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Comments on news posted 2012-04-04 17:45:35: Verizon is apparently traveling back in time -- back to when they stubbornly wouldn't sell customers a standalone DSL line (aka unbundled, naked or dry loop). ..

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Tallmadge, OH
reply to Bob Elek

Re: This is Bob Elek with Verizon.

I'm not a Verizon customer, but I have never had a landline. Ever. I have naked DSL through AT&T and with my cell phone, see no reason to get a landline. POTS is a dead technology.

Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX
reply to Ericthorn

Re: Makes the cable company happy

said by Ericthorn:

I live in hillbillyville, and our cable company forces us to have basic cable TV if we want internet service. Obviously that isn't the norm. Simply a cash grab.

What do they charge for the cableTV.
I am stuck with some shitty apt complex cable service.
2 years ago it was $50 a month, then they got bought out by another shitty apt complex cable company and they upped the bill for the exact same service to $100 a month.
The bill literally reads like $60 + $40 in itemized fees.
I canceled cable once they did this.
...brought to you by Carl's Jr.

Anaheim, CA
reply to 25139889

Re: U-Verse

I was reading the U-Verse FAQ and it said IP-DSLAMS are installed only at the CO. Since I am too far from the CO, I assume I am getting my DSL from a mini-DSLAM installed in a RT. If that is the case, I could get DSLX.

I meant to say U-Verse is available in my neighhood but I have not signed-up for it at my address. There a two cabinets behind my house so I'm guessing one is the RT cabinet and the other is the U-Verse cabinet.


Toledo, OH

if your home is "qualified" for U-Verse good luck on getting DSLX ATT could move you over with very little notice to them and you'd be stuck there. and you'd be full IP as from the VARD and now from the IP DSLAM in the CO.

Also beware that DSLX has a below the line item charge of about $3. So take that into consideration for being "cheaper". They don't list their fees on their site. Where as ATT does NOT charge this fee.


reply to 25139889

Re: I got the e-mail today

FiOS dead? I've got it.


Pompano Beach, FL
·T-Mobile US

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reply to 25139889

Re: How Long Before AT&T Does The Same Thing?

I beat them to the punch... well not really..

AT&T screwed up my bundled aDSL/phone service by deploying a bunch of double pair Uverse customers on my street. My aDSL S/N fell like a rock along with my data rates.

So I just dumped them both(3/15), both the Landline and aDSL are no more. Now I use wireless for both and save close to $60 a month


reply to Bob Elek

Re: This is Bob Elek with Verizon.

Word spaghetti....




Comcast is the same

They force you to buy basic cable.... or just charge you the $15 basic cable would have been.


reply to Ericthorn

Re: Makes the cable company happy

That's all of Comcast.


reply to 25139889

Re: I got the e-mail today

At least if they sold them off, someone who actually wants them could buy them and upgrade. Like what happened in NH, now they have DSL service on islands at 15mbps. Never would have happened with Verizon.

It's just weird that Verizon is like trying to damage their investment in those areas, when they could run it well and make a profit, albeit a relatively small one.


reply to Bob Elek

Re: This is Bob Elek with Verizon.

Better value... by forcing them to have a service that no one wants and no one will use?

Expand your moderator at work


reply to BiggA

Re: Comcast is the same

Actually, looking at their website, there are some super-cheap plans that are local-only or don't include minutes at all that are around $15 or less. So basically they are just doing what Comcast already did.

PX Eliezer7
Hutt River
reply to scott2020

Re: This is Bob Elek with Verizon.

said by scott2020:

That's a good one! Which one of you guys anonymously posted this? You should be paid! Is this a late April Fool's joke? hahaha! Classic.

I thought that it was a joke too, but Bob Elek does appear to be a real person at Verizon....



Mobile, AL
·AT&T Southeast

Regulation is needed

The Telcos need to be put back in their place. The government needs to regulate the telcos unfortunately. They can't seem to behave themselves otherwise. If they want to raise prices on DSL that's one thing, but to force/slam voice service down the customers throat is entirely another.

