goes union.....we will all make out!! These greedy companies will have no other choice but to use union and pay!!

united state


Wokers of the World Unite!



Brooklyn, NY

Good luck CV techs.

Right across the river in NJ the Comcast techs that work in the 3 unionized shops make less than the non union guys. Don't expect Cablevision to give you anything other than what you have now (minus union dues) if you get your union.

Cable isn't the phone or power co and never will be.