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Comments on news posted 2012-02-14 07:23:16: • Cisco: Tiered pricing drives more data usage [lightreading.com] • Global mobile data traffic to increase 18-fold by 2016 [fiercewireless.com] • BitTorrent inventor: My goal is to kill off television [gigaom. ..


Chesterfield, MO

...Or You're For Child Porn...

The ole political spin. Vote against this bill and it means you favor whatever negatives I can invent. What really gets me is how many times politicians are in favor of most of a particular bill but they end up voting against it because of fine print pork.

In this case, this could be turned around to read, "If you are for government Internet spying, you are a right-wing radical religious zealot who wants to trample on free speech."

It's also not by accident that "child porn" is the sword of choice. I believe almost everyone believes its bad and would like nothing more than to help authorities eliminate it. However, the US was founded by some really smart guys that knew the government and the people empowered by it can never be trusted. This is just another attack by those drunk with power to control us.

I wish we could hold politicians and their lobbyist/PAC hordes accountable when they misrepresenting the truth.

Jason Levine

Canadian Politician False Choice

You're either in favor of freedom on the Internet and not having the government spy on everything you do, or you're for having Terrorists abduct your children in the middle of the night for various kinds of torture before killing them.

See, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews? I can use False Choice too. (See »en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_dile···e_choice for more about False Choice) Of course, I'd much rather evaluate an item based on its contents and how it will affect various aspects of life and freedoms than based on some false choice that a politician sets up. Call me crazy.
-Jason Levine


reply to rradina

Re: ...Or You're For Child Porn...

It's all "big lie" propaganda anyway. People abusing kids will do it just as much without a camera. And watching a video does not "victimize" anyone. What's next, arresting thousands of people involved in the distribution of surveillance videos of convenience store stickups? Here's a thought: put 100% of resources to tracing the actual criminals who assaulted the victims.


Chesterfield, MO
I disagree but I won't turn this into a discussion about that. My point was merely about politicians misrepresenting the truth. They prey on the hope that we're sheep and try to erode freedoms by hiding behind popular and worthy agendas.