ILEC Insider


ILEC Rosetta Stone

Here's the deal.

LEC's like Verizon are driven by their wish to be a de-regulated business. Once you understand that basic motivation it becomes the Rosetta Stone by which you can decipher much of the seemingly irrational actions.

For instance, poor DSL customer service drives customers away from the regulated side of the business to either the cable "competition" or their deregulated LTE service where they can charge any price they want.

The rush to abandon copper isn't driven by technology, it's an effort to move away from regulated copper to the de-regulated glass or wireless.

Hope this helps.


ILEC Insider

Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK

So it comes down to this.

The push to force you to use their LTE service begins. How long before they just not allow new DSL lines period.

In effect this means that your choices for AFFORDABLE broadband just dropped by one.

Look at it another way: If you're a Cable internet customer, in Verizon's footprint, Verizon has just ok'ed your Cable provider increasing their Internet fee by $20 or so a month... because what are you going to do... switch to Verizon, and still pay more?!?

Of course this is for areas OUTSIDE of FIOS, obviously.

Wow, just wow. The fail state of the lack of competition in the USA just gets better and better.

If they want to act like monopolies, fine, regulate them as one.
"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." -- Benito Mussolini

as Mr. Pink as they come
Phoenix, AZ
reply to 25139889

Re: Makes the cable company happy

said by 25139889:

not really the same thing. POTS is a LOT more than that extra $10 a month that the MSO charges.

yup. thats why they want it and all the unfees associated with it!

North Tonawanda, NY
reply to Crookshanks

Re: New York State

The e-mails they send out tend to take up to a week to fully funnel through their system to everyone.

Don't Touch Me
Columbia, MO
reply to Bob Elek

Re: This is Bob Elek with Verizon.

One moment while I hack up a hairball...


There, all better.


Cedar City, UT

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reply to Bob Elek

Bob, I am going to say this nicely, Shove it out your ass.


Teleco user


San Jose, CA
reply to KrK

Re: So it comes down to this.

But we have no one to represent us in our best interest in Congress. Look at food industry, obesity, recent scandal with pink slime in your favorite meat. It's outrageous! And the middle class in America is shrinking. Middle class steadil pad mor for everything, inflatiOn goes up while companies offshore and lower wages. Once so good called middle class jobs like systems engineering tech support paid decent, now pays close to minimum wage. Many full time employes replaced with contractors with no paid holidays and health insurance. :X


Montreal, QC
reply to cdru

Re: Sounds a little like Frontier

The stupid "security line" is optional for you? Cool!
Here Bell is raping the clients by having it mandatory. 8$ dry-loop fee on top of your internet connection, just to keep the 911 dialing option.


Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS

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reply to FFH

Re: all about the money!

said by FFH:

said by tmc8080:

It is a business. It was always about the money.

Verizon knows damn well they conceded that dry loop DSL would still be on the table (for themselves & for co-location) for non-fios regions as precondition for allowing them into many *EXCLUSIVE* markets with FTTP without such conditions. Backtracking on this commitment should put recent wireless anti-competitive actions in the crosshairs for DOJ investigation based on recent spectrum purchases/alliances with cablecos.

Sometimes you follow the money and it leads to a trail of anti-competitive behavior not worthy of customer loyalty.

** Verizon should lose their *EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS* to it's current footprint for hanging an alternative broadband build! For example, google can take their 1gbit service and move east into West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Upstate NY, NJ, Ct.. etc.

Warwick, RI

in a FiOS market

I am on grandfathered DSL service. They have stopped offering DSL in some markets (new orders) where your address shows FiOS "available". I did not even get this email. That said i was doing dry loop a few years back however they were charging $10 extra at the time to have dry loop. Billing was direct to a CC only . I later put voice back on so i could use the one bill will my VZW and combine billing. I only have the minimum 90 minute local calling. In fact there is NO phone connected to the line at this time i am using the line solely for DSL.

Even with FiOS i can't order stand alone internet WITHOUT paying for installation and would have to buy their router. On the other hand they will throw all of sweet deals and free equipment and free install when you take TV and phone bundled. I don't need or want phone or TV bundled YET they continue to force these things especially the glorified land line phone nobody wants or uses anymore. With metro PCS and t-mobile cranking out unlimited phone plans everyone has their own personal cell phone now . I won't even get started in the TV area .


Binghamton, NY

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reply to dustman81

Re: This is Bob Elek with Verizon.

said by dustman81:

POTS is a dead technology.

C'mon, now you're just going to the other extreme.

Name me a single voice service that can even come close to (never mind match) the reliably of POTS. If you care about reliably then POTS is the only way to go. Got a business that can't afford downtime? Get POTS. Have someone in your house with a medical condition and can't take the risk of losing access to E911? Get POTS.

During the floods here last September Time Warner's "digital phone" product failed all over town. POTS kept running like a champ, even in those towns that were without power for more than a week. There was one small town out this way where the flood waters even reached Frontier's CO; DSL service went down in that town but POTS kept working in spite of the two feet of water in the central office.

One of my consulting customers is an insurance agency that changed to TW's phone product against my recommendation. They had no phones in their office for more than a week after the waters had receded. Guess how many customers they lost when insureds couldn't reach them to file flood claims in a timely manner? Ultimately they wound up running their business off cell phones for more than a week; hardly an acceptable solution for a 35 employee enterprise.

Oh, and guess what? In that same office there was a old POTS line attached to a DSL account that we never got around to shutting off. It STILL worked. They were able to use it for faxing and it was the one bright spot in an otherwise miserable week.

We had the POTS lines reinstalled the minute Verizon was able to schedule a truck roll. Go without your phone service for more than a week and the "savings" that VOIP offers you starts to look quite meaningless.

Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
reply to Jurjen

Re: Sounds a little like Frontier

said by Jurjen:

The stupid "security line" is optional for you? Cool!

It's like $56 for 35/35 service with a 2 year agreement and the security line. Or like $54 without the contract or 911. It was a gamble on whether my rates would go up by $2 over the next 2 years, plus I have several kids at home after school that I don't mind paying a few bucks extra in case my VoIP acts up.


Littleton, CO

Business HSI

This is a residential customer "feature." Anyone who specifically requires naked DSL can still opt to install as a business account. Of course, the rates are a bit higher, but it does come with a better SLA. Just a thought....

Apple... YUM
Cleveland, OH
reply to tkdslr

Re: How Long Before AT&T Does The Same Thing?

I could've told them that this was going to happen. Multiple uVerse customers in the same bundle is going to play havoc with the S/N ratios.

DSL is picky about line conditions already, especially VDSL and ADSL on longer loops. Add in a dozen uVerse VDSL lines in the same bundle and I can't help but to think that even those uVerse lines must have some nasty S/N ratios.

Can't believe that they are going to continue with this strategy. It has epic failure written all over it. Should've went FTTH, but no... can't do that, that's costs too much. Our investors are too stupid to allow us to do that.
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Iowa native
Springfield, MA
·Verizon Broadban..

I still have a landline

I still have a landline and I always will. One of the reasons is enhanced 911 (where the dispatcher can see the exact location of an emergency) along with the fact I have a security system that relies on dial tone and we also save our precious cell phone minutes (as my mother goes through her minutes pretty quickly, especially when I go up to Grandma's in Maine and she is at home in Massachusetts). I am in the process of switching the home phone back to Verizon wireline as I finally activated the alarm system and the Comcast Digital Voice can present problems for the alarm format that my panel is programed to use (which was confirmed on the DSLR Home Improvement forum).

It's a matter of not if but when the cable companies force us to buy expanded basic cable to buy their HSI. Won't be a problem for me as I have Digital Prefered for cable and HSI through Comcast. They charge an arm and a leg for their services in order to shove their triple play bundles down our throats. I liked the CDV until my power went out for three days last October and the CDV battery died a few hours later but the alarm panel lasted the whole time (which is why I am going back to traditional phone service instead of VoIP).
All of my CPE (including my EMTA) is customer owned. The only Comcast owned equipment in my house is the CableCards in the two TiVO boxes I own.